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  1. My gym is getting rid of alot of their weight machines to make way for these Mystrive machines. Basicaly their these computerized machine that are supposed to be like your own personal trainer. Does anyone know more about these? The reason I'm asking is because the card to use them is $25 I wonder if its worth it?
  2. Hey,thanx for the last package of goodies, the bars were awesome!!! I was going to order a box of them from food fight but they were all out. So I order more choc vega. I really like this stuff.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I'm getting alot of good info from this board. Best board ever.
  4. Hey Im Dan. I'm 28. I have been vegan for about 11 years now. I'm also straight edge. I have been working out for about 3 years now and I'm finally starting to look cut. LOL Anyway, I also take Hapikido, which is a Korean martial art. Hapkido uses joint locks, pressure points, throws and kicks. You also learn how to fall without hurting yourself. Yeah that's all I can think of to say about myself right now. If you want more www.myspace.com/denverpyle Dan
  5. Ok I'll do an intro soon I dont get much time on computers so I probably wont post a whole lot.
  6. Hey this is cool. I was going to order some Vega from somewhere else, I didnt no food fight had it. I'll order some today.
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