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  1. Full disclosure before I type anything, I am currently an independent rep for Genuine Health. With that out of the way, I'd like to let everyone know that Vegan Proteins+ is 25% off at Vegan Essentials right now. I've been vegan for... must be 5 years now and I've tried a lot of different vegan proteins over the years. Vegan Proteins+ from Genuine Health and Sun Warrior's fermented brown rice protein hold the top 2 spots for me out all the proteins I've tried for taste, consistency, and ability to mix well in water and smoothies. Vegan Proteins+ is a complete plant-sourced protein free of all common allergens (dairy, egg, soy, artificial colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, animal products, wheat, corn, yeast, artificial flavors). Vegan Proteins+ contains a combination of pea, cranberry, alfalfa, brown rice, and hemp protein which form a complete protein source with all essential amino acids as well as 8 vitamins and 13 minerals. It also includes the amino acid Hydroxyproline which I think may be one of the only vegan proteins out there to have that. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Vegan Proteins+ also has over 760mg more Proline per serving than some of the other protein powders out there. (Proline is essential to the development and maintenance of healthy skin and connective tissues especially at the site of traumatic tissue injury). It is sweetened with Stevia and Lo Han Fruit Extract which is low-calorie, low glycemic and offers antihyperglycemic effects with no chalky after taste. If you're looking for a great vegan protein, this is one of my favorites and Vegan Essentials has a great deal going on them. Comments/questions are welcome. Here's the amino acid profile for those who are curious: http://nwnutrients.com/downloads/VeganProteins+aminos_sm.jpg
  2. Here's some quick clips I threw together for those that couldn't tune in on ustream
  3. Were streaming now. Check the Twitter link to get connected.
  4. We'll be streaming live from the book shipping party this evening as Robert and friends work to ship out over 500 pre-orders. Check back here or follow Robert on twitter for the link around 8:30 - 9:00PM PST. Hope to have you join us! Spread the word!
  5. Wow! Great work! I did P90x for a month then dropped off. The results you get when sticking to it look impressive though! Well done.
  6. Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of vegan treats! I'll be having vegan pumpkin pie for breakfast all weekend. So many of you are into the vegan booty shorts that Robert sells but it was always a process to tell him what size and paypalling the right amount to his e-mail. Now we've made it easy! Just head over to http://veganshorts.com, choose your size, and it'll automatically take you to PayPal to fill out the rest. To celebrate our opening we are offering shorts at 15% off. Since we didn't get the announcement out until late today the offer will be extended until noon on Saturday (PST). Follow this link to go to the discounted order page: http://tr.im/FURO Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  7. This just in - Probar's new FRUITION bars now available online @ Food Fight! Food Fight! now carries the Fruition line of bars. These are awesome bars designed to be more snack-oriented as opposed to the meal replacement bars. Lower price point too! Organic, 80% raw, 2 serving of fruit per bar, black & white chia seeds. I can't stop eating them! I have no favorites as far as flavors go with this line, I think they all taste amazing. I've eaten them before my morning run and when I do it seems to increase my endurance. Gotta be those chia seeds! Anyways, go and get 'em from our favorite locally-owned Vegan store.
  8. Wow! Those shorts look good and you make them look GREAT! Thanks for spreading the vegan message.
  9. They do have some sort of vetting process for ProBar sponsorship. Healthiest bar depends on what you're looking for. Obviously the green-food factor of the superfood slam makes it the healthiest. Actually I believe Whole Foods magazine voted it America's Healthiest Food Bar. Other than that they're all pretty similar in nutritional makeup. You may want one over the other if you're looking for slightly fewer calories or sugars, etc. Been chowing down on their new Fruition bars all week. Darn delicious! 80% raw, USDA organic, 2 servings of fruit, date base, chia seeds. Look for them on Food Fight and Vegan Essentials in the future.
  10. Wow! That's a hell of a good price. Apple and Original aren't too bad, in fact they are some of my go-to flavors. Don't care much for the other ones though. Can't wait for their new Fruition bars to come out next month. Smaller snack-size bars (160 cal), 100% organic. Flavors I think are bluberry, strawberry, cran-raspberry, and peach.
  11. On occasion, but not as often as I'd like. Still tracking it all in a spreadsheet.
  12. Slow Loris is amazing!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLdQ3UhLoD4
  13. Robert is willing to cut of all his hair in exchange for donations to the documentary. Going price is $50/in. Visit http://haircut.veganbrothersiniron.com for details.
