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  1. i second these comments, at first i was like, im probably not going to like this. the picture totally did it for me. checking out the link now.
  2. WOW! i had no idea it was that easy!!!. I'm going to try to make some this weekend. Gsop, i like what you did there making those protein bars, is there any chance i can add protein to the home made peanut butter and preserve consistency so i can still eat it on pb and j's?
  3. wow gsop, i am impressed! i never thought of making my own pb, is it time consuming? and kckas, can you tell me more about food co-ops? i think id like to try that very much. cold fission, i know sometimes you just gotta do what you can to survive, but is that healthy? hope your situation improves!
  4. Very cool! you've been vegetarian since you were 12? how did you end up making that decision at such a young age? welcome to the forum
  5. where u located? im in florida and im tossing about 80 bucks a week out the window.
  6. Doing some research for entrepreneurship, it would be great if you all could help me out Please answer honestly and post any conclusions you have about how much it costs to live a vegetarian life. I would use old stats from the internet but i know prices must have gone up since then. I'm going to be comparing this to a polling of meat eaters i'll do at school. I'll let you all know what i find. Also, if you are spending under 100 dollars please let me know what you are eating because you are spending about $1.10 per meal if you only eat 3 meals. p.s. it would help if i also knew how much per month you spend on protein and supplements but separately
  7. newest pics dont work, but judging by your October pics, holy crap you've changed since those first pics. Thats a damn good job! Keep it up!
  8. This is the muscle gain program from the Ifitness app on the iphone. I've been following it for about a month and a half now. Please let me know if im wasting my time. If there are workouts i should add or replace out of this routine please let me know. I quote, "workout 4 days a week leaving a gap between two of the days" ie: m,t workout, wednessday rest, th fri workout. "Do two exercises back to back, then rest for 2 minutes" It also says that each time you go through the list of workouts add two reps. Also, you're not doing three sets of bench consecutively but are doing one set and going to the next workout and the next till you finish the circuit. When you finish the circuit you come back to bench and do the second set and so on untill three sets have been completed for each workout. Monday: Bench Press - 6,8,10 Barbell Bent Over Row - 6,8,10 Dumbbell Fly - 8,10,12 Seated Reverse Fly - 8,10,12 Preacher Curls - 6,8,10 French Press - 6,8,10 (i didnt know what french press was so in case you don't its just over the head 2 hand triceps extensions with a curling bar) Tuesday: Dumbbell Squat - 4,6,8 Dumbbell Lunge - 8,10,12 Single-Leg Standing Calf Raise - 10,12,14 Crunch Twist - 10,12,14 (each side) Reverse Crunch - 10,12,14 Wednesday: Rest. Thursday: Pull Ups - 5,7,9 Bar Military Press - 5,7,9 Upright Row - 8,10,12 Dips - 6,8,10 Machine Bicep Curl - 8,10,12 Machine Triceps Curl - 6,8,10 Friday: Dead Lift - 4,6,8 Decline Leg Curl - 6,8,10 Dumbbell Lunge - 8,10,12 Single Leg Standing Calf Raise - 8,10,12 Hanging Leg Raise - 8,10,12 Ab crunch on ball - 6,8,10
  9. hhahahahah this thread was an amusing read. Well gl to op, and eat more. on the subject of happy water.... just really? i mean come on... really?
  10. 22 yo male with an active lifestyle here. Used to be full on vegan but a couple months ago i made the move back to dairy products. I'm surprised to meet people that are vegetarian/vegan and are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Every vegan I have met has had a pasty complexion, was obese, or skellator skinny. Maybe all the healthy leaf eaters just dont stand out as much. I'm a student at UCF. If you are too, send me a PM, I'm in need of one more gym buddy I am currently following a weight loss routine. Running 6 miles 5 days a week and following it up with a muscle building workout. (i know, sounds counter intuitive, but so far its working). Anyhow, I expect its going to be nice meeting you all. (runs to scavenge the vegan recipes threads)
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