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  1. Still trying. I backslid for a few days but I am back trying again. I ate all raw yesterday and feel much better. I have been re-reading Arnold Ehrets books and they help me the most. I am eating some days raw and some days at 80% raw. As for Richard Blackman, to each his own. If it works for him and others, have at it. I have enough trouble watching how I eat much less judging how others live their lives!!
  2. Thanks for the info. I wondered whatever happened to him. Did good yesterday with all fruit except for two little squares of chocolate. Can't wait for summer with fresh fruits.
  3. Ah, a Doug Graham guy. Glad to read your post. I am seeking to live a fruitarian lifestyle too. I lift weights, do some aerbics, and take Kenpo Karate classes. I am a 56 year old woman too!! I need to lose about 25 lbs though.
  4. Hi. I am not new to this forum but left for quite awhile. Long story short, I am trying to become fruitarian. Taking it one day at a time. At any rate, I am vegan right now. How many true fruitarians are there on here? Its hard to find sites that are vegan that don't FREAK out over an all fruit diet. SHEESH. Is Richard Blackman still around? Am I allowed to mention other forums on here?
  5. Can you eat lentils? Most beans bother me but I can eat lentils ok. I usually take digestive enzymes before I eat cooked food too. Lentils have alot of protein.
  6. http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa290/detroitgirl77/Smilies/popcorn.gif
  7. I know, andesuma. I was just razzing them back. Actually, I just catch the bees myself now and suck the pollen off of their back legs. Maybe that is why my lips are so swollen now??!! But don't tell them. SHHHHHHHH.
  8. http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb2/kymbrunner/shock.gif
  9. Watermelons are sad when you eat them. Stop this senseless cruelty!! http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa248/merindachristie/watermelon.jpg[/b]
  10. http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o293/belleadonna/kittenlick.gif
  11. Ok already. I am NO longer consuming bee products!! Give me a break huh?
  12. Wow, you have an elbow??!! I need some more enzymes!!
  13. You need to soak them for a few days, then they will sprout Or put them into your Blendtec with 2 to 1 water mix and make a mud smoothie Thanks Jason. I was trying to fry them.
  14. I don't know if it is a good fuel or not. I was just pointing out how all things on this earth are tied together.
  15. Oh, forgot to tell you. We don't have grass anymore because the dogs killed it with their pee!! But we have a nice crop of weeds and my favoritie. MOSS. I love moss. It is so pretty and you don't have to mow it. I have a big garden where I grow herbs and lots of parsley.
  16. I occasionally do hemp protein in smoothies. The brand I buy is raw. I also have barley/wheat grass powder supplement 3X a day. I just mix it with water and chug. It tastes sweet and grassy to me. I don't graze in my yard because my 3 dogs pee on the grass. I am eating 85% raw right now. I eat raw all day and have a small portion of cooked in the evening. I am happy with that right now.
  17. If you don't kiss it on your first purchase, you have lost your chance. I suggest that you reconsider your policy. http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg127/jessewesse_love/KISS-1.jpg
  18. Maybe they can genetically modify fruit to have lips!!
  19. Couture said, "It is impossible to be a 100 percent vegan. Think about if your driving a car or buying anything that has been driven in a car which is 100 percent of the population your responisble for killing of some animals. Not to mention there are animals killed in the vegtable growing process. So complaining about someone eatting Bee Pollen is a little over board." That's an interesting point because I just heard on the news the other day that they are starting to butcher more cows because the price of corn is getting so high that they can't afford to feed the cows anymore. Corn is being used to produce fuel and alot of people feed their livestock with corn. Everything is interconnected.
  20. I don't like stevia. I have tried it many times and can't get used to the taste. I haven't tried agave but I am going to give that a try. Sometimes I will used organic natural sugar. I don't eat much that needs sweetening though.
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