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  1. I keep vowing that I'm going to be more outdoorsy but I'm too obsessed with jiu jitsu and that's mainly indoors. Maybe this summer ill actually do it.
  2. Terrible example but my pointis if its not a moral issue then people are more apt to havea cheat day/meal.
  3. Yeah Jon Bones Jones!!! Destroyed Shogun. Nobody is gonna touch this kid
  4. Welcome! I don't have any suggestions but there's quite a few knowledgeable peope on this forum
  5. Not everyone does it for the animal cruelty issue. Deep fried twinkies prob taste fantastic but I stay away from those as well..because of the health isues
  6. LA is the meca of jiu jitsu. If you're looking for nogi Legends gym has fantastic nogi jiu jitsu. Edde bravo is an amzing teacher. If you're lookin for gi classes you have soooo many choices. Cleber, Lovato JR, Machado, Rickson, and a bunch of other blackbelts.. Vegas has a ton as well. I'm not sure if Marc Laimon ended up moving but if he didn't def hit him up. Robert Drysdale is another must.
  7. How very disappointing..this forum used to be so active
  8. I guess a little more about myself. I'm really really (obsessively) into no gi jiu jitsu. I've been training that for about 5 1/2 years now. Ive fought a couple times but didn't do well enough to brag about. Once I get my wrestling and striking down I'll try again. Im married with two kids. My daughter has Celiac disease so diet is a major thing in our life. Not sure if my son has it yet because they don't like to diagnose till a year old. My wife wants to compete in a triathlon and I know there are a lot of people on here that do it on a vegan diet. Anyways that a bit about me
  9. Hey everybody my name is Brent. I used to be pretty active on this forum but went MIA for awhile there. I went off the vegan path for awhile there and was too ashamed to keep coming here knowing I was putting that garbage into my body. Im trying to get away from all the junk and what better way than to surround myself with the people that are living the life style I want. I hope to be there soon
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