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  1. The great thing about eating vegan is you can stuff yourself to your hearts content, and not gain weight. So it's a natural way for dealing with your ED. I eat lots of oats and oat based meals. My breakfasts are usually a large (1cup) bowl of oatmeal with a huge dose of fresh fruit and milled flax seed with almond or coconut milk. Lunch is always some fresh salad of spinach with raisins and oil and soy sauce. Or some version of cole slaw with veganaise. I make homemade vegan burgers from lentils or chick peas (lentils dark "meat", chick peas light "meat" lol) I eat lots of whole grain rice, pasta, veggie pastas, lentil/barely/veggie soups, etc. After a workout, I love mixed nuts topped with honey (oops, my one non-vegan weakness) and cinnamin... Or try mixing natural peanut butter with molasses, almond milk, and some cheerios. My point is, if you stick to these high fiber foods, you can literally eat as much as you wish, and you'll maintain your natural weight. Good luck, and if you want to talk more, I'd love to at [email protected]
  2. Hi princess! You look amazing, and you don't need much more, but try thinking outside the box when it comes to workouts. I've learned a lot from these folks about how to come up with everyday innovations to your workout. Check the different videos, which are very short, until you find what might work for you. Let me know what you think at [email protected]
  3. Veganluv, looks like you put a lot of hard work in and it's paying off! I'm most impressed with your core work. I'd love to know what you do in that regard. Check out some unorthodox methods I've been trying. "Dunner" comes up with some amazing things! Let me know what you think at [email protected]
  4. bw, that was a typo on me. I meant to say about 2 avocados a _week_, or about 1/2 a day. But I see from your numbers that I'm probably getting enough with the flax and avos and probably w the walnuts as well. thanks again.
  5. Zoe, here's my email if you want me to send some pics. Feel kind of shy about doing it here. Thnx [email protected]
  6. Thanks zoe. I've been doing lunges as well. I've been trying deep lunges where I touch the ground with my knee before I take the next lunge. Only doing light weights though so not to stress knees too much. I don't have any before pics that are postable, lol, but I'll try to post something soon. Plus I bike, and do some squats, probably not enough though.
  7. kckas, beforewisdom, thanks for your replies. I try to eat at least 2 avocados a day. Never tried chia seeds, but i'll give em a try. I'd love to try the DHA/EPA supplements, but they might be outside my budget. A friend told me to use seaweed/algae, but it's difficult to find those where I live. Anyway, I'll keep you updated. Thanks again.
  8. Sorry for the typos! lol I meant, "If you CAN'T do rings, what I did was I bought a pair of solid steel rings..."
  9. Also, never do "traditional" pullups where you grip the bar with your palms facing you. Those are horrible for your elbows as well, and put too much unneeded strain on your arms and wrists in general. Instead, think of the rings in gymnastics. Those are the best because they move freely to adjust to your movements. If you can do rings, what I do is a bought a couple of solid steel rings that you might find at an auto junkyard or surplus store, and slid them onto my chinup bar. This way I can at least keep my hands in the same position as if I was using gym rings. It's much safer for your wrists and elbows. Make sure they're big enough so your hand fits in them comfortably. Cheers.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm getting so much great info from so many of you. One thing I'm concerned with is if I'm getting enough Omega from approx 1/8 cup of milled flax seed per day? Also, I do eat walnuts - I aim for 1/4-1/2 cup a day- but they can be expensive. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.
  11. Yes, Zoe, great thighs. I struggle with that. Please tell me how you got those, specifically? More than just squats? Biking? What's your secret? lol
  12. LaLa, guess what? You've always had your muscles. You just need to bring them out. As far as pullups, you don't have to extent completely so that your arms are straight about you. Full "military" pullups might impress some, but they're not good for your elbows. Start off your pullups this way. Jump up onto the bar, and immediately go as high as possible, at least until your chin rests on bar. Then slowly lower until your biceps are parallel to the floor. Your elbows will be at a 45 degree angle. Don't go below this position. YOu can do many more without tiring as soon. I do these with the grip that makes the palms of my hands facing _away_ in a military grip. YOu should see the tops of your hands, not the palms. Also, traditional pushups are still the best. Also gives you the benefits of core strenght that planks give you. You can find a pair of those pushup handles that rotate. Good luck.
  13. Shiva, try some planks as well, along with some mild crunches. You're almost there. Little bit every day.
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