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  1. Seeing those pictures you had third place Robert... What is your routine looking like? Seems to me that your problem areas is your leg sweep. Back thickness. Lat width. Bringing those three up will bring your arms up naturally. I kind of want to know what you do, so I can get an idea how to help out. My back width used to be my worst and now it is one of my best... Forgot to mention that you lack hamstring thickness also.
  2. That sucks to really hear that Robert... You never can tell with people nowadays. I saw your pictures and I thought you would at least get 1st/2nd... But think of it this way your vegan habits and that is the body you accomplished you should be proud no matter what. It may have been harsh criticism, but that is the reason why most of us are here... I wish people were harder on me only person that would judge me for how I was my friend Luke... But he is gone and I have no one to critic myself. Don't worry so much I know next time you will improve. As long as you are getting stronger and as long as you improve areas that you thought are weak you should be fine.
  3. Deep squats you want to go as deep as you can go without falling forward... Example is for me to squat I squat inbetween my legs with my toes pointing outward and I go down deep... Calves to Hams... or Butt to Ankles... either term works good enough lol... I wouldn't stop at parellel or above that puts way to much stress on the knees... and If someone says going deep will blow off your knees... thats total BS... 355 for a 20 repper on smith machine squats goind Butt to Ankles each and every rep which is 2-4 inches below parellel... and I have no KNEE PROBLEMS!
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