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  1. Hi guys, I did a presentation in my cardio respiratory physiology class in front of 50 future chiropractors about how a plant based diet can prevent and reverse heart disease. I thought you guys would enjoy it.
  2. WED 1/8/14 Squats: 8x135, 8x145,8x155,8x165 Legpress: 3x10x290+sled Lunges: 2x30x50 (holding 25lb plates) MON 1/13/14 DEADLIFT: 5x135, 5x185, 5x225, 2x4x275, 2x1x315 DB ROWS: 4x10x50 LAT PULL: 3x9x110 TUES 1/14/14 BENCH: 4x5x135, 1x4x135, 2x5x135 DIPS: 10,7,10,10 DB FLY/PRESS: 4x8x335 THU 1/16 SQUATS: 8x135, 6x145, 4x165, 3x3x175 LEGPRESS: 5x10x340+sled Speed lunge pumps at 1/4 ROM: 10, 10 SAT 1/17 One-arm pushups: 51 Pullups: 10x3 "Jumping" Muscle ups: 5x4 Wow, haven't done pullups in a while and I usually try to do sets of 6-7 reps. Going the distance with 10 sets of 3 totally wore out my lats. Haven't been this sore there in a long time. In fact it's Monday afternoon and I'm still sore after doing them 48 hours ago!
  3. Most recent workouts this week: MONDAY 1/6 Deadlifts: 135 x 10, 185 x 10, 225 x 8, 275 x 3, 275 x 2, attempted 315 but couldn't lock out Lat pull 3x10x110 DB Rows: 3x10x50 TUESDAY 1/7 Bench: 135 x 5, 135 x 5, 135 x 5, 145 x 3, 155 x 3 (needed a spot for this last one) Dips: 8,8,9,8 Incline Bench: 4x8x95 Incline DB chest press: 3x5x35 After sucking at bench for basically my whole life I finally got some instruction this winter from Big Bald Mike who really helped me up my game. 135 used to be something I wouldn't even attempt without a spot. Now it's child's play, I can warm up with it. He really taught me how to actually engage my pectoralis muscles which has made a HUGE difference. Here's a video of him and I from last week when I deadlifted double my body weight on the trap bar:
  4. Wow, so looks like last year at New Year's I tried reviving this blog once again and it didn't work. Update: I moved from Austin to Southern California last year. I'm now a student at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. My school has a gym that's free for students that I have been lifting at RELIGIOUSLY since September. Suffice to say I've made some serious GAINZ. In the past few weeks I've shattered bench and deadlift records for myself. I feel like at age 32 I'm the strongest, fittest and healthiest I've ever been in my life. I'm cut as fuck and just loving the health and fitness lifestyle.
  5. I like to incorporate this into my routine, and since I'm on the road this summer, it's the only strength training I've been getting the past few weeks. I like the progression and the fun of accomplishing new "tricks". A year ago I got my first one-arm pushup and I've been obsessed with them ever since. I also really like Kalosthenos' channel on YouTube. He is a vegan bodyweight guy from the Bay Area, watch his videos, he is sick.
  6. I'm on there @ironcladben Other vegan fitness accounts I like: @beyondfitaustin @bonebreakerbarbell @veganproteins @leanandgreen719 @tkofitatx @austinbarbisch @mindyvegan @sarabethxvx @801010athlete
  7. http://www.naturallyfit.com/events/2013-naturally-fit-super-show/ Palmer Events Center 923 Barton Springs Road Austin, TX 78701 There will be a couple of vegan gyms there, one of which is in Kyle and several folks drive from S.A. to train there.
  8. I would recommend checking out the blog No Meat Athlete. Lots of great running tips on there.
  9. I would highly recommend driving up to Austin today or tomorrow for the Naturally Fit Supershow. There will be tons of vegan bodybuilders and figure/bikini competitors there to meet, ask questions and get inspired.
  10. Check out Beyond Fit and Bonebreaker Barbell, two vegan gyms in Austin that have people that can help you out.
  11. Probably won't hear from him here but he won his first competition and will be competing again soon.
  12. Suppose we need a proposal on what counts to name what.
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