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  1. yeah i went to an npc show had the same experience. my usbf show had no mens physique and 3 women bb...there will be a better turn out at the sept show it will be bigger. roid use rampant in npc no testing, thats why they are phasing out womens bb, my coach said it was turning into a "freak show"..
  2. soy milk has more protein. tastes creamier to me too.
  3. i used to get scabs on my boobs from running lol. sucks. but now i have no boobs.
  4. Good I was looking for your approval! Exactly what I needed.
  5. oh im sorry ill make my way back to the pink weights so that more guys will want me. my bad.
  6. nice. i need to learn a lesson and stop dating ppl from my gym. its not worth it!
  7. Tofu nuggets with dipping sauce. wing style, thai style....yummmmm
  8. Go to view active topics and my thread is bigmeech shreds From there it also links to Facebook Hahaha thank u
  9. you can look at my journal and see what i eat and modify if to your gender, height, weight, goals. but i eat a lot of the staple body builder vegan foods, all approved by my coach who is a pro and got me to my first competition..you are probably gonna want to eat a lot higher carbs than me if youre just getting started i assume you want to gain mass....i would say eat clean, frequently, and a variety of things...i prep my food for the next 5-7 days but then when im not dieting and counting every single macro i try to switch out veggies and legumes for different kinds as best i can, but not too easy when im trying not to go crazy on carbs cause im on a modified diet for another competition. none of the foods i eat are that expensive...for you i would recommend dried beans. not sure where u live but i can get a bag for between 1 and 2 dollars and one bag of chick peas makes about 7-8 cups cooked...lentils, rice, bananas, broccoli, tofu, nuts...peanut butter. its really amazing how healthy you can eat on a budget and how much bang you can get for your buck - but cutting gets expensive cause you need to really hunt down low carb stuff like protein powder and various supplements but for a beginner its not as complicated and expensive as one might think. message me if you want more input.
  10. haha i was ruffing her up a bit before i took the pic
  11. Here is lips again [attachment=0]ImageUploadedByTapatalk1341436023.816553.jpg[/attachment]
  12. WOO HOO on the weight! what do you expect to be by your contest???
  13. Damn girl, you can rock those heels! guess you gotta practice for your figure show!! I'd be on my ass in two seconds lol.
  14. amazing job on your part as well as pphelps!!! you guys loook great!!! vegan power couple!
  15. congrats on 101! just be careful with the running, can be hard on the joints overtime and muscles initially..
  17. yay gaia! i love the choc chip mint lol!!
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