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  1. Is that Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer or something else?
  2. Awesome, what part of town will you be living in? Training log 2-5-12 10 mile run today. I love how my tough mudder headband matches my No Meat Athlete shirt. Made a few videos recently, will be posting them pretty soon.
  3. Awesome, thanks! Yeah haven't met Robert in person but we'll probably hang out once he gets here.
  4. Hey man, thanks for the note! Good luck with all those races. I think if you can do a half-ironman then Tough Mudder shouldn't be too bad, LOL.
  5. W00h00! Today marks 1 YEAR VEGAN and 7 years vegetarian. I have not been sick since a few months before I went vegan, and I don't plan on it happening again. I made the decision to re-commit to 80/10/10 a few days ago. So this is day 2 of 60 of 100% LFRV. I feel fantastic! I can't WAIT to see how good I feel at 30 days and 60 days. I took a rest day on Monday after Tough Mudder. I went for a run yesterday and my typical 3-4 mile recovery run was actually pretty rough. So I took another rest day today and almost feel kinda guilty about it. But my body needs it. Tomorrow I'll be 100% fresh and ready to rock. Time for another early night. It's 8:40, time to start getting ready for bed.
  6. LOL, I have been thinking about trying it. But you're only the person I know who does it who isn't super douchey, so I am kinda worried about it. Plus, I am currently enjoying all the intense workouts I want, doing the exact program I want and not paying a dime to a gym. So I'm kind of hesitant to go back to paying for a gym. I like the freedom of being able to workout on my lunch hour at work, it's the perfect way to break up the day. But Matt and I have talked about me trying it as an experiment and then writing an article about it for NMA. One day perhaps...
  7. Whoah. That was intense. I did Tough Mudder a year ago and it got A LOT harder. Luckily, I was in much better shape than a year ago. Some great obstacles, sadly there were 2 that I did not complete. But all the bar work I've been doing lately totally helped with all the walls and pits to climb out of. I need to do some rope climbing and some monkey bars training before the next one. On one of the electro shock obstacles knocked me unconscious 3 times. It was pretty rough. Other than that it was a great time. I finished the 12 miles in about 3 hours. SOOOO tired right now. 8:19 and I'm headed to bed.
  8. Great to hear that your husband is now vegan! My wife is almost there, still eats honey and non-vegan pastries, that's about it. What is this coaching plan exactly? Are you going to be training for a specific event?
  9. Today was supposed to be a rest day but I did a 19-mile bike ride and a 3-mile off-leash walk with my dogs. Oh well! TOMORROW: TOUGH MUDDER TX COAST!
  10. Rest day. Probably gonna crash early to boot. This is one of 25 obstacles on Sunday http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/5474/toughmuddertx.jpg
  11. I tried the chia seed one, and it is weird. Felt like I was drinking slime with fish eggs in it or something. I'd rather get my omega 3's from leafy greens. But hey, if that works for ya, rock on. I agree with divamom, Trilogy is by far the best flavor. Pretty much everyone I know who drinks GT agrees on that.
  12. Hey man, just curious, you're LFRV? When you say "1 smoothie" is that 1L / 32oz?
  13. BEWM-SHOCKALOCKA!! I just hit my first "cheater" muscle-up. What I mean was, it was a 6-foot high bar and I was able to bust a muscle-up jumping from a stand still. It felt SOOO GOOD to get on top of that bar. I felt like I had this new-found power, almost like flying for the first time or something. Accomplishments like this keep me motivated. I can't wait until I can muscle up without the help of a jump, or even a kip. Tough Mudder in 3 days. I take this as a very good sign.
  14. 3 mile run followed by: 1 55-second pull up: 20 seconds up, 20 second hold, 15 seconds down (tried to go for a full 60 seconds but failed) Food today: 37 bananas 4 fistfuls of blueberries 1 fistful of mangos 2 fistfuls of spinach Plus maybe more, we'll see...
  15. Rest day today. Those vegan tamales I ate the other day completely ripped up my stomach last night. Got barely any sleep. This whole food allergy thing friggin' blows sometimes. This is why I eat so many bananas....
  16. Been getting 8-9+ hrs/sleep every night. Good stuff! Today: 1 mile run in vibrams Bar workout: pull ups, chin ups, push ups, dips, flails and then finished with the ab roller
  17. Long run today 8 miles in 1:17:59 - 9:45 pace, getting faster Did pretty relatively bad on the diet today. Too much cooked food. -Carrot/apple/ginger/lemon/lime juice -32 oz banana-spinach smoothie -3 napalito tamales (probably terrible for me, but AMAZINGLY delicious) -2 oz flax crackers -Red curry vegetables w/brown rice -1 bottle kombucha ***TAPER WEEK COMING UP*** Will try to hang on to my sanity...
  18. Good luck, bro. Train hard. Any support you need here, just ask.
  19. Today, 5-mile bike ride each way to a bar workout My pull up and chin up form is getting WAY better. I didn't know until recently that "kipping" with your legs is considered poor form (cheating). So I stopped doing that. It feels so much cleaner to just have my legs stay completely still. So this time around I got 7 chin-ups with NO KIP, not even on the last couple. Tomorrow I haven't made up my mind how far I'm going to run (anywhere from 6 to 13 miles) and then begin taper for Tough Mudder next Sunday! Today's Noms: Carrot-ginger-apple-lemon-lime juice 30 bananas + 1/3lb spinach worth of smoothies Raw food potluck tonight... kinda worried, we'll see.
  20. Wow, haven't posted in 3 days? I ended up having to take a rest day on Wednesday too which I was not too excited about. Ran yesterday and banged out a few pullups at the end of the run. New PR! I got 6 full-dangle pull-ups and only kipped a little on the last one. I've been pretty unhappy so far this year. I've had a hard time focusing and little things have been upsetting me. Now I realize a lot of it is probably because I haven't been getting enough sleep. Sunday night I only got like 4 hours sleep. I got some decent sleep Monday night, but then Tuesday and Wednesday night didn't go to bed until late. I notice it's much harder for me to go to bed at a reasonable hour if I haven't exercised during the day. So last night I slept 9:30pm-7am which was GREAT. I woke up feeling better today than the first time in a long time. I'm not 100%, but I think if I can spend the next few weeks getting into the habit of going to bed early, it will even me out. If I could do something like sleep 8:30/9 to 6am every day I bet I would feel amazing. Plus it's harder to eat well when you're cranky from not enough sleep. Definitely ate an entire big bag of Munchos over the course of 3 days this week. They were good, not gonna lie, but I'm not too proud of that.
  21. Yeah there are interviews with Scott Jurek and other guys like him at www.nomeatathlete.com - I help out at the site. It's mostly geared towards vegetarian/vegan running. I think you'll enjoy it a lot.
  22. hey, I am atheist now, but was brought up Jewish. So I still consider myself culturally/secular Jewish, but I don't practice or anything like that. Just wanted to say hi!
  23. Are you looking for vegan jobs in Austin? My roommate has been pounding the pavement on that circuit and can probably give you some tips.
  24. Thanks for listening! We have some AWESOME stuff coming down the pipe.
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