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  1. But do you know what your maintenance calories are and do actually track your calories and/or macros? Even though you "eat a buttload of calories," chances are you're burning more than you're consuming. It is about calories/calories out. Here are a couple of articles OP should read in case they're not swayed: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/fat-loss/is-a-calorie-a-calorie.html http://www.wannabebig.com/diet-and-nutrition/the-dirt-on-clean-eating/ Yes I track my calories and my macros. It's about 3,100 on rest days, 3,600 most days and 4K+ on heavy activity days, averaging out to >80/<10/<10 over the long haul. How do you explain a guy like Tim van Orden who routinely eats less than 2,000 calories a day, works out a ton, and yet despite being a runner is built like a gymnast?
  2. Hey man, thanks for the note. If you are thinking about trying 80/10/10 in college, check this out:
  3. Bar workout on Monday, rest day today. I got a new roommate a couple weeks ago. She has been curious about raw foods so I've started teaching her the ropes, starting with juicing. Next up, SMOOTHIES! Going in for a physical and some bloodwork on Thursday. Should be interesting to see my results.
  4. Ain't it wonderful? Soreness can be caused by the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles during/after exercise. When you eat a clean vegan diet, the fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming and neutralize/reduce the lactic acid. You can read all about this phenomenon in Brendan Brazier's "Thrive". I've definitely noticed a huge correlation between cleanliness of diet, and how much bad of a beating I can give my body without getting sore.
  5. Keep at it man! A walk/run interval program does wonders for building up endurance to get to a 5K. You slowly crank down the walk/run ratio each week until you're doing like run 14 minutes, walk 1, repeat. I started out that way about 20 months ago and now I'm doing half marathons. Keep putting in the work, you'll see the progress.
  6. 11 mile run today, 1:52:42. A little over 10 minute miles. Tough mudder is in 2 weeks!
  7. Awesome! Guess you'll be doing lots more of these then
  8. WHAT A DAY OUT THERE! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL day in Austin today. Probably in the high 60F's. Played 2 hours of footbag then immediately had a 1 hour bar workout. GRRRRR!! On menu plan today it's been dates, bananas, peach and romaine lettuce. Fruits and veg does a body good!
  9. Going from unhealthy vegetarian to clean-eating vegan (about a year ago) made a huge difference in my energy levels and overall physical well being. I had chronic indigestion from dairy, gluten and soy so bad that I basically had a 24-7 stomach ache. After getting off those foods I had a new found overall feeling of wellness and happiness. It was so great not to feel horrible after every meal. Plus my energy shot through the roof. My body fat quickly dropped from 18% down to 10% in a matter of a few months. Also my athletic recovery got INSANE. I no longer got sore. I hope who ever wins enjoys the prize!
  10. To get higher than 35% (of calories from) protein you would have to be consuming protein powder isolate (which is essentially a refined food) as a really big chunk of your diet. 30% is HIGH protein, and in some people's opinion well beyond the healthful upper limit. But yeah everybody's different. Personally I feel TERRIBLE on high protein. My body does not like that, I get groggy, have stomach troubles etc. Some people out there swear that they thrive on 80% fat. I am definitely high-carb biased. But different strokes for different folks...
  11. I prefer lots of leafy greens for magnesium. If you are getting sore you could be eating too many acid-forming foods like grains and legumes. Try to up the fruits and veg intake. Also, I agree on Sun Warrior for raw protein. Most everyone I know who uses it loves it, though personally I am not a fan.
  12. Dried fruit is better than candy, but it has its downsides. Most dried fruit has refined sugar added which isn't healthy, but the actual sugar in the fruit shouldn't concern you. The people who eat the most fresh fruit are LEAN. But dried fruit can give you teeth issues if you eat a lot of it, just like candy. The good thing is, dried fruit is a great stepping stone to fresh fruit. So go ahead mow down a bag of grapes instead of raisins every once in a while and gradually make the switch.
  13. It's not as simple as just calories. Eat less fat and more healthy carbs. I eat a buttload of calories but most of it is fruit. I can't keep fat on.
