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  1. dont quit!! i will gladly take a look at your nutrition and training program and offer suggestions...i am sure a lot of others will too...post your food diary!!!
  2. it seems like everyone gets to cut with so much more food than me. you, disney princess...not fair!!
  3. olympian lab pea protein isnt gritty and mixes well with oatmeal and i like the vanilla. its between 20-30 dollars for 805 grams (big tub). i buy it from amazon and once got it ridiculously cheap expired at GNC. i dont believe in expiration dates.
  4. Buns and ketchup baby U got nothing on big meech do you read how I dominate cheat day??
  5. It is not fair that omnis can only do this. While one may argue that this is wasteful, it may also dispel some stereotypes. Would anyone not be ashamed to create this event with me?!? I would of course be competing ha.
  6. about 90 fat, 120-135 protein, and 100-115 carbs.... still been losing and getting strongert however im 7 weeks out at this point and going back with my trainer so he will have me on 105 carbs, 110 protein, and 75 fat most likely...i get the official diet tomorrow but thats what i did to cut the first time. although im liighter now..
  7. may be able to find some tips in my journal. trainer keeps me high protein high fat low carbs...
  8. may be able to find some tips in my journal. trainer keeps me high protein high fat low carbs...
  9. and it looks like from your diet you really arent getting that much protein at all..for a normal person maybe but if you lift, no...if i was you i'd keep the exercise. it's good for you and i certainly couldnt live without it..
  10. perhaps i can try it after this contest...i do like fruit .
  11. awesome! keep it a clean bulk tho!!! you dont want to end up like i did haha
  12. i was addicted to builders at my heaviest. they are sooo processed. an open one survived at room temperature for months...i also would stay away from the chicken patties and eat cleaner whole foods.
  13. plenty of huge people on this forum without animal products. i would count out your calories and macros and increase until your weight stabilizes to where you want it. add more bananas, nuts, nut butters, oils, avocados, so many wonderful vegan foods that supply protein and can add to your mass. and if you have food sensitivies eggs and fish are the last things i would want to add..
  14. I always want to eat no matter what. i never understood this.
  15. so you said you ate 2400 cals to cut...how much were you eating in the before pictures? how tall are u? i am amazed at your metabolism!
  16. wow the only one ive ever contemplated is number 9 which is personal trainer. i could care less about the others. does that make me lame?
  17. um yeah i got down to probably 14 percent as a female - 30 lbs loss for a contest. i thought i was losing my hair and got really crabby and depressed and anxsious and didnt sleep it definitely messes with your head! its not natural for your body to do its fighting against it...if you arent competing i wouldnt recommend this at all... eat clean and lift hard and do compound exercises....i think that will help to even out your limbs...
  18. If anyone reads my blog they know i've been struggling with day long binges/cheats/re-feeds, whatever you want to call it. I got really lean for a contest and so far even though i feel like crap the first few days after i binge, my weight gets back to normal and many times even less than the previous week (of course im on a calorie deficit and doing a lot of cardio and liftin) ive basically remained at my one week out weight for 6 weeks (by mid/end of week after cheating)...but still feel guilty and like i am doing harm. ive been trying to google this phenomenon and i've come across a lot of different answers, a lot of broscience etc....can i get some input from this community on this? and yes i know there are psychological issues involved and yes i know i probably have an eating disorder..i really want feedback on the physiological effects and my cheat days include a lot of vegan junk foods like diaya and desserts and chocolate and nuts...some fruits tho. and im easily putting away 4k calories once a week. 1700-1900 on regular days. thanks!
  19. that sounds delicious. how many calories that cardio burn?
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