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  1. Thanks for the response, Dylan! So, even though I'm juicing a crap load of leafy greens, veggies and fruit in the morning in that 'green drink' , still add in a substantial amount more? And I've heard this and that about not eating too much fruit when you may want to 'cut' .. would you agree or disagree with that? Thanks!!! Carre.
  2. I am currently trying to shed a good 30 lbs. I weight train and do cardio, typically, 5x per week. Although, at this very moment in time, I'm recovering from an elbow fracture and have been stalled out, unable to lift for my upper body..I've been doing my cardio (20, sometimes 30, minutes on the revolving stairs, or, I'll do uphill, brisk, walking on a steep incline.) I'd like to loose this fat and redefine my muscles, once again. I've been successful on a S.A.D. and achieved some awesome results, however, for health reasons, I am going back to staying with a vegan diet. I haven't been doing it too long so here is what I've been typically eating: Coffee - 2 large bowls (basically) The only thing I'm still doing, that I know I need to omit, is adding creamer to my coffee. It's not vegan either.. M1 - Green juice and 1 or 2 slices of vegan, sprouted bread, with earth balance butter or coconut spread Gym M2 - Post workout - Plant Fusion protein shake with 1 cup almond milk or flax milk, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of hemp hearts, stevia to taste, and either quick oats (can't digest steel cut oats very well) or 1 or 2 slices of the vegan sprouted bread with earth balance butter or coconut spread again, or a small baked potato w/ earth balance. M3 - sauteed some tempeh in coconut oil or coconut spread, with asparagus or other colored peppers, celery, some sort of veggie M4 - Usually the same as 3, or maybe tempeh on vegan sprouted bread, tomato slices, lettuce and supremely spicy hummus (store bought) M5 - Another Protein shake like the one post workout. Nothing else. I drink Xtend watermelon BCAA drink throughout the day because it's delicious! Thanks! Carre.
  3. Yes, and I've spent some time trying this in the past. Unless I'm doing something wrong, it seems to just be so sporadic..for example, it'll take me to people's workout journals that may touch on a sentence referring to 'cutting' but I'm was sort of hoping for some past experience from people who've been there and done that in the figure competition realm. Someone who can say, typically a cutting diet 12 weeks out from a competition will consists of this, this and this... now, of course, I know everyone is different etc. but usually you start to see somewhat of a pattern develop among those that do these shows, and you'll see almost the same sort of foods incorporated in those last couple months during cutting. I was looking for a quick list of what foods are best during that cutting phase. Some are good, buy may need to be weaned out towards the end due to high sodium or whatever. I know I'll need to figure out how much of what I should eat to meet my intake needs, but those STAPLE foods is what I was looking for... anyone?! Thanks again!! Carre
  4. Hi all~ I have been back and forth, back and forth. Currently, I'm back, and ready to loose about 30 (eek) pounds of unnecessary weight I've put on through beer and chocolate...I WAS in the best shape of my, almost, 38 years, not too long ago, but I accomplished that on your standard bodybuilding 'cutting' diet guidelines chicken, marinated in chicken, with a side of chicken....no really, it was chicken, asparagus, protein shakes, oatmeal .. that's basically it. It sure worked but I was constantly bloated, so I started re-researching a vegan diet and I'm sold, I just don't know what an vegan, bodybuilding, diet plan might look like - similar to what worked for me before, but replaced with vegan choices. Would eating too much tempeh (not digging tofu?) be too high in sodium or anything like that? If a figure competitor was going to start her cutting diet (vegan, obviously) what foods would she include. I know you have to watch for certain things and wondered if anyone could tell me those few staple foods that you'd have to sort of stick to in order to get that competition ready body. I know there are many wonderful vegan food options and all, but you know when you're about to hit the stage you sort of do the boring foods that work for those last 12 weeks (or whatever) in order to really shed the fat? Does anyone know what that usually would consist of?! Sorry to ramble. I want to prove to myself and my family that I can get back to looking just as good (hopefully better) on a vegan diet and dispel to them the ridiculous protein myth! Thanks in advance! help! Carre
  5. OK so would I equally benefit from drinking (juicing) my veggies instead of eating them up? Sounds obvious but I want to double check there isn't some digestive, hence fat burning, difference going on between the two ways of consuming them.
