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  1. you should post some pics!!! and damn yes that is amazing, losing 30 lbs since march!!
  2. Thank you for writing! this vacation is giving me a lot of anxiety lol.
  3. whether or not it's great for you, ive always thought it was just a hipster fad, ha!
  4. maybe add salt to the kind without oil. i have a feeling the oil is highly processed and why would you want that? and yes nuts have protein but have more fat, and adding oil is not a good way to get fat. i stopped eating costco cashews for that reason...
  5. agreed on more calories. 6 meals a day and/or snacks. i would personally do you split 4-5 days a week looking something like thi: 1. legs/calves/abs 2. Chest/bis 3. Back/hams 4. shoulders tris 5. Cardio/abs You could add some HIT cardio whenever you want after you lift to zap some extra fat, but I think your muscles may respond better if you give them more time to rest and separate them out. clean diet important water important, at least a gallon a day.
  6. Right now im still somewhat cutting and maintaining but when i go back to "bulking" (clean this time) i dont plan on going under 6 reps and i still feel confident that i can make gains if i get to or close to failure and keep variety in my routine. The main reason being that i am concerned about injuring myself. i consider myself lucky when i was struggling to get to 5 reps on the main compound lifts. i just saw on someone's facebook about his herniated disc, and have encountered countless others with disc problems or torn ligaments or whatever...that and the fact that my focus now is on gaining size but also staying relatively trim, i'm doing with 6-12 reps on the off season, ill probably warm up with 12, then 10, 8, 6...for mostly every exercise.
  7. My friend is a grad at North eastern U so he lives close to there....
  8. It's Official. I will be in Boston from June 28-June 30. Watch out lol. I am visiting a friend who is the complete opposite of me food wise - his favorite restaurant is Wendy's and coming in second to that is chinese fried chicken. He is a 26 year old picky eater who eats basically alll meat....while I'm a vegan who wants to try everything on my upcoming trip. We go out to eat together a lot considering...he likes the fries at my vegan place and the lemonade and also he can get a cheese pizza, or sometimes we go for chinese and i get tofu. that said, please give me suggestions for good vegan eats, libations, and cultural stuff. I was also thinking about taking the Ferry to Ptown, or somewhere else on the cape. Any cape suggestions?? Also, if anyone wants to meet up for a work out or food that would be cool too! Thanks!! Also coming back through Warwick NY to visit another friend but at that point won't really have time to stop anywhere else. I'm so excited to get the you know what out of jersey even for three days.
  9. potatoes...well you should say more about exactly what you eat, your timing, and your training...this is fun i like fantasizing about all the foods one could eat...but im trying to watch my body fat levels haha for another contest...
  10. first come skinny then comes cut up...
  11. tofu explore asian black bean spaghetti soy or rice powder. tempeh seitan maybe examine your legumes, for example lima beans have a higher protein to carb ratio than chick peas. it might be small but it adds up ig uess?
  12. You don't mention whether or not you are working out, if not, start, and if you already are, increase the duration and intensity! and you may want to lighten up on the carbs. drink lots of water (a gallon a day).
  13. ok...coach said we will know day before depending on my weight...thank u...
  14. wow ur making your own suit? good for you and on the motivation. for me at this point the little details are the worst...like the clothing, the waxing, exfoliating...are more of a pain than anything. i enjoy my time at the gym doing endless cardio, would rather be there than at home ruminating about my hair or my suit or my routine. ugh lol. and crazy lat pulls regardless!
  15. Does it really make a difference? any drawbacks to it? thanks for the feedback! im not eating any salt the day before and drinking 1/2 gallon of water and no diet sodas or extend. one gallon is my normal, while drinking 2 gallons earlier this week...thanks!
  16. Why don't you increase your peanut butter and nuts? almonds, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, pecans, omg yum! white and sweet potatoes, high calorie but clean with nutrients..and nuts go down so easy at least for me. you can eat a ton of them without even realizing. maybe raisins or other dried fruit mixed with them, a yummy trail mix but still relatively unprocessed from the earth. maybe add some olive oil to your beans. maybe some maple or agave syrup with your oats. fruits juices. cous cous mixed with walnuts is bangin, throw on some sea salt....i only get to eat 1/6 of one cup dry, but i could easily eat a cup of it it just tastes so good. it also cooks fast, you just need to throw some boiling water on top and let it sit for 5 minutes. how much do you weigh and are you getting at least one gram of protein per pound? you dont want to go to the dirty bulk route. i did and it was a nightmare and took 4 months of dieting and excessive amounts of cardio to undo!!!! you will also spend a lot of your money. whether or not you get fat you will be putting a lot of garbage in your body that could mess with you internally. i was ashamed at how bad i made vegans look. i'm out to prove that vegans can have muscle, but at that point i was also working to confirm that vegans can also be overweight in a bad way. im about to compete in my first bodybuilding competition and im already planning a clean rebound/maintenance/summer diet and im really excited/jealous of your problem haha! i'm craving generous amounts of rice, beans, sweet potatoes, oats, fruits, veggies, but ive learned that not going overboard on carbs is important. granted i'm a tiny female. im planning on 230 carbs, 130 protein (i'm 119 lbs now), and 63 fat. sorry enough about me. where do you live? if you want me to recommend delicious dirty vegan foods i can...that is if you live in the states... maybe you can incorporate some clif builders bars. if you find them on sale they can be cheap and have 20g protein and a ton of carbs and sugar, not sure on the amount...and they taste good and they are convenient. but you know how they did that experiment with leaving mcdonalds food out for like years and how it maintained the same look due to preservatives? i did a similar experiment with a clif builders bar and had the same results!
  17. Looking for baked tofu recipes without adding any oil or processed items. Give me your best spices and add-ons and strategies (so it doesnt stick to the baking sheet). I've done dry frying in the past but its too messy. I'd prefer to cut the block in half so its flat and just lay it out and bake it with the spices on top, any experiences?
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