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  1. Bench 155 dead 300 squat 205 @140lbs. went on vacation lost all my gains not programming anymore... lol. the highlight of my career haha.
  2. ive been doing two a days a few days a week. its fun. if i need a break i take it. im doing whatever feels good. but im not dieting anymore. numbers keep climbing.
  3. i just switched over too. it was kindof by accident this guy form my gym took me in and is coaching me. gives me all my numbers. so i cant really help u i just do what he says lol!!
  4. Hey guys - i need a powerlifting belt that i can use in a USAPL meet. Not leather. HELP! Thanks!! (I am in USA).
  5. It sounds like you are choosing between two gimmicks. I would spend some time learning about proper nutrition and hypertrophy and do it yourself...you will save a lot of money and disappointment. I fell into the crossfit money trap for a few months because i thought it would give me an invincible metabolism but boy was i wrong. i went back to my trainer and a bodybuilding split with cardio and proper diet and the results have been amazing.
  6. You need to start tracking macros and adjust from there! but fyi wheni diet i dont eat fruit.
  7. I have it but barely use it. You can follow me/ add me on fb, link below.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PikmBfJpck0 I dont really snack, i eat the same 6 meals every day!!
  9. Bench Max with perfect form 115 Deadlift 220 (i think i could have gotten more at that meet) Squat: 145x5. Never tried to max on that. too scary lol.
  10. I always pack my tupperware. I rarely travel for more than a day though.
  11. The last question is up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bMh3hTY5A4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1kbsKdCosw
  12. Please add me! Need to network vegan style!! https://www.facebook.com/BigMeeeeech
  13. Do you know how many carbs in a serving? its about same price as olympian labs... I am actually going to be using a new protein, stay tuned!!
  14. Great job on starting the process! lifting heavier weights!! build muscle boost metabolism...
  15. LOL then why dont they just use whey!!!? lol whats the point of soy if they are flavoring it with dairy!?!?! thanks ryan lol...i always appreciate your responses...
  16. Has anyone ever had? I saw it at a BB show yesterday, has good macros (minimal carbs/fat) but no samples...cheaper than Olympian labs. Any reviews? I can't stand rice protein its too gritty, i love the olymian labs, it blends into oats, cous cous, nut butters very well. was never a fan of vega. Thanks
  17. not qualified to say (not a doctor) but i really doubt its a malabsorption issue, you are a relatively young man eating 2000 calories a day and youre active and youre 5'11.... i am 5'4 and 120 lbs female and my weight is staying steady at 1600 cals one day 1900 the next day and you have 7 inches on me and male hormones. i think you need to start measuring your food find out your maintenance and slowly increase. how do u feel about nut butters? why arent you deadlifting? its the ultimate mass builder!! also, i suggest splitting your routine and separating shoulers from legs - too big muscle groups, especially legs and they need their own day. legs are like half your body...i think you are blessed that u dont have to worry about cardio and i am always jealous of ppl who cant eat enough. i am always hungry and want to eat more but i need to be careful. nut butters will add calories and fat which helps keep healthy testosterone levels so u really cant go wrong with that. i would stay away from processed sugar it will just go to the love handles. if you want to body recomp focus on whole foods complex carbs protein and fats. the harder u push in the gym - HEAVY COMPOUND MOVEMENTS TO FAILURE - the more likely the surplus nutrients will go to muscle and not fat. dont hold back at the gym bc you are worried about burning extra calories, fuel your body.
  18. wow i am studying for the ace test and all the material is way over my head. i already have a masters degree and that was easy, especially compared to this anatomy stuff!! ugh. im also a pro bodybuilder so i def know my way aroudn the gym but i have a new respect for any PTS!!!
  19. No problem, I enjoy them, any more questions I'll be glad to tackle hehe:)
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