  6. Just to add to this post, I say I don't want to spend my life farting over here because I have had bad results eating beans as an alternative protein source to tofu. I WANT to eat beans, but I can't deal with walking around farting or holding it in all day and night! I just want to be freeeeeee! lol. So..tofu isn't too bad so far as the farting thing goes, but it's so boring to eat and plain and so not my favorite food. I've tried tempeh and did not like that at all. I just need suggestions or other options or something!! thanks Well, I eat my asparagus..with meals 3 and 4 and sometimes 5 if I'm doing a big salad, I put green peppers, carrots, spinach, mixed lettuce, cucumber...is that too little? thanks!
  7. I am so confused about what the hell to eat! I started trying a vegan diet for the health benefits and I think I feel less weighted down after eating vegan than with the SAD. I am getting sort of discouraged though because I really need to loose about 20lbs of pure FAT and I've done it on a SAD with fantastic results. I'm tempted to just go back to that, loose the weight, then approach a vegan diet again. Just to get rid of the weight without so much effort on what the hell to eat. I do not want to spend my days farting! sorry, but really..that's embarrassing, I'm a chic, I have a husband..yeah, not too cute hanging out farting or trying NOT to. I eat tofu. I drink protein shakes consisting of pea protein and brown rice protein mixed up. I eat about 2 bananas a day with that and some healthy nut butters for my healthy fats. I have been eating 2 slices of ezekial bread with my morning protein shake and I do put eb soy free butter on top. I can't do it DRY. I drink lots of coffee..tiny bit of creamer (that's not vegan..working on going totally black but for some reason I enjoy my first cup black and my second cup with creamer..?) I eat asparagus with my tofu..I do salads..I've tried to eat like chickpea patties (homemade) or black bean burgers for change but I have issues, umm, digesting them..I've read tips on soaking beans etc. I'm soaking lentils as we speak to try, try again. I just want to eat healthy vegan (I prefer it) but damn I can't spend my life farting over here. ALSO..BIG THING...what the heck do you season your tofu with? I've tried marinade's but most call for soy or tamari and it's soooooo salty, even with must a tiny bit (to me)...what can I marinate or season with that makes it tasty but still conducive to trying to cut the fat? I usually freeze my tofu..defrost, press and 'dry fry' it (without oils or anything..just press on a hot pan until moisture runs out) and the consistency is sort of tough but that gets old. I just can't figure out how to make it taste like I look forward to eating it. I have a few tofu books and I'm preparing it like they suggest. I've tried some of the marinades and they are either not really good for cutting or they are too salty. I know, complainer! I just want to like what I eat!! this is my current daily diet for the most part. M1 - 2 slices ezekial with about 1 tblspoon earth balance protein shake (2 cups water, ice, 2 teaspoons stevia, 1/2 banana, 10g all natural peanut butter, mixture of pea and brown rice protein - approx 21 g. protein ) M2 - usually post workout - Same shake as above and 1/2 cup oats or I'll do ezekial bread again cause I love it. M3 - about 1/2 tub of tofu (seasoned with anything (but I've not found anything I like yet) and asparagus spears briefly sauteed with 1 tblspoon of organic coconut oil, seasonings (no salt) and maybe some lemon M4 - Same as M3 usually M5 - Protein shake like earlier or a big salad with light dressing. I take flax seed oil, multi, vit e, b12, vit c, probiotic I don't drink anything but water, coffee and xtend ( a bcaa supplement drink - delicious) I probably don't drink enough water and too much coffee. I'm working on that. Lately I haven't been 100% true to the above diet though.. frustration and starvation took over several times. Heeeeeelp!
  8. You are the best! I don't know if that's it, but it looks like it'll work..do you use this site? Do you find it to be more expensive this way or no? Thanks again!!!!
  9. Hey guys, I feel like I've seen on here somewhere (couldn't find it) about a site that allows you to customize your protein powders...such as adding brown, pea, hemp etc. What is the cheapest way to get a mixture of proteins? I have pea right now, and I'd like to get some brown rice to mix with it. Is it cheaper, from anyone's experience, to buy the customized kind or to buy them seperatley? If seperate, who offers the best deal..anyone know? THANKS! LOOOOVE THIS SITE!
