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  1. 5 bananas and a Protein Shake. Simple fast done!
  2. Cardio: For cardio, do 10 mins of HIIT on your preferred piece of equipment. Triceps: For auxiliary tricep movements do either one or all three of these: Skullcrushers Tricep Extentions with an EZ curl bar or with a dumbbell Tricep throwbacks or 'kickbacks' (they were origionally called throwbacks but are more commonly known by the latter mentioned name) Abs: For abs, superset knee raises and crunches together and complete 3 sets of 20 reps with a 30 second rest inbetween each one (one set = 20 crunches-no rest-20 leg or knee raises) Add weight to these ab exercises when needed.
  3. Hahaha thanks Gaia! Yeah, the squats were like some sort of high volume warm up thing, (not too sure where layne norton was going with them, I will have to research it). I never thought of that, mabye after i complete this 12 week cycle and deload i may try reversing the order of the exercises. My quads are killing me! But sadly, I have to go and finish moving our stuff from our old house today (Lots and LOTS of heavy lifting). So my quads will definately be sore after today is over, and the worst bit, I have to get through a Chest and arms workout after that! But hey, it could be worse so why should I complain. I will be sure to pass that message onto my quads! Thank's Gaia!
  4. Today Lower Body Hypertrophy Day Lower Body Hypertrophy Day 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 65kg x 3 (forgot to up the weight then I realised just before this set) 65kg x 3 65kg x 3 65kg x 3 Hack Squats 100kg x 12 (+20kg improvement) 110kg x 12 (+30kg improvement) 120kg x 12 (+20kg improvement) Leg Presses 90kg x 12 (+20kg improvemet) 110kg x 15 (+20kg improvement) Leg Extensions 40.5kg x 15 40.5kg x 15 40.5kg x 15 (+4.5kg improvement) Romanian Deadlifts 80kg x 12 100kg x 12 (+4 rep improvement) 80kg x 12 ?(+20kg improvement) Leg Curls (Lying) 45kg x 15 (+3 rep improvement) 49.5kg x 15 (+3 rep improvement) Leg Curls (Seated) 40.5kg x 20 (+5 rep improvement) 45kg x 15 (+4.5kg imprvement) Standing Calf Raises 40kg x 11 (+10kg improvement) 50kg x 13 (+20kg improvement and +3 rep improvement. I could have gone more reps but I lost balance, I think it hat something to do with the fat guyy squealing behind me while doing 10kg preacher curls!) That guy was bloody weird! 50kg x 15 (+10kg improvement, +5 rep improvement. If you are wondering why i made thhe 15 reps it is because the fat guy was gone!) 50kg x 15 (+25kg improvement, +5 rep imprvement) Leg Press Calf Raises 80kg x 20 (+10kg improvement) 90kg x 20 (+10kg improvement, +2 rep improvemnt) 100kg x 15 (10kg improvement. Yay, I finally broke into the 100kg's on calf raises. EPIC MILESTONE!) Today was actually a realy solid workout, I improved yet agan on every exercise in one way or another, and I broke into the 100kg's on both calf raises and leg presses. I feel pretty happy with my progress. I just realised I haven't weighed myself since I started this routine; I better do that tomorrow morning.
  5. Nice post Baby Herc! Sadly though, I do'n't recognise thelast three posts as I grew up in Australia and not America or Canada. I do remember the first ones you listed though i.e: Dukes of Hazzard Mash Magnum P.I. Airwolf The A Team Night Court Johnny Quest etc. I just thought of afew more: The Banana Splits Show He-Man Scooby Doo (the eaarly one) Pinky and the Brain The Flinstones The Jetsons Babar The All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show Captain Caveman Johnny Bravo (I loved this show) Curious George Art Attack Popeye Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Flash Gordon Garfield Snoopy (Another real favourite) Different Strokes (Whatchyou talkin' 'bout Willis?) Inspector Gadget The Incredible Hulk Mork and Mindy (who could forget this) Smurfs Teen wolf (in the late 80's) The Tom and Jerry Show transformers (didn't watch it too much) Speed Racer Batman and Robin Get ready for an ultra blast from the past (childhood memories awaait you): NO JOKE, I LOVED BAT FINK!! (no homo).
