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  1. i dont touch fruit for months before a competition..sugar...replace with green veggies maybe..
  2. olympian labs pea protein. goes great in oats, cous cous, peanut butter. yummmm. im addicted.. i dont like it mixed with water tho like it better with my food. much cheaper than vega, like 25 bucks for 805 grams, go onto amazon... also "explore asian" black bean spaghetti throw on some peanut butter...mmmm
  3. My vascularity is primarily in my forearms and lower stomach. I'm female, it doenst worry me lol
  4. oats, pea protein, PB, walnuts, almonds, seitan, tofu, olive oil, cous cous, broccoli, brussels.
  5. well i started at 151 lbs. its a tough realization to come to but women cant really build that much lean mass at least not quickly you have to go for the leanness first. you are talking about basically dropping 20 lbs of fat which will take you about 4-5 months, and then adding back 20 lbs of muscle which would take a year if you are lucky! but as a natural woman i would highly doubt that. only women on gear walk around that heavy lean.. i would suggest dieting down, maybe competing, and then a clean bulk with a gradual calorie intake. i didnt do the pull ups actually while cutting, it was after wards. my competiton weight was 107 after water weight, a few months later after eating maintenance calories i was doing pull ups and i only got up to 120 lbs, compared to my previous 150. so i would venture to guess u could compete at 105-110 as well. if you wanted to cut up a little slower you could probably keep more strength. im basically at the same strength i was at the top of my dirty bulk now and 30 lbs lighter. it took me a while to get to that point but you dont need the size to have the strength. im much happier being lean and it was worth temporarily sacrificing my big lifts. my form was terrible anyway. so yeah send me a fb message!!
  6. I overcame my estrogen and got to like 12% body fat and won a comp. For amino acids drink scivation xtend or any other kind of amino acid powder. To lose as little muscle as possible diet slowly. If you look at my journal it shows my diet. Im at 1600 calories. Im jealous that you have 2000 to work with. It should be easy for you to get the protein in. Right now im 42% protein, 35% carbs, 23% fat at 1600 calories. I weigh 120 lbs and compete at 105. But if you are as strong as you say you are, you likely have significantly more lean mass than i do and will have a higher metabolism and should be able to get lean if you dial in your diet, trianing, and cardio. i eat oats, pea protein powder, cous cous, almonds, walnuts, brussell, sprouts, broccoli, seitan, tofu, peanut butter, and olive oil. every day.... so thats how i get the macros to be protein heavy....gotta watch your portions. tghe first time i dieted i lost al ot of muscle but after my second contest i didnt eat that much more and made a lot of strength gains (from 0 pull ups last year to 9 right now, and ive even been in a rather large caloric deficit since jan 1). The last 8 weeks before contest you take a fat burner pill. if you want more specifics message, email, or facebook me. i would love to help more. and you can see my comp pics thru my fb.
  7. I dont think vegans need it anymore than omnis. My trainer took me off of it. He is an omni and always wins his shows and he got me a win too. I would definitely not use it close to your contest due to the water retaining properties.
  8. seitan, soy bean spaghetti. but for me my cutting diet is 1600 calories and i have to use protein powder for 3 out of my 6 meals. the other meals protein comes from tofu, seitan, soy bean spathetti..
  9. Some kind of fitness shoot. i should be shredded between may 1 and may 10 - comp may 11. bodybuilding! im in jersey.
  10. ive been doing it for two months and two people in my studio got injured. ripped achilles from box jump, and then broken toe from kettle bell. it scares me and im quitting to compete again..
  11. i always do them on back day but ive also heard of your way. if im not too sure in lower back ill throw in stiff deads on leg day. maybe try switching it up, its good to combine things differently so your body doesnt adapt.
  12. myfitnesspal has a great app if you want to count. i can almost do it by heart now.
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