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  1. Clif Builder Bars. 20g of protein. 8g fat, 230mg sodium, carb 30, sugars 20. tasty too. 270 calories. Cal Naturale is also a protein drink that I found. It's made of soy. 470 ML has 260 cals, 10g fat, 190 sodium, 35 carbs, sugars 9, protein 16. Mung bean fettucini or black bean spagetti - a 200 calorie serving of either has 20 grams of protein and it tastes just like pasta.
  2. I recently got my MSW from NYU. I have part-time work in the field.....but not master's level at this time.
  3. My goal is 17% body fat and to not have anything hang over when I sit down. Also to significantly increase by strength and just look overall "diesel" and make people poop their pants when I say "yeah I'm vegan". I am also thinking about competing early next year.... Thanks for responding. On a side note, where in Arizona are you? I have family in Sierra Vista and me and my parents own some acres around there...were you hit by the fires? How is it to be vegan out there?
  4. i feel like its easy to get tons of calories and decent protein from nuts, peanut butter...unfortunately i have the opposite problem.
  5. Any vegans gonna be representing? I am going to this show to watch, my first ever...im hitting the finals saturday at 6pm, not the prejudging or anything.
  6. You're right....I'm really bad with sodium and artificial sweetener...I'm not a competitor though...yet! Although someone asked me today at the gym if I was!!
  7. I hope you like peanut butter. And I wish I had the same problem!
  8. Had mung bean pasta tonight...20g protein per serving. Bangin! Paired with nates zesty italian "meat" balls....packin 40+ grams of protein in a 500 cal meal...
  9. Hack Squats, Lunges, Quad exts, ham curls...
  10. Why are you posting on a vegan bodybuilding website if you eat eggs and dairy?
  11. I can eat a lot but its only cause I burn about 1300 calories a day exercising. otherwise I'd be a complete wideload.
  12. Ive been running 7 miles in the mornings, then lifting for 1.5 hours in the evenings....
  13. peanut butter and bananas. peanut butter and jelly pistachios cashews any good health food store will have an entire isle of candy, and about 25% of it will be vegan...
  14. I don't necessarily worry about catching any diseases....but if I marry them they will probably die 20 years before me and that scares me. Also dated a guy with some...let's say...dysfunction...and he ate meat at every meal and used whey and caffeine pills for every workout...so there are always those issues.
  15. Thanks....I am always hungry though so I'm not dropping enough fat!
  16. Building since August 2010, vegan since January 2011. Deadlift = 165 x 6 Squat on Smith = 105x8 Bench =95x6 military press 30 ea x 7 Rowes 45eax8
  17. Thanks! You seem like you really know your stuff - I was reading some of your posts last night. Can you share some of your stats with me? Deadlift, squat, bench, curl, tricep press, etc?
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