  10. The tastier the better? Yes, I'd agree but..that doesn't answer my questions!! hmmm.?
  11. Hey guys, I"m sorry if this has been asked and answered a bunch of times. I tried scouring the forums but I'm not finding my answer! So, what is THE BEST recovery protein a bodybuilding chic can take after her intense workouts?! I've heard about Vega, but honestly, I can't afford that right now. Is there something better or comparable that's not so expensive? Also, this is what I've been eating and I don't know if it's good for cutting while maintaining and building lean muscle. I'm winging it.. meal 1 - 1 scoop 28g. pea protein, w/ water, ice, stevia for sweetness, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and 10g plain, unsalted, almond butter. meal 2 - post workout - same shake as above w/ 1/2 cup 5 minute oats in water. meal 3 - usually either a black bean burger w/ veggies (17 gram protein) it's a frozen kind from costco..i'm guessing it's not conducive to shedding fat? but it's convenient and quick and gives me protein. OR may sautee some cubed up tofu in about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and eat that with some green veggies of some sort meal 4 - Another meal like meal 3 meal 5 - Another pea protein drink w/ water, ice, stevia, 10g almond butter and NO BLUEBERRIES with this one -- this is usually my last meal of the day, although I'd like to get another in, it usually dosen't happen that now, I seem to feel hungry quickly after my protein drinks..? I know I need to figure my calories, haven't yet. I work out 6 days per week .. HARD. I've been throwing in HIIT several times a week, right now too. I have a layer of FAT on my stomach and it's not cute.. Anyone help me? I have robert cheeke's book but his meal plans are so high in calories (because that is what his needs are) but mine are certainly not in the 3500 calorie range.. I'm sort of discouraged because I really would like to enter a figure show in March 2012 but I know how to loose this fat with the basic bodybuilding diet (done it before with GREAT results) but I do not want to break my vegan diet. but I really want to do a show, at least once, in my life too..ugh. thanks all..
  12. Can anyone tell me why when I'm typing, it seems if it's somewhat lengthy, I can no longer see what I'm typing..like the screen won't go down that far as I type and I start to not be able to see what I'm typing, yet it allows me to keep typing and to see what I've typed I need to use my scroll bar to move down the page to viiew it but the second I start to type again, it kind of flickers while I type and doesn't let me see what I've typed ... does that make ANY SENSe? It's sooooo annoying.
  13. Just recieved Robert's book and will be devouring all it's contents asap so I can get my eating on track. Took Tuesday off,, felt like a neglectful self centered mommy so I hung with my sweet little kiddies and put them first. I did do about 25 min of running while jumping rope in the evening to make up for my lack of excersise yesterday and the fact that i scarfed down the rest of the choclate covered pomegrantes .. I just got back from the gym and today is Wednesday ~ Triceps and shoulders Shoullders: Did military presses with 17.5lb weighs each arm 4 sets till failure (about 8-10) supersetted with 10lb each arm lateral raises till failurre (about 10) supersetted that with 10lb each arm front dumbell raises (what is the technical term here?) until failure Low pulley cable with straight bar, close grip upright rows 4 sets tll failure with 40lbs supersetted that with one arm leaning side lateral raises with low cable pulley 10lbs till failure each arm Triceps: cable pull downs 4sets till failure 20-30lbs supersetted that with one arm behid the neck revers bicep curls 10lbs each arm till failure skull crushers with 20lbs 4 sets of about 10-12 supersetted with close grip pushes from the waist with that 20lb bar til failure 35 min speed walk up hill.
  14. Ok, lets see where we are.. I took Monday off and did only cardio - my usual 35 uphill speed walk while watchign the casey anthony trial! Tuesday I did biceps and back: Started with biceps today so I could back with husband when he showed up ~ seated incline dumbbell curls 12.5 lbs each arm 4 sets each arm until failure supersetted with standing dumbbell curls with the same weight until failure - one arm at a time cable pulley's bicep curls - 27.5 each arm - did 4 sets till failure low cable straight bar bicep curls 40lbs, 4 sets till failure 1 arm isolated high cable bicep curls (arm sraight outt in front holding pulley, curling arm/weight towards ear) 20lbs 4 setss each arm till failure Back: seated behing the neck cable pull downs 40lbs, then increased to 60lbs for last 3 sets till failure on all super setted with straight arm pull down 60lbs till failure close grip seated cable pull downs 4 sets till failure seated close grip rows 60lbs 4 sets till failure 35min uphill speed walking/plus that evening a second set of cardio same as earlier that be all folks, for now!
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