  6. Thanks Gaia! Suprisingly today wasn't such a bad a session, will post it soon!
  7. Yesterday: Back & Shoulders Hypertrophy Day Bent Over Rows (Speed Work) 65-70% of normal 3-5 rep max 45kg x 3 45kg x 3 45kg x 3 45kg x 3 45kg x 3 45kg x 3 (Still the same weight as I didn't go up on my Upper Power day this week) Rack Chins BW x 10 (+2 rep improvement) BW x 8 BW x 8 (+2 rep improvement; finally all the sets are at or above 8 reps) Seated Cable Rows 45kg x 10 (+9kg improvement) 49.5kg x 12 (+4.5kg improvement, +2 rep improvement; I did sacrifice some form though) 45kg x 12 (lowered the weight by 4.5kg and improved by 3 reps) Dumbbell Rows with body against an incline bench (These are a b*tch, nevertheless they hit the traps and upper/inner back really well) 17.5's x 15 17.5's x 15 (+3 rep improvement) Close Grip Pulldowns 40.5kg x 20 (+4.5kg improvement) 40.5kg x 15 Seated Dumbbell Presses 17.5kg's x 11 (+2.5kg on each dumbell improvement) 17.5kg's x 10 17.5kg's x 10 (+1 rep improvement) Upright Rows 30kg x 12 (+5kg improvement) 30kg x 12 (+5kg improvement) Side Lateral Raises w/Dumbbells 5kg's x 12 (-3 reps; focusing more on my form with these as I feel it is important for this exercisee) 5kg's x 12 5kg's x 15 (+ 3 rep improvement, I guess this compensates for my first set of lateral raises) I feel that it was a solid workout. Today I have to do legs hypertrophy (I hate legs) How can I make myself enjoy legs day? Do any of you guys have any hints, tricks up your sleeves to make leg days fun or enjoyable? (Note: all the improvements are modelled of my last session and not my first sesson)
  8. I just bought one of my favourite tv series the other day from when I was a little kid. It was my favourite show: Captain Planet. Anyone else used to watch it? I just finished episode 2 of season 1. (Don't pay me out it is a god show, despite the age classification).
  9. Great Work! Know that you have our support on this forum, keep at it! Nick.
  10. Talk to Chewy on this forum, or check out the earlier pages of his training log (there is some nutrition of his in there) or visit his profile on the VBB profile page.
  11. I totally agree with vegansludge here! here are two ideas i have for you: Idea 1: 2 PB & J sandwiches (quality ingredients) i.e. 100% stoneground bread; either rye, or whole wheat, all natural peanut butter, and 100% (or near to that) fruit jam. Two sandwiches will yeild about 40-60 grams of protein, 15-25 grams of fat, and about 60-70 grams of carbs, depending on the amounts (i.e. weigh your food to get a good indication of how much of what you are getting). When I started to weigh my food i discovered i wasn't getting enough protein, let alone enough calories, that helped me fix it. Now I am a dedicated follower of the ways of the IIFYM crew. Idea 2: 200g (measured dry) of lentils or beans). Cook these and throw in some hot sauce, or spices etc. This alone will provide you with about 0-1 grams of fat, 60 grams of carbs 60 grams of fibre and 60 grams of protein. Oh and this will hit around 740 cals.
  12. Yeah, I eat 3 pb sandwiches right before bed each night so I know what you mean!
  13. http://stronglifts.com/how-you-can-avoid-wrist-pain-from-the-bench-press/ Thank you, I was partially aware of this already, I should have stated what i meant clearer: In general barbells will put more stress (not pain) but willl recrute a larger effort on behalf of your wrists, as they limit the range of motion of the wrists when gripping a straight 'fixed' bar, as it is an unnatural state for the human body. The ez curl bar takes this into consideration as it allows the user to have their wrists on a slight angle "a more natural state". You will notice that with an EZ curl bar (cambered bar) you will feel bicep curls more in the actual biceps and virtually nothing in the forearms and wrists, in conjunction to the straight bar, where it puts stress on the wrists and will work the muscles surrounding that area also.
  14. I do know that barbells put more stress on the wrists. as opposed to dumbbells and ez curl bars, mabye there is a correllation here
  15. I am not sure how much i believe this but here you go: http://www.savvyvegetarian.com/articles/get-enough-protein-veg-diet.ph If you want to know how to combine incomplete proteins then here you go: http://www.livestrong.com/article/259689-what-foods-combine-to-make-complete-protein/ Overall, your diet looks pretty good! Why the whey, I don't care pesonally (each for their own), but is is because you have some left over to finish off or something?
  16. Yesterday: Upper Body Power Day Bent Over/Pendlay Rows 60kg x 5 60kg x 5 65kg x 5 Pullups/Pulldowns 45kgx 10 49.5kg x 8 Rack Chins BW x 6 BW x 6 Flat Dumbbell Presses 22.5kg's x 5 22.5kg's x 5 25kg's x 5 (no spotter) Weighted Dips/Dips BW x 10 BW+5kg x 6 (Finally started to add weight) Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 17.5kg's x 10 20kg's x 5 (damn, 1 rep short of the minimum requirement for this exercise! I will definately get it next week though). 17.5kg's x 10 Cambered Bar Curls 30kg x 10 30kg x 10 30kg x 6 Skull Crushers 20kg x 10 20kg x 8 20kg x 6 (A personal trainer and a bodybuilder complimented me on my form with these skullcrushers) It was a good workout. I found it funny though when I added weight to the dips as all the other guys (older than me) at the gym were doing dips using the assisting machine. I was pretty proud of myself. Today: (Note: some of the weights were lowered on the leg press etc, as i was not at my usual gym and they felt heavier, despite having the same numbers on the plates). Lower Body Power Day Squats 80kg x 5 80kg x 5 90kg x 4 Hack Squats 80kg x 10 100kg x 10 Leg Extensions 54kg x 10 54kg x 10 Stiff Legged Deadlifts 80kg x 8 80kg x 8 100kg x 6 (PR for stiff legged) Leg Curls 45kg x 10 49.5kg x 8 Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises (Combined weights of the dumbbells) 40kg x 12 45kg x 10 50kg x 10 Seated/Leg Press Calf Raises 110kg x 10 120kg x 10 (this was pretty hard)
