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  1. Check it out guys It says "Part 1" so I guess there will be a part 2 later?
  2. This one is literally a mile from my house. It's Austin's first one, and we will be trying to make it as big as we can! Texas VegFest is an annual event promoting and celebrating plant-based diets for a healthier, more sustainable future. The event will be held in Austin, previously named eighth in a ranking of “North America’s Most Vegetarian-Friendly Cities.” The event will host a variety of different sponsors and vendors, and will include activities such as: Live Music & Dynamic Speakers Cooking Demonstrations Kids’ Activities Good Food & Cold Beer! Free Samples & Prizes Local & National Vendors Saturday, March 31, 2012 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM Fiesta Gardens West End 2101 Jesse E. Segovia St. Austin, Texas
  3. Quick shortlist of Austin vegan stuff: Vegan guides to Austin: http://www.sugar-skull.com/blog/guide-to-austin/ http://lazysmurf.wordpress.com/austin-sxsw-vegan-guide/ Vegan restaurants (these are all vegan, many more are vegan friendly): http://www.casadeluz.org/ http://www.beetscafe.com/ http://veggieheavenaustin.com/ Vegan foodtrucks: http://theveganyacht.com/ http://countercultureaustin.com/
  4. Alright hit me for any help getting set up down here. Anything you need just let me know. Very likely the VRA will have a good excuse to throw a potluck to welcome you to town.
  5. Welcome, I have the same name as my great-grandfather, who was also a butcher. The irony is kind of cool I think.
  6. Best book I've read on Raw has been Dr. Doug Graham's 80/10/10 diet. You can order it at: www.foodnsport.com (for some reason Amazon jacks the price up to $100 for no reason, don't order it there).
  7. Yes, come to Austin. We are the epicenter of Physical Culture and have a damn good vegan community to boot! Hell, sublet an apartment here for 3 months and try it out. I can almost guarantee you will love it! And if you live in the right part of town, especially southwest near the hill country, it's very peaceful.
  8. How do I order the gym bag? It isn't listed here http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=products EDIT nevermind, just ordered mine. Thank you!
  9. Awesome trailer! Looking forward to helping you promote this video. So cool to see TCC and Rip in there too!
  10. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. EAT EAT EAT BREAKFAST! If you're not hungry at all at least eat one piece of fruit. It gets your metabolism going, otherwise your body will think it's still asleep. And jeebus 1300 calories a day is starvation! Find out what your base metabolic rate is and each much more than that!
  11. I'm undergoing chiropractic right now for some minor spinal mis-alignments. Yesterday as part of tracking my progress I got measured on my chiropractor's BCM. Here are the results. I think this will be a good start for this blog: Body type: STANDARD Gender: MALE AGE: 29 HEIGHT: 6'2" / 188cm CLOTHES WEIGHT: 4lbs / 1.8kg Weight: 165.8lbs / 75.4kg FAT%: 13.0% FAT MASS: 21.6lbs / 9.8kg FFM: 144.2lbs / 65.5kg MUSCLE MASS: 137.0lbs / 62.3kg TOTAL BODY WATER: 96.6lbs / 43.9kg TOTAL BODY WATER %: 58.3% BONE MASS: 7.2lbs / 3.3kg BASE METABOLIC RATE: 7950 kJ / 1900 kCal METABOLIC AGE: 14 VISCERAL FAT RATING: 2 BODY MASS INDEX: 21.3 IDEAL BODY WEIGHT: 171.4lbs DEGREE OF OBESITY: -3.3% Compare this with before I went vegan, I was vegetarian/junkatarian 182lbs / 18% body fat at the beginning of 2011. That means I've lost 11lbs of fat and 6lbs of muscle. CRAP. Looks like it's time to cowboy-up on ye olde calories!
  12. Ha yes, that's me in that picture My wife is a photographer. My only ninja picture, unfortunately.
  13. In college I knew a guy who had a concavity in his chest about 3-5x this size. He was skinnier than you too. He didn't care at all. He got tons of chicks, and as far as I know, none of them cared either. Stop worrying about it, it doesn't matter.
  14. Welcome! Hopefully once you start keeping a log here and really tracking your progress it will be easier to hold yourself accountable to lose fat and gain muscle.
  15. This guy is a raw-vegan fitness model, but he supplements with (and is sponsored by) SunWarrior raw protein. http://naturesfitnessmodel.com/
  16. awww dammit, I'm still implementing the recipes in the original Thrive book. There are so many! One day...
  17. Individual exercises: Plank static hold [this is the single best exercise IMO, I do a 1 minute plank on top of a medecine ball while rolling it in circles on Mondays and then a 2 minute plank on the ground on Thursdays every week]. Wallsits [i do a 2 minute one every week, brutal but definitely uses the core] Ab roller (these work great, but you gotta know what you're doing with it our you can tweak your back and not even really use your abs) Compound exercises: Squats deadlifts I agree, if you want definition of your abs (do you have a "six pack" underneath your "two-liter"?) you have to clean up your diet. Robert also goes into pretty good detail on this in his book about how you have to eat to get definition after you've spent time eating enormous amounts of calories bulking up.
  18. Hi Everybody! Where to start? Hmmm. OK I've been vegetarian (mostly junkatarian ) for 6 years and vegan for about 2 months. I tried to go vegan a couple other times, once in 2007 and once in 2010 but both failed mainly because I had no plan. Now I've got things figured out, it's easy, I love it and my body is reaping the rewards. I don't see myself ever going back. I've been weight training more on than off since 2001 but in the past year and a half I've been super consistent at it. I now do superslow with a trainer once a week, and then do weights on my own once a week. I'm also a cyclist, runner and freestyle footbagger. I definitely take a "jack of all trades" approach to fitness working out usually 5-6 times a week, all different stuff. If I do just one or two activities, I get bored fast. I remember when Robert first friended me on MySpace back in 2005 and thinking "Vegan Bodybuilder, WTF?" even though I was vegetarian at the time. It was like the guy was from the planet Zorkon, especially with his crazy muscles, fake tan and enormous cheekbones. I respected what he was doing but just thought it was way too far out there. Now here I am 6 years later. Anyway, I bought his book off Amazon last week and have read about 2/3rds of it. I am really stoked to kick my training up a notch. His writing style is very uplifting and inspiring. It's got me really excited for "Your Personal Best" just to dig more into his positive philosophy. What really inspired me to go Vegan is a guy named Dan "The Life Regenerator" McDonald. He runs a YouTube channel about Raw Foods. He presents it in a really cool way that makes raw food easy to do, fun and tasty. Without him I would not be vegan now and would not be as eating as healthy as I am. Here is super awesome, I really suggest everyone check out his videos on YouTube and he has a new website coming out very soon: www.youtube.com/liferegenerator www.regenerateyourlife.org Anyway, looking forward to talking with people here and hopefully learning a lot.
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