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  1. jonathan, here is what i typically eat: breakfast: 3eggs toast soymilk oatmeal multi vit lunch: tuna or chicken brn rice or pasta fruit dinner chicken or fish or turkey brocolli pasta snacks throughout the day: cheeries, plums, peanuts, rice cakes pre workout and post workout: carb/protein shake i beleive i am eating good and doing the right things but i cant seem to gain much muscle. i group my training as follows: chest/back-flat bench, incline db, pullover, cable fly, pullup, rows. legs-squat, leg ext, leg curl, dead lift shoulder/light chest-light flat bench, milt press, front raisses, side raises, bi/tri-hammer, preacher, rope curl, skull crusher, individual pulley, rope puldown all sets are heavy as possible, about 3 sets, 8 reps
  2. does age play an important role when trying to build muscle? i am 19, 5'8 and only 145 lbs,. ive been working out for a few yrs now with minimal gains. i am a small ectomorph and im just wondering if there are older ectos that noticed their metabolism finally slow down around 20/21 yrs old.
  3. i heard somewhere that consuming soy products raises estrogen levels, therefore shouldnt be consumed by men....any truth to tthat??
  4. what do yall think about eating before sleep? does it ferment inside and cause body fat??
  5. hey thanks alot bigbwii!! is that from an article or book? what website is that? i shold really read the next article about increasing strength!! or do you have a program that you can suggest? lastly it talked about not getting enough volume of raw....i think that one of my problems also, as i am barely consuming 2000 kcals, i need more!
  6. can someone please share thier raw daily diet with me, im trying to bulk up with raw but dont know exactly what foods to eat to get enough calories.
  7. wow three years! didnt think it could take that long.... i think my biggest problem is my lack of calories...can someone help me out with a high calorie meal plan? or a good gym routine ?
  8. wow thanks for the raw bobybuilding site...havent had a chance to read it but looks very helpful from skimming through it. I eat about: 8 Bananas 4Apples 2 Oranges 2 carrots 2 celery 2 oz almonds 2 oz pumpkin 1 avocado 4 oz salad i know its not enough, its only about 2000kcals, but im sure what foods i should eat to increase this....
  9. TO THE RAW FOODIST: i know that it depends on the person and past health but after going from SAD to RAW how long did you detox, lose weight, lose strength, transition for?? This is my third week on raw and ive lost about 12lbs, my strength has decreased, had a sore thoat for a few days, went away then came back a week later, also i cant seem to consuume enough calories. any advice on these topics?
  10. my caloric intake is too low, i know that, its about 2000kcals of raw, not ideal. although back in jan/feb i was eating 5000-6000kcals and just seemed to be gaining fat. i feel like high caloric diets make you fat and that lack of muscle is a workout/gym problem. i dont know. i also think high caloric diets have alot of complex carbs like rice, oats, bread and denatured protein like powders and cooked meats and eggs that are all very harsh to the body and hard to digest. isnt quality better then quantity?.....less kcals on raw is better than more kcals on SAD? i know i need more kcals but i am new to raw and dont know exactly which foods to eat.
  11. no i am not 100% raw. throughout high school , i did the whole high caloire and protein diet where i would eat tons of chicken , pro shakes, carb shakes, oats, brn rice, wheat....after reading more and more about cooked foods and chemicals i went organic for about 6 months and now i am transitioning to raw in hopes that my body can use better nutrients and better sources of food. as far a protein shakes.... i was consuming hemp protien shakes but it was more pricey then the gnc type powders.
  12. HELLO!!! A little about myself...I am a freshman in college and have been weight training throuhout high school. I am very skinny and have been looking and researching on gaining muscle for years now. i am 5'8' and weighed 150lbs with about 12%bf. After switching to a raw diet 2 weeks ago, i lost 10lbs and now weigh 140lbs. i am very disappointed as i thought raw foods were better and would give me some muscle gains, i want to stay raw becasue i like the way i feel and look(acne cleared up alot) but my body is even smaller now!!! any advice, guidance , tips or support would help!! thanks.
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