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  1. I was a lifter, with some nice results, after just one year in a "healthy" cooked food diet. I wasnt into junk, but i was a omnivore. I have being doing 811 for 4 years and a half now. Its unbelivable in terms of health results. I wish i could go back and eat a high protein diet, because i enjoyed the looks and getting every month bigger and bigger muscles, but my body wont let me. I fell so good and am so much more productive eating this way. But unfortunaly, i disagree with doug, that affirms that less then 10% protein is enough. For this 4 years and a half, i kept lifting at least 3 times a week, but no improvements. No losses, but no improvements as well. And i look smaller then ever, had my own face and body look that i had at 16, and i am now 27. I rejuvenated and look like a kid . Its good to know and even see that i will live a lot longer, but for sure, hehehe i digged the old look because girls dig a lot, a more muscular and "men" looking body. It has its pros and cons. I am still trying to figure out ways to get bigger and still be raw and a frugivore... but if i had to drop my raw fruit and veggie diet for muscles, i have to say i would prefer to be a small thin guy as i am today.
  2. Hi there, i was wondering if we still can get pretty good results by eating protein rich foods, but keeping the fat intake really low. Like eat only once in a while nuts and seeds.
  3. Hi there! I saw some john robbins photos and also read that he can bench press like 250 pounds. He is pretty strong for 60. Can someone comment on his diet? Do anyone out there knows more or less what he eats?
  4. Can anyone comment on jack lalanne diet? I know before he died he ate fish and other stuff... Can anyone also comment on john robbins diet? He look strong and i heard he bench press for 250 lbs.
  5. Well, after 4 years of 811 and lifting weights and meeting a lot of other frugivores... i have to agree with veganessentials. Never seeing some guy that grew huge on fruits and veggies. And my experience is that i only maintain muscle mass... didnt increased it. And i was constantly increasing in a cooked food high protein and fat diet.
  6. Also from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro! I am a raw vegan... here are some photos: http://www.30bananasaday.com/photo/2684079:Photo:18047?context=user Just joined here and looking to once again hit the gym hard!
  7. Hi there, I loved to lift weights and i got really good result with a mostly vegan diet, before i got to know veganism and raw foods. I focused before on grains and legumes and ate meat and dairy sparingly. For more then 4 years i have being a raw vegan (811 style) and it helped me in every way i couldnt even imagine. Physically and mentally, my performance went through the roof. But in terms of strenght training, i didnt had gains for the last 4 years so i even cut down to lift once twice a week, sometimes three but still i have not seeing any improvement. Any comments? I eat mostly fruits and veggies, lots of veggies... but really sparingly nuts and seeds, really rarely. My health is incredible, and i fell the best this way, but i do miss the constantly strenght gains that i had on cooked food. Can old time vegan bodybuilders comment on what they think improves their performance? I am trying to find ways to stay raw 811, stay low fat and bulk up. Not trying to become a professional bodybuilder, but i liked to be constantly increasing strenght and size. Thanks in advance, Ed!
  8. Hey gorilla, how is your progress so far? I have being in 811 for more then 4 years now, its being the best time in my life and the best results so far as physical and mental performance. But the only side of physical performance that does not improved is strength. I used to do a lot of lifting before, and although i didnt lost muscle, i didnt gained it... do u fell gaining? Like every month lifting heavier and heavier??
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