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  1. Hey everybody! So let me give you a little bit of backstory. I'm a 6'1 58kg VEGETARIAN male. I'm pretty skinny as you can probably imagine, and would like to even out somewhat (I personally enjoy being skinny, just not this skinny/boney). The reason that I've decided to start gaining weight and muscle is that my inner arm (above my elbow) is ALOT smaller than my elbow/forearm area and it looks really weird...I want to even this out so I can have a normal arm! It seems silly but its what finally pushed me to do something about my weight. Okay! So anyway...I come to you with a few questions. How much should I be eating? What sort of excercises are vital to evening out that problem with my arms? Is it doable on a vegetarian diet? Do's and don't's? I'm aiming for the high 60's...is that achievable? Any advice at all is welcome, I just want to have a decent looking body! Thanks in advance!
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