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  1. ok thanks, that helps a lot. it's always been on the back of my mind.
  2. Hello, this may sounds silly, but had a question about muscle building. Say my average BMR is 2000 calories and doing a typical 3 day a week weight lifting program. I've read everywhere to eat a lot more when trying to gain muscle, but when I do that, I typically seem to build up fat a lot quicker than muscle, and then I get a little down on myself and start trying to burn off the fat again. So I have 2 scenarios, 1) If my BMR is 2000 cals, and I end up eating let's say 2300 cals. Is it possible that if I don't eat 2700 calories ( making up a theoretical optimum amount), will the calories turn into fat, because my body needed the full 700 excess calories to build muscle. so, in essence, is muscle building, an all or nothing process? If it doesn't have all the possible nutrients and cals, no muscle building will occur, or will it still occur albeit at a slower rate? 2) Say in the same vein, if I get 75 grams per day of protein on an average basis, and my theoretical optimal amount is 125 grams per day (making this number up for the scenario). by not consuming the extra 50 grams, will I still build muscle at a slower rate, or is the full 150 grams necessary for the muscle building process to occur? In both scenarios, I'm kind of thinking an anology to construction. Let's say in building a room for a house, if you have all the lumber but not the nails, no room can be built, rendering the lumber as complete waste. I will start a training journal as well in the near future. Thanks! (btw, I'm a 6 year vegan, 39 years old, 163 lbs at about 14-16% bodyfat. )
  3. hey, great work, looking huge! btw, are you indian? not too many other indian vegans out there!
  4. yeah, he's used the china study book as his base, but added meat and fish to it.
  5. wanted to know if anyone has this book by Tony Gonzalez and your thoughts of it. (i've already preordered Robert's book as well, so thankful for his book as well!)
  6. go blendtec www.willitblend.com i believe the motor is stronger than the vitamix and mine has worked great.
  7. Good question. I've been a little perplexed about this as well. If I see ants / spiders in my house, first attempt, I'll try to sweep them onto a dustpan and take them outside. Hopefully more don't come back, but then I do spray so it doesn't become a bigger problem and more have to get killed later. If there's a better solution, I'm open to it.
  8. If you like Indian food, you can look up indian spices to add to your vegetables. Same with mediterranean type flavorings.
  9. Hey Troy, Is there a reason you don't incorporate beans/legumes into your non-smoothie meals?
  10. Great video, thanks for sharing! I have the same Blendtec and it's such a great purchase.
  11. I was just searching for vegan in our area, and found Lance Morrison who has Vegan themed songs. He was also a former cop. www.vegantunes.com You can find more about his background here: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4176/is_20070917/ai_n20504669/pg_1
  12. I like the Nature's Path Flax ones at Trader Joes. Haven't checked the protein content, but know they sponsor Brendan Brazier.
  13. It probably takes about 650-3000 books a week to crack the top 10, based on the link below: http://www.rampant-books.com/mgt_amazon_sales_rank.htm Here's an interesting article on the Amazon sales rank. Based on this, China Study at #227 currently, sells 150-200 books a week. So, the chances of the vegan community all doing it at once are minimal, but there is the possibility of making it up there.
  14. Based on another thread, it seems that 2 of the most impactful books for a vegan lifestyle are The China Study and Food Revolution (or Diet for a New America). If these books were able to make it to the NY Times Top 10, I think that it could stay there for a long time and make quite an impact on a large amount of people. As shown by the success of Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. I was thinking on how to do that, and perhaps if there was a campaign to get every vegan to buy one of each book, the same week or month? Anyone think this could work? I'm having a hard time finding the total number of books that sell per week in the non-fiction paperback category.
  15. Very well said Robert. I appreciate your honest opinion and for those that share a similar opinion, it is discouraging to see the criticism on the other boards. It is a life changing journey, and we're more likely to get someone to make the change with positive encouragement rather than criticism. For me, it is about moving further down the path to reducing animal suffering. I'd rather have 20 people eating a 90% plant based diet rather than a single person at 100%.
  16. Yeah, you pretty much answered my question. I just wanted to know if you had more or less success in muscle building with a greater intake of greens. I try to take in as much raw greens as possible due to the great nutritional value (about a head or two a day, mixed with fruit and water). But I kind of like how you split it up throughout the day and it still adds up to the amount I take. I think I need to add more protein and will do so, following your guidelines. $4 a pound is crazy for greens. Luckily I'm in California and we get it from our farmer's markets for about $1.50 a bunch.
  17. Looks great! What kind of cheese was that on the second pizza. Looks quite melted and bubbly.
  18. Thanks for listing out your plan in such detail. It really is helpful for a beginner like me. Can I ask why you take in more calories on off days than workout days? Does the body require more calories the day after the workout to build muscle? And have you experimented with more greens? Thanks again.
  19. John Robbins for the animal ethics side and The China Study for the health side.
  20. You can get Nutiva hemp protein for a good deal on amazon. If you sign up for their recurring subscription program to get it on a periodic basis, you get an additional 15% off. So about $16 for a 2 lb supply, free shipping.
  21. i've got to get my diet in better control, looking at everyone's response i'll use Troy's diet as my inspiration for this next couple months.
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