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  1. i wish i could tell you but since being vegan i am not sure what it feels like to be sick!! but i guess i would say just eat what your body tells you it wants within reason.
  2. Yes I am also saving my soy cream cheese etc for a rainy day!
  3. I cut out stuff like soy cream cheese, diaya, nasoya, lightlife products. Well I guess lightlife gives a lot of protein but the "cheese products' basically just add calories, fat and salt and very little protein. Try subbing peanut butter. I used to only get like 100 grams a day just with food, but with changing my food and adding pea /rice protein powder I'm getting 200-260 a day and i weigh 134. I also eat like 2400 calories a day though, but im fairly confident burning a lot of it with running and heavy lifting. i eat a lot of clif builders too. yummy. i eat ezekiel bread instead of regular bread, 4grams/slice and 80 cals.
  4. rice protein powder, pea protein powder. cook a bunch of beans on sunday night and bring some each day. soy milk for coffee sometimes. clif builders bars
  5. Karen and sisters vegan veggie turkey (45 grams in serving) or their soy-teen. rice powder, pea protein powder. pasta made out of mung beans or black beans (20g per serving) clif builders bars 20 grams in a bar
  6. LOL i wouldnt trust this guy - he only eats twice a day - two big means one at ten am and one at 6pm..
  7. Do you think this will work for me just as good as the real, 200 dollar thing??
  8. dont take crap from anyone regarding protein. you can easily get 200-300 grams a day with rice protein and eating correctly. what specifically are looking to learn about? not like im qualified to tell u lol...although i went from last year being a 180lb lacto-ovo-pescatarian who rarely exercised to a 130lbs vegan who can lift more than a lot of guys at the gym. ...
  9. I weigh 132 pounds and I am a female. I am 5'4. I burn about 1k calories exercising each day (distance running and heavy lifting - you can get an idea about how much I lift from "Lauren's Training..."). The running may change to sprinting soon. I'm getting at least 200g of protein a day (about half through rice powder). I have been trying to net about 1500 calories per day (which means i eat about 2500 per day). Is this ideal for muscle growth as well as cutting? Sometimes this diet is fine for me, but today I found myself eating an extra clif builders bar and two tablespoons of peanut butter and almonds (about 500 extra calories) after dinner, and I had already eaten 260g of protein. I was ravenous. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to know exactly how many calories I should eat per day without having to worry about the pudge and to also gain muscle? I feel like I had a good balance of carbs, protein, and fats... Also, do serious female bodybuilders take birth control? I have been warned that estrogen causes bloating. So theres estrogen in birth control, as well as in soy products...thoughts?
  10. http://video.answers.com/how-to-build-peaked-biceps-muscles-by-working-the-biceps-brachii-97227507
  11. I use the lat pull down machine and curl it over my head. you probably already have that. i think we deserve to know exactly what this project is though....
  12. Now that I started using vega and rice protein powder, some people have been telling me that I'm getting too much protein now (twice my body weight). People can't have it both ways! And I feel like you get even more ignorant comments if you are a female.
  13. So Eric, you would say that it's OK to do a lot of running if you want to get big??
  14. don't let any idiot guys tell you that girls shouldn't lift heavy
  15. I want to gain mass and get into a competition!!!! How would one get a reading? I do lift a lot and eat a crap load of food...2800 cals a day...250 protein. Do you have any suggestions of an activity that would burn the same amount of calories as running 10 miles per hour....for 60-100 mins a day? Ive been reading up about competitions and they say that when in season you have to wake up early and do cario...and then do it again before you go to bed...
  16. I want to add these to my routine. My days are divided into Back, Chest, Shoulders, Legs, and Arms. What day should I do farmers walks on? Back, legs? What's a good weight to start at, I'm a female who deadlifts 145-165...Thanks!
  17. New Jersey (grew up, and back currently) - good vegan state DC- good vegan city NYC - good vegan city Cairo (wasn't vegan there....not even vegetarian. Gross I know!)
  18. I Have been getting all my cardio by jogging 6 miles per hour....at least an hour a day...I'm pretty sure I eat enough calories....I net 1450 and have been getting 2x my body weight in protein....Now I dont know what to do!
  19. I only used dried beans, I boil em myself. Dont trust the preservatives/salt.
  20. What part of Arizona are you in? I'm from NJ but have family out there! I wonder what it's like to be vegan there, is it hard so far?? What are you eating?
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