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  1. WEll i was the only one who showed up at my last comp and the judges told me that indeed it is dying...
  2. what do u mean when u say intense exercise? i hope you are doing all the big compound movements with barbells... or are u doing endurance training??
  3. yeah well 40/40/20 would be good however thats only part of it. energy in and energy out... i know the 99 banana people and the paleo ppl will disagree.....but maybe ur body has adapted to ur caloric intake and ur energy expenditure and u need to shock it some how. maybe your training is intense but if its always been that way how does ur body know its intense? obviously at least one factor needs to change so i would try measuring ur carbs and other macros for a week and then adjust them, and make sure u are training in intervals. and by intervals i mean when ur on ur intense ones you want to throw up. not just pedaling hard...
  4. take a look at your diet. look at carbs and sugar. reduce and see what happens.
  5. Hoping to build this up to where I can do Q&A. As of now it's just a vlog.. I am hoping that I can help someone people who have questions, especially females from newbs to novice - I have three competitions under my belt and I'm considered pro now. I've gone through a transformation myself so I can relate to all levels of fitness - please ask away!! Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPcSE65WShg
  6. One hour of cardio is too much and has been shown to increase hunger. Cut it at least in half and do high intensity intervals. 60 seconds easy, 60 seconds (or even 30 to start) balls to the wall. You can do this on a treadmill powerwalking on an incline. I do 15% incline and my balls to the wall is 5.0mph. the easy pace is 3.5. you could also try a bike but i find that my heart rate wont go as high if biking rather than treadmill. you also may be hungry if you are eating three big meals a day - try doing 6 - i eat 6 times a day (well ill admit i binged on ice cream, pb, bananas, and clif bars last night but i keep it to once a week and i just finished a competition) - each of my meals around about 300 calories and that gives me a little under 1800 cals a day. most of the hunger for me is mental so i can just tell myself you have 1.5 more hrs til u can eat again. spread your meals out so you dont overeat. for weight loss focus on increasing the intensity of your weights routine and if your cardio is easy or enjoyable (and it must be if you can endure 60 minutes) its basically useless since your body is totaly adapted to it. also make sure you are drinking at least a gallon of water a day.
  7. HAHAH thanks Ryan. Isn't it frustrating how vegans have to go to extremes (DO IT MYSELF?!?!) not only to avoid animal products but sugar as well!?!?! well either way maybe its something i could invest in so definitely let me know.
  8. I am looking for a sugar-free yogurt that is high in protein. I dont know why all vegan product makers insist on putting so much sugar in everything. Please advise brands and where you've found. Anything I've seen is loaded with sugar. Thanks.
  9. no you cant stop. ive been 30 lbs overweight as a vegan. there are countless others. we arent by default healthy. there is so much garbage available to us.
  10. focus on weights and supplement with cardio intervals for the best body composition.
  11. you could do the best you can rather than giving up all the way....
  12. so OP you believe that women should be slaves to long steady cardio and stay away from weights?
  13. wow awesome definition and vascularity! what is your comp date again??
  14. i maxed out at 6 in a set yesterday. damn diet.
  15. im a chick i can do ten at once then like four more sets a few less each one, then five sets of neutral grip (5 each), maybe a total of about 60??if i spent my entire session doing pull ups i could get 150. and im dieting.
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