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  1. girl how many times have you and diva and gaia told me to chill? now you listen to me or else.
  2. its just like a pound, think about all the pounds youve lost that you know is fat and the muscle you are adding. chill girl.
  3. You are right, i guess i need to experiment and take it slow...and decide what my goals are! even if i do do another contest i never want to be as fat as i was....and i definitely dont want to put that much more weight on. i like my clothes now thank u..
  4. The thing is i dont know what the flare feels like, i think im doing it but when i open my eyes im not! thank you for responding, im all over posing this weekend. thank goodness for one more posing class...do u think id be disqualified if i did my lat spread from a double biceps during prejudging?!
  5. Does anyone know if this personal training certifying body is legit? I can get six weeks of courses and the test for about 700 bucks....Should I go for it??
  6. Do you think weight goes up after leg day? what's the science behind that? maybe that can help me lol...i trained legs tuesday and my weight has crept up a bit... yes it might be a good idea to cut back on the brown rice.
  7. OK so I am 9 days out from my contest. My front lat spread sucks, the only way I can get my lats to flare is to start from a front double biceps. Otherwise they stay narrow, any pointers?! If I do it from a front double biceps I look like a bat and it looks awesome....so i know i have good lats and ppl have told me!!! i have a posing class on saturday so that should help but there will be a lot of others in there requiring the teacher's attention as well..
  8. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I guess I wish someone could just give me a magic formula!!!!! I keep bouncing back to 2000 calories since that's what is the general value for the "average american". Yes I'm a petite woman, but I also workout hard...so I dunno. I also don't want to deny myself alcohol, just want to moderate, which has always been hard for me (for both food and alcohol)! hehe. Also want to figure out how much cardio is ideal to keep trim but also gain some muscle. But you are right about focusing, 9 more days!! Hopefully this thread will keep bouncing up a bit during the next week and I can come back to it after it's all said and done and think about a plan...
  9. No you dont sound preachy at all and I really appreciate you helping! Basically I want to preserve overall health but at the same time I want to maintain the muscle mass of a bodybuilder without putting back on the fat that i used to carry while "bulking" dirtily. I want to be assured that I can eat plenty of carbs (approx 300? ) from fruit, veggie, and complex sources without having to worry about too much fat gain, and also that i will preserve and even gain muscle mass without having to supplement protein. Without using any powders I can get 120 grams....carbs will be higher than if I did that with powder. Argh maybe I am reading too much into it. I also know that my food will be varied. I plan to cook one week for the following week, but next week change maybe based on what is on sale, what is coming up in the garden, what i feel like etc. I want to learn to try trust body at bit more and not be so strict....to trust my instincts a bit more.. And I also wish I knew what has been the most important factor in the fat ive lost during this diet - the calorie restriction, the carb reduction, the workouts, the high protein?? no alcohol...well i guess it's a combination...ya know?! I also hope that my body hasnt somewhat adapted to 1500 calories with tons of exercise....if thats so then 2k calories and much less cardio who knows how it could react? i guess it will come down to trial and error?
  10. So decreasing protein and increasing carbs has the benefit of helping my kidneys? Is that what you are saying? I definitely want to maintain my muscle if not add more! Thank you...
  11. If I replace banana and apple with berries, I can reduce carbs and sugar....but would you recommend it necessarily? I have two big boxes of the spaghetti left over and three tubs of protein powder, but id eventually want to change this...but i could do this for a while. im fantasizign about it right now lol. Meal 1 : ¼ cup steel cut oats, 1 T peanut butter, 1.33 servings rice protein, 8 strawberries Carbs/fat/Protein: 38/11/27 Meal 2: 1 cup chick peas, ½ cup spinach, 1/2cup blue berries, 1/8 cup walnuts Carbs/fat/Protein: 56/13/18 Meal 3: one cup lentils, 1 cup cauliflower, 10 almonds Carbs/fat/Protein: 47/8/23 Meal 4: one cup lima beans, one cup steamed broccoli, 10 almonds Carbs/fat/Protein: 46/7/21 Meal 5: ¼ bag black bean spaghetti, 5 brussell sprouts, 1 TB peanut butter Carbs/fat/Protein: 26/14/28 Meal 6: 2 TB peanut butter, 20 almonds Carbs/fat/Protein:11/27/13 Total Carbs/fat/Protein: 224/81/130
  12. I have my first contest on June 9, bodybuilding category. In December I finished up a long junk food bulk and topped out at 151 lbs. I was probably eating 3-4k calories a day and at least half of my food was processed (gardein, ketchup, juices, clif bars, cookies, oils, any kind of vegan product i could find, the cheeses etc, eating out a lot, chipotle, artificial sweeteners). I usually counted up to 3k on my calculator but would leave out random things, restaurants, alcohol I'm a 5'4 female. I'm 120.8 lbs today, and on the day of my contest I'll be 115. my pants are size 2 and shirts are extra small. My cutting diet has been 105 carbs, 130 protein, and 70 fat as per my trainer. Lifting 5 days a week and 70-80 minutes of cardio and the pounds shed off. I have vowed to eat clean and allow myself to cheat only one night a weekend and special occasions. Online calculators say I can net 2100 calories and maintain a 125lbs weight. I would be OK maintaing 130. I will continue to lift 5 days a week and probably do cardio 3-4 days a week, assuming I don't do another contest. If I compete again I will rehire my trainer, but since this is taking a toll on me i am pplanning and leaning toward a recovery plan and just trying to stay as fit as possible using whole plant based foods that are inexpensive (oats, fruits, beans, veggies, nuts, peanut butter, and possibly the left over jugs of protein powder that I have, but eventually want to phase those out as well). I was able to come up with a plan for six meals, 2100 calories, about 300 carbs, 130 protein, 70 fat, 65 sugar, tons of fiber. I ran that by my trainer and while it's my decision, he says I'll get fat again if I do that...what do you guys think? I know I'm getting ahead of myself and I should be focusing on the contest but I'm a bit preoccupied with this and want to get it started two days after I compete. The day after I plan to eat big and when I want to and not count portions but all clean stuff. If I remove the two fruits servings and just work with the rest of the stuff, it cuts out about 60 carbs, but I think fruits are beneficial to health and my dermatologist who is treating me for my hairloss (real or imagined im not sure) said plenty of fruits and veggies. Note that my coach has won dozens of natural bodybuilding competitions using the keto diet....so you cant argue that his method doesn't work for him...but i dont want to be tied down to protein powders and seitan and black bean spaghetti for 5 bucks a bag for the rest of my fitness life..
  13. nice job on the 147! do you use a dieuretic for the show? if so which? I picked up Uva Ursi Diurite. I'm kind of excited about it. Perhaps I will also pick up some diapers too lol.
  14. haha wow maybe if i had read carefully i would have seen that. in that case i agree with the other comments. weights and cardio, maybe 1800 calories? try myfitnesspal but thats what id guess. no alcohol and clean diet.
  15. nice! are you gonna do a show eventually? or just be huge and bad ass?
  16. TAKE THE SHIT OUT OF THE DAMN SCHOOLS AND SOCIETY OR ELSE THIS WONT WORK!!! ARGH!!!!! Sorry i just watched weight of the nation lol
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