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  1. Hi b.k, Yep,I use that product. I am not an expert but it seems OK. It mixes well. I get mine from Thehealthbay.com. I also use Hemp Natural Protein Powder.It comes up a bit sandy/gritty when mixed but adds variety to my protein intake.
  2. This is one of my favourite Quinoa recipes.Spicy Vegetable & Quinoa Laksa.I use a can of coconut milk mixed with soya milk instead of the cow juice.I use a Tikka Masala paste. http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2577/spicy-vegetable-and-quinoa-laksa?pager.offset=20 Enjoy. LBL.
  3. There was a program on UK TV not so long ago about body building pensioners. Here is a clip - http://www.leopardrama.com/productions/leopard-uk/body-building-pensioners
  4. Hi, My names Shane.I live on the Isle of Wight.It's a small island just off the south coast of England. I had been a Vegetarian for over 20 years before changing to a Vegan diet 2 years ago. I've been Bodybuilding for 6 months now.Pleased with my progress so far and I am realy enjoying it.Love outdoor stuff,walking,cycling,swimming ect. It's been interesting reading through the topics.They have been very informative and helpful.Many thanks. Love and Peace. Shane.
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