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  1. Bench 155 dead 300 squat 205 @140lbs. went on vacation lost all my gains not programming anymore... lol. the highlight of my career haha.
  2. ive been doing two a days a few days a week. its fun. if i need a break i take it. im doing whatever feels good. but im not dieting anymore. numbers keep climbing.
  3. i just switched over too. it was kindof by accident this guy form my gym took me in and is coaching me. gives me all my numbers. so i cant really help u i just do what he says lol!!
  4. Hey guys - i need a powerlifting belt that i can use in a USAPL meet. Not leather. HELP! Thanks!! (I am in USA).
  5. It sounds like you are choosing between two gimmicks. I would spend some time learning about proper nutrition and hypertrophy and do it yourself...you will save a lot of money and disappointment. I fell into the crossfit money trap for a few months because i thought it would give me an invincible metabolism but boy was i wrong. i went back to my trainer and a bodybuilding split with cardio and proper diet and the results have been amazing.
  6. You need to start tracking macros and adjust from there! but fyi wheni diet i dont eat fruit.
  7. I have it but barely use it. You can follow me/ add me on fb, link below.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PikmBfJpck0 I dont really snack, i eat the same 6 meals every day!!
  9. Bench Max with perfect form 115 Deadlift 220 (i think i could have gotten more at that meet) Squat: 145x5. Never tried to max on that. too scary lol.
  10. I always pack my tupperware. I rarely travel for more than a day though.
  11. The last question is up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bMh3hTY5A4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1kbsKdCosw
  12. Please add me! Need to network vegan style!! https://www.facebook.com/BigMeeeeech
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