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  1. quite new,awesome vegan sxe song about being fit,working out etc in a healthy way! can't stop listening to this song,love it!!
  2. yep! poppy seeds muffins with an orange juice,orange zest and /or pieces of orange , or instead of orange-lemon. Very popular in Poland is yeast cake with poppy seeds and nuts, raisins, a way healthier than other cakes, beacuse we avoid chemistry etc. although I consider poppy seeds as a base of some sweet dishes, It could be very tasty with tofu,sesame, as lobsteriffic wrote
  3. hello, my name is Weronika and I'm from Poland:) I'm quite new to veganism,but I've been vegetarian for 5 years I reaallyy like this forum and site and I decided to join the community,beacuse vegetarian (especially vegan) bodybuilding and fitness in Poland isn't very popular, I'd rather say it's rare :< I'm studying sociology,singing in a hardcore/punk band and visiting a gym once a week. I also train a little bit at home, but I have to improve my workout! Um,and I going to train bjj soon! To be honest, being vegan in my country isn't veeery hard, but there are many things (supplements,food, egg replacers) about wich I've never heard about! ps.sorry for my english cheers!
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