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  1. HAHAHHAAA NICE GIRL GETTTT IT!!! burn those calories lol.
  2. in the biggest loser they lose in a vacuum with ideal circumstances, youve done this through your real life challenges which makes it even more incredible!
  3. Thank you for posting this and continuing to inspire me! Especially the times when I think about how it would feel so good for the moment to go back to my old ways!
  4. If you feel strong enough for the heavy stuff i say go for it. Just don't get hurt!
  5. i dont agree with consumption of animal protein but you can still most likely avoid obesity and heart problems if you workout hard and manage your calories and macros and stay away from too much saturated fat and sugar. vegans can be fat and sick too if they eat too much oil and sugar.
  6. social work has great benefits, good vacation time, and good job security, and youre doing good work, but the pay isn't great. and some people burn out. however, the schooling is relatively easy but definitely go to a public school so you dont have a ton of loans afterwards. and after you get your masters and get a few years of experience you can go into private practice.
  7. im not equipped to debate the science behind b12...but in the case of eating plants infested with bugs at least the killing is secondary/accidental (killing no less, and this is an issue that is often cited by omnivores...and can get very philosophical) and eating the feces also doesn't hurt any living creatures. actually yesterday i cooked up 7 cups of broccoli from my dad's garden, and after i steamed it noticed a dead boiled caterpillar. i was grossed out and thought about the fact that i had killed it and im sure many others in order to get the food that i eat daily whether i farm it or not, but at least that's incidental/accidental, not purposefully engineered and knowingly inflicting pain...as humans equipped with modern technology and minds that can reason i think its about inflicting the least harm and being as healthy as possible - eat plants and take a supplement...we can argue much more confidently that the death of bugs while harvesting is much less avoidable than literally harvesting animals, torturing them, and killing them to eat them..with a significantly smaller carbon footprint i might add.
  8. i dont buy the driving calories!!! but nicely done on the choices! car rides drive me crazy...good thing there are less vegan choices mostly anywhere u go!
  9. haha i know what u mean about it being boring when the gym is empty with no eye candY!
  10. maybe im just weird. maybe being afraid of heights is part of it.i guess the same feeling on the elliptical, and being cautious gets in the way of really pushing, so its treadmill or nothing for me. the bike is ok every so often but id prefer to be pumping my arms and getting somewhat of a full body thing going.
  11. wow your fat is low! whenever i train in the mornings (weekends) and come home to eat my cous cous the steam that comes from them is ammonia-ey to me. but today though but often. i am drinking like 3 servings of xtrend aminos daily..
  12. 60 minutes on that thing i would go nuts! nice job!
  13. make sure youre in full editor, click the "youtube" button and paste the youtube url between the <> >....
  14. id say tofu is clean if its just straight up tofu...you will want to season it with other clean stuff maybe some garlic and olive oil and spices...
  15. love that intense pain and what it signifies! nice job.
  16. dont think the soy itself is dangerous but the processed nature of the burgers and balls and tofu products may bloat you and add lots of junk to your system (just look at the long list of ingredients). you may be off eating some just plain beans and grains for protein instead of that stuff. ive leaned out a ton just by cutting out that junk..granted i know its delicious and its the easiest way to make the vegan transition, so maybe try it for a while and monitor yourself..
  17. explore asian black bean spaghetti or mung bean fettutcini. its like 25 grams of protein and 17 ish carbs per serving, the only ingredients are beans and water. im pretty much dependent on those, well i eat the soy kind and the black bean cause its slightly less carbs than the mung bean....and i have them stock piled in my basement because for a while they got so popular that my local store and amazon was sold out. the supplier seems to have caught up and i can usually snag 3 or 4 bags each time i go to the store. delish if you throw some salt, peanut butter, and artificial sweetener on it..its my fourth meal every day and i love it and lookforward to it. like sesame noodles.
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