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  1. Wait, those shoes are made from PU Leather (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicast_leather) PolyUrathane Coated leather...am I missing something? (Not the chucks, the ones listed, I always lift in chucks.)
  2. 425lb here. Grip and rip. Man that's exciting.
  3. I want in on this chart. I assume you want everything in kg, converted using google. BW 88.9kg DL 192.7kg Squat 156.5kg Bench 93kg
  4. I'm doing starting strength right now. Multi-joint all the way. I do 3x a week MWF alternating A & B A: Squat, Bench, Clean B: Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift
  5. Server died again...Crap. Well, here, this one I'll just post straight to the forum. Been losing some weight and gaining muscle, that's progress
  6. Did you join? What's your name on Fitocracy?
  7. Hey, I didn't know where the best place to put this was, but I hope a lot of people see it. Fitocracy is kind of like a Role Playing Game, but for fitness, it's a lot of fun, has challenges to get you to try new exercises and rewards for reaching heavier lifts, it's fantastic. I've talked to one of the mods and he got me an Invite code that has 1,000 invites! I think it automatically drops you in the VeganBodyBuilding group that I created for it, but if not, join that too. This thing is great fun and everyone should give it a shot, you don't even have to create a new account if you have a FB or Twitter account, you can just log in with that. I'm tebriel on there, so hit me up if you join! Let's represent the vegan community everywhere we can. http://fitocracy.com/register/?invite_code=VEGANBB
  8. I wash mine when I use them from the can, that liquid contains tons of sodium!!
  9. Yeah, but aren't these non-natural BB competitions with all the steroids and such? Doesn't seem fair to compare yourself to a steroid user.
  10. It is tough to keep going sometimes when you're discouraged, do you have specific size goals set? I was facing the same feeling you were, but I realized it was because I didn't have any way to accurately measure my results. I've started using a tape measure around my body to record and have set some goals for where I'd like to be in 6mo and 1yr. I don't know if that will help you, but it has made me feel a lot better about my progress.
  11. I'll agree with this too. He just said that he was eating very little protein, but yes, lots of calories is a must as well!
  12. Bump up your protein! If you're only eating "tiny amounts" of protein, you won't see major gains. Eat more beans (drink some Vega or other vegan protein drink), eat nuts (as long as you don't mind the fat content), etc. There are plenty of ways to get protein on a veg*an diet, but if you're barely getting any, expect small gains.
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