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  1. Well, I'm not measuring everything up to the gram. I'm usually mixing the protein powder and the oats 1/1 ratio. Here is what I use: 12 normal scoops of soy protein isolate. (each scoop is approximately 15g). 12 scoops of oats. 2 scoops of peanut butter (it holds everything together, provides valuable nutrients and keeps the hunger away) From this batch I get 6 bars, each containing about 30g of protein. Of course, you can add something more, it is up to you. I hope this helps PS: I'm using oats with some dried fruits in them. It gives pretty good taste.
  2. Here is an easy one: 1. Soy or other kind of protein 2. Peanut butter 3. Musli (oats) 4. A little water You just mix these until you get a homogeneous mixture and compress it on the bottom of an ice cream box for example. Then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, take the plate out and cut it to protein bars in the size you like and that's it. The more protein you put, the bigger the percentage
  3. @boardn10 - How do you perform your reps? Do you release the tension in the top upper point, or you don't lock up your elbows? I have found for my self that I can change the impact of a given weight by only playing with the reps execution, time between the sets and the overall attitude towards it.
  4. "Your shape today!"? - Still fat Giving up beer and midnight snacks until July! http://i1130.photobucket.com/albums/m521/li_damian/fat.jpg?1304184502
  5. Excellent body, man! You definitely have the potential to compete ! "...and may the force be with you"
  6. Way to go man! Is this you in the avatar?
  7. Deiman

    Hello all

    This sounds very interesting indeed. I will have to ask you to share the ingredients and some basic recipes maybe?? I used to make homemade wine and one spirit, which is much like brandy, but I drink the wine only. How do you get the bubbles into the beer?
  8. Deiman

    Hello all

    YOOOOOOOO ! ! ! Yeah man - that's what I'm talking about ! I love beer, who wants to be that lean anyway Where do you brew it? do you have micro brewery? Welcome to the forum!
  9. Hey there, Sometimes shoulders are not growing if you train them way too often. This muscle group is involved in many other excersices and it can be easily overtrained. What are you doing for shoulders and how often?
  10. hahah - I like that How do you feel after all this workouts? Are you doing the triceps/biceps excercises before or after the should press?
  11. gsop_3, thank you for all the information, it sounds resonable that proper eat/train/rest is the base, but there is also the genetics, which has the last word. There are so many types of bodies, and I can't agree that everyone at 190lbs can achieve these deadlift, bench and so on, no matter what the training routine is. Some people are just not meant to be powerlifters I have suffered from training with big weights before, my structure, tendons etc. are just not suitable for this. Once again, I admire chewybaws for these achievements, expecially while being a vegan and drug free
  12. WTH, man? This is awesome power ! ! What kind of steroids are you using?
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