  14. As many of you have already read in the latest newsletter, Robert is prepared to cut his hair (and shave his head) in order to raise money to help fund the documentary. His hair will be donated to Locks of Love or a similar organization and all proceeds will go towards the documentary. Robert has an estimated 16" of hair that will be chopped off for $50 per inch. (Hair will be cut off all in one fell swoop of course). I don't have a proper site up yet since Robert did not give me a head's up as that he was sending his announcement out so soon, but people interested can visit http://haircut.veganbrothersiniron.com to find the donation button and eventually we'll have pictures of robert's hair with a donation graph and everything. I just don't have time to put something together at the moment. If there are any volunteers who would like to code a 1-page donation page for us, drop me a line a brothersiniron [at] gmail.com For those who have chosen to simply e-mail their paypal payment to robert, please make a note in the comments section of your donation that it is specifically for the haircut fundraising project so we can keep track of it. Thanks for your support! -Brian
  15. Just a quick update to all of you keeping track of things. Filming is progressing well and is pretty much wrapped up except for some followup interviews and a few other key interviews we didn't get to before AZ. The stress and trials of small-budget filming with a one-man crew has gotten to all of us and we've agreed to take a break for a few weeks and reset ourselves. After that, we're back on track and you can expect more photos, teasers, and other promotional items as we start heading into post-production. Thanks to everyone for all your continued support!
  16. I'm just going to hang out in here where no one's nuts are hanging out. -Odidnetne
  17. "Robert, you're crapping your brains out!" - Alec (Colonic Hydrotherapist)
  18. "Man, He-Man has great quads!" -Robert Cheeke
  19. "I'm going to eat this entire bar of chocolate, it's going to make my veins look pretty sweet." Robert Cheeke
  20. Any and all quotes of certain hilariousness that have occurred during the making of this film will be added here. "I forgot camera was still rolling and I've been smelling my farts...like scooping them up with my hand....all caught on tape, just realized it now." -Robert Cheeke
  21. About the pricing - ProBar weighs in at a whopping 3oz! Check out the price per ounce compared to some other bars and you'll find that it is pretty competitively priced. Not only that, but ProBar is also made from very high quality, real food ingredients. ProBar was one of the few companies NOT affected by the peanut butter or pistachio salmonella recalls because of their attention to quality ingredients. To those asking about the fats.. Why is the ProBar higher in fats than other bars? During extended periods of moderate level exercise (endurance sports) the body conserves vital carbohydrates by metabolizing fats at a more rapid rate than carbs. If the body becomes depleted of carbs it “hits the wall”. Muscles simply cannot function without the presence of carbohydrates. The ProBar supplies a broad spectrum of healthy fats. Poly and mono unsaturates, saturates (yes the body actually requires certain saturated fats), and EFA’S (essential fatty acids more commonly referred to as omega essential fatty acids). Endurance athletes commonly deplete their bodies of these critical nutrients, several of which are not commonly found in foods. Because the ProBar supplies these in abundance, it is not only an excellent tool for use during competition and training, but is also ideal for recovery application also. For the non-athlete ProBar lover, these fats translate into exquisite nutrition, providing one third of the bodies daily requirements for fats in every bar. The key here is to provide the balance of fats from all of the different categories required by the body, while eliminating all of the unhealthy trans and hydrogenated fats. If any of the fats required by the body are missing, the body lets us know by giving us RELENTLESS CRAVINGS. This means that if we do not consume all of the different fats required by the body, we will crave everything that is fatty! SUPPLY THE FATS and END THE CRAVINGS!! When we avoid these cravings, weight management becomes much easier. How does ProBar deliver its carbs? The Whole grains & natural dried fruits found in the ProBar are carefully blended with low glycemic index grain sweeteners. This combination of simple and complex carbs immediately boosts blood sugar, while fiber loaded whole grains and fruits maintain these levels for hours. Why is ProBar more digestible than other bars? Digestion and assimilation are facilitated by enzyme activity. Enzymes are found abundantly in unprocessed, un-cooked (or raw) foods. Foods heated to116 degrees F or higher have no enzyme activity. The ProBar ingredients are about 70% raw! The ProBar is blended, not baked. This preserves vital enzyme activity, making the nutrients easier to digest and absorb. This translates into faster energy, and less cramping when consumed during activity.
  22. Yeah budday! ProBars are AWESOME. They fill you up with substantial and nutritional whole foods and aren't filled with a bunch of soy isolates and other crap. I keep some in my bag wherever I am (especially airplanes).
  23. A donation button to click and make it easy. Plus it gets tagged as "donation" so we can track money coming in more easily. Thanks!
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