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  1. That was it!, thanks Mattsxvx. Just looked it up, shame it dose not seem to have made more progress... On the upside its probably because their busy doing other stuff
  2. Hi guys, Ive been away for a few months with work but I remember seeing a documentary film about bodybuilding while being vegan a while back, i think that was it, it was only in development stages, involving three different guys I think just wondering if anyone knows what Im talking about or if anything happened with it? Thanks:)
  3. Hey guys, Well where to start...A short story - The only reason I'm here is because one day last week my sister, out of the blue just said to me " why dont you become vegan?", she asked this purely on the basis that I had mentioned was i taking a green smoothie every morning for the past 2 weeks that I had seen on a fitness website I enjoy, and that I was feeling great because of it and also because she knows that I have always been into health, fitness, watching my diet, martial arts etc...My answer was a non-educated "I could never get all the protein I need in my diet... So Monday morning whilst at work on my PC, I decided to randomly google, "vegan"...This was quickly followed by "vegan Bodybuilding" thanks to googles predictive search... Well from there I must say I was left in awe for the remainder of that day and since, now of course the bodies of some of the athletes I had seen appealed to me because I also share that muscular ripped looked from my training and diet, BUT... and this is what has turned my train of thought completely, is what i can only describe as, a more healthy looking body, take away the muscle and the low body fat level, i mean the eyes! the skin! the teeth! So from 10am Monday morning i started a test, I knew in this week I would have martial arts+yoga Monday, soccer training tues and thurs, and weights wed and fri, what better way to see if a raw diet would work for me... so I started eating raw...I had my green smootie every morning, fruit throughout the day, salads+veg for lunch and dinner, and plenty of water.... I dont think I've felt this good, ever...Im kinda lost for words, because the feeling is'nt something I expected (now maybe someone with vegan experience will tell me Im just on a fruit+veg high that will ware off" well i hope thats not the case, im always full of energy, never feeling bloated after eating, and just generally feeling great, UNTIL 11am this morning when i decided to complete my test... I had a spicy breaded chicken fillet on brown bread, 2 hash browns, mayo, and a cup of tomato soup....15mins later i was feeling bloated, sickly, tired and guess what right now as i write this, Im feeling no better... So...........I think the results of my test on myself are pretty conclusive, I should give this raw food thing a go for a month and see, My apologies for the long post...but this is completely new to me, I dont even know or have ever met a vegetarian or vegan...But I somehow feel it's right for me to change my way of eating, cant explain why I feel this "pull" to change my diet but I just think it's right for me.... Any veiws or advice welcome
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