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  1. When you are new to 80/10/10 you don't have the stomach capacity to eat enough calories at each meal. So you may have to eat 5-6 meals per day to get enough calories. I can eat 20 bananas in a meal and need only eat twice a day if necessary. For a newbie, eating 5 bananas is going to make them feel full. Then of course the body will digest it rather quickly and you will be hungry much sooner than had you eaten cooked food (which is much denser in calories at the same volume). Over time, your stomach will stretch and you'll be able to hold more capacity. The average human on a cooked food diet has a stomach capacity of about 1L. Mine is about 3.5L. A competitive eater may have a capacity of 5L. If you just eat to being stuffed each meal, your capacity will slowly increase.
  2. New sign up! http://imageshack.us/a/img716/4004/bbbarbell.jpg
  3. When are you going to be in town? If it's on a weekend you should take a trip on down to Bonebreaker Barbell. One of Austin's 2 vegan gyms. www.bbbarbell.com
  4. Casa de Luz (macrobiotic vegan food) Counter Culture (something-for-everyone vegan food) The Vegan Nom (vegan junk galore) Hai Ky (vietnamese / chinese restaurant with lots of vegan options) Promise Pizza (vegan cheese and gluten-free crust available) Freebirds (killer burritos, everything but the meat, cheese and sour cream is vegan)
  5. Here's a comedy bit I did this summer spoofing Durianrider. Feel free to use any of my jokes. I retired from stand up in 2010 (not that I was anywhere near famous). Also, I am writing a Mike Tyson impression right now that will be based around his vegan diet. I'll make a video soon and send it along.
  6. I like obstacle races. My favorite is Tough Mudder. I've done 3 and will be doing #4 in a week and a half. 5Ks are too short IMO. If I'm going to pay for a race it seem like a waste to spend money for a <30 minute race. Half Marathons are fun. But I like Tough Mudders slightly better. I'd like to run a full marathon one day but it is a lot of work and time to train for that. I know I'd have to up my calorie intake to min 4K/day and I couldn't spend as much time strength training, which I really enjoy.
  7. That was cool! Glad to see a pro athlete who is willing to accept that he is a role model and has a responsibility to model good behavior since he is in the public eye.
  8. Just Mike and I this week. 10 sets of deadlifts with the trap bar ending on 333lbs. Back to regular deadlifts next week. *Intermission: Epic green juice session* Incline Bench 135 x 5 x 5 Two-arm bicep curls 10, 10, 12, 5 Pushups (post-benching) 5 (felt like an old man) Upside down crunches 10 Bart, hope to see you back next week because 10/7 I'm doing the Tough Mudder and 10/14 I'll be Los Angeles!!
  9. FYI, the Mac Danzig one is good but they really don't start talking about vegan diets until the 2 hour mark or so.
  10. Had a great session with Mike and Jeff last Sunday Bonebreaker Barbell shirts are in! http://tiptopwebsite.com/photos4/bigbaldmike/mockup.jpg http://tiptopwebsite.com/photos4/bigbaldmike/mens1.jpg http://tiptopwebsite.com/photos4/bigbaldmike/back.jpg
  11. Vitamix has the tamper which is huge advantage for blending tougher things likes nuts and starchy vegetables. I have a Vitamix and use it all the time. I've used a Blendtec a few times and like my Vitamix a lot more (yes I'm biased).
  12. I think cleanliness of diet (eating all or mostly whole foods) and keeping the fat content relatively low is most important. If you restrict cals you're not going to be able to retain muscle mass. I got to single digits eating unlimited calls of whole foods and working out 4-5 days a week.
  13. Hi Katy you and your BF should feel free to sign up on http://veganaustin.org and come out to some of the VRA events some time. We will be having a huge vegan potluck in October.
  14. Get started here: http://lazysmurf.wordpress.com/austin-sxsw-vegan-guide/
  15. Next video I film will be on Mike's quest to lift the Mark Henry dumbbell which has a 2.5" grip and I think weighs 250 or 300lbs. No one has ever lifted it out of the box. He has a hand-made contraption with a 3" grip that he is working with right now to train.
  16. Awesome. Yes, I deadlifted 3 plates on each side this past Sunday, 315!! My back is getting strong! I'm applying to chiropractic schools right now. Wherever I go, probably LA, Dallas or Atlanta, I will make sure you get the hook up on some work on your back.
  17. I reduced my bodyfat from 18% to 8% on a high-fruit diet and built muscle and gained strength along the way. Does this guy have any rationale behind not eating fruit?
  18. Filmed this like 3 months ago, never uploaded it till this weekend: What a day! I deadlifted 6 plates, 315lbs!
  19. So I could use some critique on form. I feel like I'm doing these right but it shouldn't be this easy. Any feedback?
  20. Mostly been posting in the Bonebreaker Log. I got a 300lb deadlift on Sunday. Then today I did THIS:
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