  14. Welcome. The 3 main other vegan proteins most people use are hemp, pea and rice. As far as amino acid profiles similar to whey, I don't actually know. But there is SunWarrior rice protein which has an amino acid profile that is something like 97% similar to human breast milk. As far as soy, there are concerns that it contains a phyto-estrogen. Keep in mind that milk and cow meat have 2x the estrogen of soy, and it's animal estrogen. If you want a full article on soy with scientific sources cited, check out http://zenhabits.net/soy/. Personally I don't eat soy because I don't digest it well. Robert encourages people to get their protein from a variety of sources, so hemp, pea and rice are great for that variety. And, yeah I don't think too many people here will sweat you on the eggs.
  15. Alright. Training this week: Monday: Bar workout Tuesday: Rest day Wednesday: Bar workout Thursday: Tempo run, max speed seems to be increasing. Friday: Interval run, didn't feel so fast today. Trying to kick the speed up a notch I felt like I was running through molasses. Oranges for breakfast, knocking back some datorade now.
  16. Greens are a must! I should mention that those smoothies had about 3/4lb of spinach in them. So when my smoothies aren't green, I'm doing salads. 80/10/10 should really be 50/50 fruits/greens by volume, but calorically it's more like 95-99%/1-5% since leafy greens have almost no calories (but tons of minerals and vitamins).
  17. Yeah an empty stomach for a raw vegan is MUCH bigger than that of a usual person... except maybe a competitive eater. I once ate an entire 14" vegan pizza, a salad and a kombucha in one sitting. The salad and the kombucha did not offset the gluten-bomb that was the pizza...
  18. If mangos were in season year round, they would be my primary staple.
  19. Welcome! You can read information until you're blue in the face. Actually getting started is a lot harder, but it will get you way better results. Keep it up!
  20. Dude I love all the banana damage you are doing, right on brother! If you are thinking about doing half marathons / marathons this year head on over to www.nomeatathlete.com - we have veg-specific roadmap guides for running your first half marathon and full marathon. If you can handle 7km runs right now you will probably need about 12 weeks to train for a half marathon. Rock on!
  21. Hey Caro, I find the best way to deal with that kind of guilt is to look at how far I've come in the past few years. That kind of puts things in perspective. There may be ups and downs in the day-to-day, week-to-week stuff, but consistency over the long haul is much more important. I know I got the results I got from that kind of consistency, not from a subset of really good workouts during that time. As far as your husband's gall bladder, whatever you guys do, DON'T get it removed. Eating healthier is a way better solution, especially long term. Hopefully he'll see what happened as a wake-up call. If you check out The Liferegenerator on youtube, he has a lot of info on juicing and detoxifying. He has helped several people who were going to have their gall bladder removed instead cleanse our their system with juicing and raw foods. He's really entertaining too. http://www.life-regenerator.com
  22. Whoah totally missed that when the blog went to the next page, thanks for following up. I just sent you an email. Should be fun! See ya.
  23. Charlotte, OK sure here's what I ate on Saturday to give you an example: Breakfast (8:30am) 32oz water 3lbs grapes Lunch: 64oz Banana-spinach smoothie (12pm) 5 dates Post-workout refuel (3:30pm): 64oz Banana-blueberry-spinach smoothie Dinner (7pm) Veggie dip (1/2 avocado, 1/2 tomato, 1 lemon, basil - blended in vitamix) With 1 sliced cucumber and 8oz carrots This was probably just under 4,000 calories, with the bulk of them being mid-day. Since fruit and vegetables are less calorie-dense than other foods, you need to eat more in a sitting. This takes time to develop the stomach capacity. In the beginning you may get full off something like 5 bananas, but you won't be satiated. Now I typically eat 12-15 bananas as a meal and that is extremely satiating/satisfying. It's hard to jump right into 80/10/10 you have to ease into it, slowly building up your fruit intake. So if you want to try it I would say 1) eat as much fruit as you care for at the beginning of most meals. 2) Go to www.foodnsport.com and pay the $30 to get the 80/10/10 diet book. It is a WEALTH of information about diet and health. Doug Graham has been a vegan since the 70s and a raw vegan since the late 70s/ early 80s. So the book represents decades of research and wisdom. It is really is fantastic, I can't recommend it highly enough. You will learn a lot.
  24. I have to be VERY selective about the cooked food that I eat, and I have to eat a substantial amount of raw right beforehand. It has to be whole foods (OK so "if you cook it it's not a whole food" yeah, I know), with minimal spices / flavorings. Also, it has to be a small portion size. So for example, drink a 7-banana smoothie then eat a bowl of rice and veggies. My stomach capacity is so big at this point I could easily eat 2 portions at any restaurant... and then definitely get "melon belly".
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