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  1. good advice. i started out eating salads, smoothies, and fruit... then did the whole 'gourmet' thing, and decided it wasn't all that healthy... now the only recipie type things i like are blended smoothies/soups, juices or salads... dehydrated food digests about like cooked food for me, and i no longer believe in 'raw supplements'. which is to say they may or may not be healthy as an individual decides for themselves, but i no longer believe that supplements are 'raw'. good job! nemo
  2. do you remember dancing around like this? ..... ...man i sure do... my body could do all sorts of crazy stuff before i learned to believe in gravity... (and damn that's one cool kid) nemo
  3. please.... don't pay the 'white people's price' they're going to charge you at wholefoods... get it much cheaper... just because something says 'raw' on the package doesn't make it so... here's a little info about lycium/goji http://www.dragonherbs.com/herbs/herbs.asp?herb_id=13163 the price gouging by marketteers really baffles me. do people really think nobody will look this stuff up for themselves?
  4. carrot pulp is a great 'volumizer' for many raw recipies, sweet, and savory... here's something- "mock" salmon 2 cups carrot pulp 1/3 cup raw saurkraut 3 tbls. raw tahini juice 1-2 lemons, to taste 1 raw nori sheet, powdered, crumbled, shredded, or chopped fine mash it up, serve on flax crackers, or better yet raw romaine leaves, or endive... ....as to not being into carrots, and banannas... the poster above who mentioned the high glycemic rate for ripe banannas was onto something. both carrots, and most modern day banannas are super hybridized, and genetically very weak plants, requiring lots of agricultural hijinx to grow, even organically. for folks with yeast conditions the increased sugar in banannas, and especially large quantities of carrot juice can be unpleasant. i think the fiber in just plain raw carrots might off set their glycemic index raw, but whatever. so some folks choose to avoid these either because of their high sugar content, or their weak hybridized genetics. or at least that's the theory... anyone who tells you they actually know something about nutrition, is either deluded, or lying i am begining to suspect... (or possibly not everyone can know every dang thing about a subject.) personally i no longer eat banannas, i just dislike the mushiness, and bland taste, empty calories be damned. ...but as for being afraid of sugar... i'll go toe to toe while any man alive in a barefisted watermelon eating contest!!!
  5. very astute of seand to notice the condition of all the folks around wolfe. it always puzzled me how, and why the world's foremost whatever, was surrounded by folks who were constantly having problems, crisises, and breakdowns, and why so many of them kept drifting away from the "raw law" as long as they were around him. not that i think graham's any better mind you. Peter Ragnar is an intriguing fellow. his philosophy of immortality is interesting---and expensive. of course he never sees anyone, and lives in the woods, so that might help a bit. nemo
  6. hi folks, goji/lyceum berries actually are an excellent food/medicinal herb. especially in (not raw) teas. you can get them for about $8-$10 a pound in various china towns all over the country. (they sell 'em for $2 a pound for lower quality ones.) of course we all know that you can't trust chinese people to sell "PURE RAW 100% ORGANIC HIGH VIBRATION MONOATOMIC BLAH BLAH BLAH" unlike white people who sell us raw super-duper foods, who are completely trustworthy in all things always... it says so right here on this package! ...no really, i've found superb quality (better than raw website's versions) goji berries in chinatown for $8 a pound.
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