  17. R.I.P. Possey. You have my sympathy Rob, I too have lost a cat.
  18. Well it depends on a number of factors. If you are going to be in a calorie defecit though, then protein consumption becomes of more importance, however, if you are going to eat an appropriate amount of calories then you need not concern yourself with stuffng the stuff down your gobb, as an adequate amount of protein will just come from the food you consume. A good rule of thumb though for somebody doing resistance training (weights) is 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. I also reccommend into the 811 diet, as I have heard and seen good results from this but haven't personally put it into practice just yet (still living with my mother and she wont let me do that as she wants me to eat lots of pasta and bread etc). Nevertheless, if you are going to eat a normal clean vegan diet I would suggest for somebody of your height and weight to ingest between 100-150 grams of proteein per day as a start point, and then move it up or down depending on how you progress. Best of luck, Nick
  19. Monday: Lower Body Hypertrophy Day Squats (Speed Work) 65-70% of normal 3-5 rep max 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 Hack Squats 80kg x 12 (+10kg improvement) 90kg x 12 (+10kg improvement, +2 reps improvement) 100kg x 12 (+10kg improvement, +4 reps improvement) Leg Presses 70kg x 12 (-10kg, +4 rep improvement) 90kg x 12 (+20kg improvement, +2 rep improvement) Leg Extensions 40.5kg x 15 (-4.5kg, +3 rep improvement) 40.5kg x 15 36kg x 15 Romanian Deadlifts 80kg x 12 100kg x 8 60kg x 12 Leg Curls (Seated) 45kg x 12 (+9kg improvement) 49.5 kg x 12 (+4.5kg improvement) 40.5kg x 15 (+4.5kg improvement) 40.5kg x 20 (+4.5kg improvement, +5 rep improvement) Standing Calf Raises 30kg x 12 (+5kg improvement) 30kg x 10 40kg x 10 (+5kg improvement) 25kg x 10 Seated/Leg Press Calf Raises 70kg x 20 (+5 rep improvement) 80kg x 18 (+10kg improvement) 90kg x 15 (+10kg improvement) I was so sweaty after this session, no joke, the sweat was pouring off my face. Tuesday: Chest & Arms Hypertrophy Day Flat Dumbbell Press (Speed Work) 65-70% normal 3-5 rep max 20kg's x 3 (+2.5kg on each dumbbell(+5kg)) 20kg's x 3 (+2.5kg on each dumbbell(+5kg)) 20kg's x 3 (+2.5kg on each dumbbell(+5kg)) 20kg's x 3 (+2.5kg on each dumbbell(+5kg)) 20kg's x 3 (+2.5kg on each dumbbell(+5kg)) 20kg's x 3 (+2.5kg on each dumbbell(+5kg)) Incline Dumbbell Press 20kg's x 12 (+2.5kg improvement on each dumbbell(+5kg imprvement)) 22.5kg's x 9 (+2.5kg improvement on each dumbbell(+5kg imprvement)) 22.5kg's x 6 FAIL(didn't make it to 8 reps), so I did: 17.5kg's x 8 Hammer Strength Chest Press 40.5kg x 15 (+4.5kg improvement) 45kg x 12 (+3 rep improvement) 40.5kg x 13 (+1 rep improvement) Incline Cable Flys 31.5kg x 20 (+4.5kg improvement, +4 rep improvement) 31.5kg x 15 (+4.5kg improvement) Cambered Bar Preacher Curls 25kg x 12 (+10kg improvement) 20kg x 12 25kg x 10 (+2 rep improvement) Dumbbell Concentration Curls 9kg's x 12 (+5 rep improvement) 8kg's x 12 (+4 rep improvement) Spider Curls bracing upper body against an incline bench 15kg x 18 ( +3 rep improvement) 15kg x 20 Seated Tricep Extension with cambered bar 15kg x 14 (+5kg improvement) 15kg x 14 (+2 rep improvement) 15kg x 12 (+4 rep improvement) Cable Pressdowns with a rope attachment 30kg x 15 (+12kg improvement) 40kg x 12 (+13kg improvement) Cable Kickbacks 5kg's x 19 (+7 rep improvement) 6kg's x 15 (+1 rep improvement) [i was really impressed with my progression with my triceeps, as I have scrawny ons and want to build them up bigger] And that concludes my second week of Layne Nortons P.H.A.T. Routine.
  20. Did you know that when brown rice is fermented it converts into a complete protein.
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