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  1. Holy crap you cut super fast....amazing!!!
  2. wow you are hitting the cardio hard. and that looks delicious.
  3. Look at all the people on here...they made it work. how many more people have you seen fail on an atkins type diet?? you need to make sure you are eating clean, drinking water, hitting the gym hard, and measuring and adjusting your diet as you go if you want to get/remain lean. there is no magic secret. if you really truly want to be cut you also have to do cardio. carbs arent the enemy, processed shit is.
  4. Nice shorts, lookin god in avatar, sweet strength! Can't wait to hear more. I can totally relate about the distance running thing!!
  5. you love to torture me posting about your runs!
  6. when i started it i felt i was much stronger. could have been placebo. hired a coach who really knows his stuff, he took me off of it so i would lose weight and doesnt take it himself, doesnt believe it actually works. i sitll have a big jar so i may cycle it in again in the winter time when im not so worried about staying small. and the good thing is is that its cheap and vegan friendly, so why not?
  7. Wow how do u do true keto while vegan?!? Excited to keep reading this journal
  8. Heavy bulking with 1600 cals??? Wow that's very little!!!
  9. well its kind of the same idea of a cheat meal once a week which has worked for me...but not an every other day thing...
  10. U can check out my journal- bigmeech shreds But it's -1545 cals 130 protein 105 carbs 70 fat Hour of lifting bout an hour of cardio a day give or take Varied intensity and carbs higher in the morning tapering out as day goes on six meals..
  11. so many dudes wont consider becoming vegan because of the estrogen in soy. so silly. first of all like gaia said not strong enough to overpower natural hormones, and secondly, many vegans dont even eat soy.
  12. only 2 oreos no big deal, you controlled it lol. more than i could say!
  13. yay heavy lifting! jealous that you can stand tofu haha, your diet looks great!
  14. What is your body fat at now? Mine isn't even that low so it's kind of weird that it stopped. Def not preggers tho
  15. Well this is my first time but I assume I'll just eat more and less cardio
  16. Lost 20 lbs for competition got a barely detectable period this month. Score.
  17. u could maybe use a print screen to do side by side.
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