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  1. today is my day-off, that's why i got some time to update my log. lol. just some aerobics for today. 30 minutes on treadmill. and in the evening planning some crunches...
  2. yesterday, legs .LEGS. hack machine 4sets-15reps leg press 4sets-15reps leg extension 15-15-12-10 standing leg curl 15-15-12-12 seated leg curl 15-15-12-8 .CALVES. seated calf press 4sets-20reps standing calf raise (lever) 4sets-20reps seated calf raise 4sets-15reps
  3. tuesday was traps and shoulder day .SHOULDER. front lateral raise (dumbbell) 15-15-12-8 front raise alternating (dumbbell) 15-15-12-8 arnold press 3sets-15reps shoulder press (lever) 3sets-15reps .TRAP. upright row 4sets-15reps dumbbell shrugs 3sets-20reps and 30 minutes on treadmill
  4. today was chest-triceps day .CHEST. bench press 4sets-15reps incline bench press 15-15-12-8 decline bench press (dumbbell) 4sets-15reps standing fly (cable) 4sets-15reps pec fly machine 4sets-15reps .TRICEPS. rope pushdown 15-15-12-8 overhead triceps extension seated (dumbell) 15-15-15-12 triceps extension overhead (cable) 4sets-15reps bench dips 12-8-8 and 30 minutes of cardio
  5. so, this is my first training journal published in a forum. im 31 years old, 1.75m tall, 82 kgs, trying to get rid of some fat and getting my six pack. in a future not so far (i hope) ill start bulking up and get some muscles because of holidays today i just did some abs. crunches 4 sets - 15 reps side crunches 4 sets - 15 reps jack knife crunches 4 sets - 15 reps and in the end, did some plank i hope that this "5x a week" challenge helps me get in line with my training...
  6. well done. youre looking really great, tiiiti. congrats!
  7. thanks daniela. nice to meet you. i took a look, and guess i shall enjoy here. i know sao paulo, but not campinas. i mean, i only know viracopos airport. lol. and despite im a newbie, welcome eduardo. is nice to see more people from here.
  8. hey people. my name is robson, but my friends call me finho. im from Salvador. BA, a city at northeast of brasil. i've been vegan for 10 years now, and a couple months ago i began to workout. one of my main reasons, is that i down usually see a lot of guys around here, living a vegan lifestyle, and who also look healthy. i mean, most of them are like skinny, pale guys / girls, who always look like they're tired the whole time. in these 10 years of veganism, i met maybe 4 or 5 guys who look the opposite, and that become some kind of model for me. and now, i wanna be that model myself. not only for me, but for others. ill take some photos of myself now, for you to see, and as soon as i begin to notice some changes, im gonna take some new photos ans post them here. love to hear about that forum and that vegan bodybuilding community. i guess you guys can help me with a lot of my questions and doubts. and btw, sorry in case my english is not that good. thats' it for now finho
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