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  1. Thanks, really appreciate that, unfortunately this is the end of this log. It has been a wonderful experience while it lasted, I thank you and everyone else on this forum for being supportive and encouraging! May you all succeed in your endeavours!
  2. Today: I didn't get to sleep last night therefore today was pretty shocking (workout wise). Upper Body Power Day Bent Over/Pendlay Rows 65kg x 5 70kg x 4 (5kg improvement) 70kg x 5 (2 rep improvement) Pulldowns 60kg x 8 60kg x 6 Rack Chins BW x 6 BW x 6 Flat Dumbbell Presses (this was horrible, I couldn't get the 30kg dumbbells up by myself today) 30kg's x 4 30kg x 5 30kg x 3 Weighted Dips/Dips BW +10kg x 7 BW +10kg x 6 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 20kg's x 8 22.5kg's x 8 22.5kg's x 7 Cambered Bar Curls (I redeemed my dignity and self-worth from here on in todays workout) 30kg x 9 30kg x 7 (1 rep improvement) 30kg x 8 Skull Crushers 20kg x 8 25kg x 6 (5g improvement) 25kg x 8 (1 rep improvement)
  3. Okay, will do! Yeah, I was going to get Ethel Ester or Tri/Di Malate, but Layne Norton said that I am better off to get a cheap micronized creatine monohydrate as these days he said that supplement companies think they can get away with making these new forms of creatine by binding them with other stuff, when they work no better than the origional. Plus Creatine monohydrate (micronized mono as well) has the most science and bodybuilders backing it on its effectiveness and how it doesn't bloat them.
  4. Lol, thanks everyone!!!!! Fallen_Horse: Yeah, well I can major in Physics in this bachelor degree and it is one of the areas I am interested in the most. These are all of the majors that I can choose from after my 3 year bachelor: Majors Biochemistry (Applied Science) Biotechnology (Applied Science) Chemistry (Applied Science) Ecology (Applied Science) Environmental Science (Applied Science) Forensic Science (Applied Science) Geoscience (Applied Science) Microbiology (Applied Science) Physics (Applied Science)
  5. I got accepted into uni for a bachelor of science!!!!
  6. Today: Chest & Arms Hypertrophy Day Flat Dumbbell Press (Speed Work) 65-70% normal 3-5 rep max 20kg's x 3 20kg's x 3 20kg's x 3 20kg's x 3 20kg's x 3 20kg's x 3 (I dropped the reps back to 3, because I realised that that is whaat the routine outlines). Incline Dumbbell Press 22.5kg's x 8 25kg's x 8 25kg's x 8 Hammer Strength Chest Press 50kg x 13 50kg x 13 50kg x 14 (1 rep improvement) Incline Cable Flys 45kg x 16 45kg x 18 (3 rep improvement) Cambered Bar Preacher Curls 30kg x 12 (2 rep improvement) 30kg x 12 (4 rep improvement) 30kg x 12 (2 rep improvement) Dumbbell Concentration Curls 9kg's x 13 (1 rep improvement) 10kg's x 12 Spider Curls bracing upper body against an incline bench 20kg x 16 (1 rep improvement) 20kg x 16 Skull Crushers (No spotter this time at 25kg, woohoo!) 25kg x 8 (5kg improvement) 25kg x 8 25kg x 8 Cable Pressdowns with a rope attachment 40kg x 15 40kg x 12 Cable Kickbacks 8kg's x 16 (1 rep improvement) 9kg's x 15 Reflection on Workout: Today (well, tonight) wasn't that bad, I improved so that is the main thing. I should make note that I am very proud about my skullcrushers (upping the weight on the first set and having no spotter). Inspirational pic of the day: http://chadwaterbury.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/blog-arnold-cable-crossover.jpg
  7. Nice work, the delts are definately getting rounder and I can see some separation in between the front and side delts! Traps appear to be getting longer as well.
  8. Fruit, lean protein (usually limit fats here as they require your body to work harder on digesting it). Some meal ideas: Homemade Hummus and crackers jam on toast a couple of apples, bananas or any other fruit that you like. a protein shake A glass of low fat vanilla/chocolate soy milk
  9. Just bought 5kg (11lbs of Soy protein isolate; half vanilla and half chocolate) and 1kg of micronized creatine monohydrate all for AU$106.97 (that is including the postage which was AU$9.00). Woohoo, can't wait til the creatine arrives
  10. Today (9th January, time right now is 5:20pm) Lower Body Hypertrophy Day Squats (Speed Work) 65-70% of normal 3-5 rep max 70kg x 5 (2 rep improvement) 70kg x 5 70kg x 5 (1 rep improvement) 70kg x 5 (2 rep improvement) 70kg x 5 (1 rep improvement) 70kg x 5 Hack Squats 140kg x 10 (2 rep improvement) 150kg x 12 (10kg improvement, 4 rep improcement as well) 150kg x 12 (10kg improvement, 2 rep improvement as well) Leg Presses 150kg x 15 (10kg improvement, 3 rep improvement as well) 160kg x 15 (10kg improvement) Leg Extensions 45kg x 15 45kg x 15 45kg x 15 (back up from lowering it last week) Romanian Deadlifts 120kg x 10 (2 rep improvement) 120kg x 12 (4 rep improvement) 120kg x 12 Leg Curls (Lying) 65kg x 12 (5kg improvement) 65kg x 13 (1 rep improvement) Leg Curls (Seated) 65kg x 16 (1 rep improvement) 60kg x 20 (4 rep improvement) Standing Calf Raises 65kg x 10 (5kg improvement) 65kg x 10 (5kg improvement) 65kg x 11 (5kg improvement, 1 rep improvement as well) 65kg x 12 (5kg improvement, 2 rep improvement as well) Leg Press Calf Raises 130kg x 15 140kg x 15 140kg x 15 (This set burnt like hell on the final 2 reps!) Additional Work: Abs: Cable Crunches (Arnold Schwarzenegger's style, oh yeeaah!!!): Cable crunches 25kg x 20 40kg x 20 50kg x 20 55kg x 20 Abs Roller BW x 12 (I had never done these before as they looked too easy, I thought I should test my assumption. Let me tell you: THESE ARE NOT EASY!!!) Side Sways 20kg plate x 15 (each side) 20kg plate x 15 (each side) Reflection: This was the first legs hypertrophy day I actually didn't loathe, as a matter of fact, I could go as far to say that it was enjoyable, especially since I threw in some light ab work after. Workout songs today: (Yes I kid you not, I listened to this while working legs today; don't judge me!!!)
  11. Nice Sosso! I will definately have to snap a few pics of my food when I prepare it in bulk again.
  12. Hey, welcome VeganDamo! It's great to have another Aussie on board!
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