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  1. Yup, havent found any so far. I remember doing a project in High School where we recycled Ink Cartridges and they paid for shipping. I found one that does it and gives the money to dog funds, but that's the closest I have found to prepaid labels.
  2. They do. Theres a place in California that does it but it's a couple miles (over 20 I think) and I can't just go there all the time just to recycle because of Gas costs and such. It's a Ralphs but I think it's the only one compared to the ones around here that take the #5 and steel. The rest are just cans and bottles.
  3. Too bad I don't have that here. I am glad as well that more stuff are having more recyclable items. The #5 is pretty hard to find as well as steel. I read that steel is one of the most recycled yet a lot of the recycling centers here don't accept it. Only steel I have are aerosol cans.
  4. I live in Los Angeles and have yet to find a place that recycles #5 (Polypropylene) and steel amongst other items (besides the normal plastic soda bottles, glass, aluminum, etc.). I want to know if there is a place that I can send my materials through the mail and they will take care of the shipping. I don't need the money back, but I want to get these items out of my house so I don't have to throw them away. Heres a site that tells what #5 is: http://ladpw.org/epd/recycling/crm.cfm
  5. No, it has Tagalose, which is derived from Whey, which comes from Dairy as you know. It's some type of sugar. Can't I ask a question? You are painting a picture that I ingest these things ALL THE TIME. It's a simple question that doesn't need to be pushed to something that wasn't even asked. Same with the other thread. I didn't ASK about the health of sodas, all I asked was about ethical reasons. However that Xylitol thing that was brough up by Nik was pretty cool. Thanks.
  6. I have been searching and I haven't found if it is or not. I did read from one person on another forum that posted that the Diet Pepsi version was not, as it had Tagatose, which is derived from Whey. I also read from another forum that some of them get the color from ground up insects. The only ingredients that are for color that are from insects that I know of is Carmine, and if I am not mistaken, that's just for the color red. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks Nik! Sounds like a good substitute. I guess for now I will have to buy Trident gums too. I am going to have to find out which corporation owns it though...Any ethical corporations that you can think of? Also, since we are on the topic of soft drinks, any Xylitol soft drinks that you know of that is ethical as well? Thanks for letting me know of this sugar. EDIT: Wow what luck...Trident is manufactured by Cadbury Adams, a a subsidiary of Cadbury-Schweppes!!
  8. I had a feeling that it stood for "High Fructose" something, thanks. As far as seltzer, odd that you mention it, as I just did that today! I had Schwarps, or something like that, and mixed it in with my grape juice. Tastes pretty good. I don't have a coke habit, so that isn't a problem. Just once inawhile I like Dr. Pepper. Any idea if there are clone recipes for that? SO then I was right? Thanks for the tip as well. Didn't know about Xylitol, will check that out now.
  9. Ooo ok, hope you enjoy it! Had sad moments, but was nonetheless, something unique to the comic scene IMO.
  10. They do mix A LOT of crap within the pig feed.... Perhaps you know better than me in this field, but I watched several shows on it (one on ABC Primetime I believe) and it talked about the acid and tooth rottening. They put a coin (?) in a glass of coke and over night, it had so much crap on it. They also said, which is where I got this from, to wash your mouth with water after ingesting sodas. Also, preferably, with a straw as well. Heard the straw deal in regards to coffee too (because of the staining). You are not talking about the issue of phenalynine are you? I have read some of the studies on them and most of them are not concrete. I read that it can cause blindness or eye problems if consumed to a certain extent. I don't drink much soda (mainly water, and fruit juice; grape or orange, for breakfast), so I highly doubt that any of this will most likely affect me.
  11. Hrmm that sucks. Guess gonna have to stay away from them too then, thanks. btw Might as well shy away from candy or anything labeled "junk" (chips, the works) really if that's the case. Moderation is the key. Plus, most of the stuff I drink is diet. Once in a blue moon I'll drink regular soda. Also, in regards to teeth rotting, that's why you drink water and wash your mouth after consuming soda Thanks again.
  12. Well I wrote this: Not quite sure what you are asking here. Obviously Animal Experimentation is never a good thing if thats what you wanted to know? BTW, it's pretty graphic (violent), so shy away if you are affected by that type of stuff.
  13. http://img506.imageshack.us/img506/7272/we39bb.jpg Heres a sneak peek of it: http://www.dccomics.com/media/excerpts/3717_x.pdf I found this comic to be unique and a great read. I havent bought a comic in years and I just picked it up the other day. If anyone is against Animal Experimentation and the bonds between animals and humans, pick it up at your local book or comic book store. EDIT: O ya, its a graphic (violent) series, so if you don't like that kind of stuff and are put back by it, don't read it.
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