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  1. Just go back to normal the next day. Dont fast or anything. just stay hydrated. I still struggle when i cheat i go all out, so much so that trainer has taken them away from me. last time i cheated before i got back with him i gained 8 lbs overnight (glycogen, water, sugar swelling, massive weight of food - quart of ice cream 2 bagels, Swedish fish, oreos, peanut butter, chips), but it was gone by the next week after i went back to my maintenance diet and hard training. just try to learn from it. maybe your body is telling u that you are missing either enough calories or a certain nutrient. evaluate how much protein, fat, and carbs you are getting and if that makes sense for ur diet and training and gender and body size. are you taking vitamins? are you getting enough electrolytes? for me my body is definitely craving more energy bc i am in deficit for competition but the comp prep prevents me from binging. learn from it, try to do it less and less and try to make small improvements every time u cheat. easier said than done i know. but my point is your body will go back to homeostasis after a few days of getting back on track, dont do any crazy cleanses or fasting. i don't think thats good for u. one day of eating in excess cant hurt you that much if you dont do it that often and you are eating right and training hard the other days. some would even argue that once in a while cheating is good for you, ur jsut not sposed to eat to the point where you feel sick, which is what usually happens to me when i cheat. bc i know the next day im back to a strict diet. some argue overeating once in a while gives metabolic boost. what matters most is what you do most of the time....

  2. and i always have. for competition i cut to like 9% body fat. aside from my partner im the strongest girl pound for pound in my gym. all blood work is normal. last doct appt said my BP was in very good range, i forgot what they said i meant to write it down, and also super low pulse. i only bloat from sugar, not salt...sodium is essential for physical activity and ive read that BBS should take in more, not less, than the standard recommendation for the avg person with is about 2k. i dont retain that much water, i pee all the time.

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