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  1. That's the way Robert! Nice Lifting! It is really good to hear about all the e-mails, phone calls etc that's flooding in at your door step! Keep rockin'
  2. I thought you's might like this one, lots of referencing: http://files.sharenator.com/intredasting_RE_Things_a_psychologist_told_me_about_girls_pics_on_the_net-s685x567-145147.jpg
  3. http://files.sharenator.com/intredasting_RE_Things_a_psychologist_told_me_about_girls_pics_on_the_net-s685x567-145147.jpg
  4. I second that! Nothing has the tendency to injure my rotator cuff like a set of upright rows will... +2
  5. Sweet, also nice deadlifting @ 100! I can tell this is going to be a great journal!
  6. Have you tried that soy protein isolate I get from Fitbits yet?
  7. Today: Lower Body Power Day Squats 80kg x 5 90kg x 5 90kg x 5 Hack Squats 140kg x 10 (30kg improvement) 160kg x 10 (10kg improvement, 4 rep improvement a well) (I am so happy! My goal by the end of this program is to be doing 190-200kg on the hack squat. Leg Extensions 65kg x 7 (5kg improvement) 65kg x 9 (2 rep improvement) Stiff Legged Deadlifts 120kg x 6 140kg x 5 (20kg improvement) (one of the best lifts of the day) 130kg x 6 (10kg improvemment) Leg Curls 70kg x 10 (10kg improvemnt) 75kg x 10 (5kg improvement, 2 rep improvement as well) [i stacked it, Woohoo! It wasn't too hard either which was a suprise] Standing Calf Raises 70kg x 8 75kg x 8 (5kg improvement, 1 rep imprrovement as well) 75kg x 6 (5kg improvement) I actually did ten reps in total, however it took some time to get the balance to do 6 consecutive reps. Leg Press Calf Raises 170kg x 6 (10kg improvement) 180kg x 8 (10kg imprvement) so close to 200kg(440lbs) now! Workout songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmjVsBqw4Qk (Best song out of all the workout songs posted so far. Pink Floyd 4 ever) Thoughts: I am thinking of purchasing some 'tri malate creatine' (as you don't get the water retention) and some beta alanine with my next order of Soy Protein in the next couple of days, but first I would like to hear your opinions and expriences with either of, or both of these products menioned. I should also mention that I will start taking food pics again as of tomorrow (Saturday) seeing as I just recharged my camea batery up! Overall I was extremely happy with my progress today (it's always good to see the numbers go up). Tomorrow is a rest day. Stay tuned...
  8. Hey, I just noticed you purchase from bulknutrients too, and was wondering if you have ever asked them if they will ever be stocking soy protein in the near future?
  9. I agree, I wish fitbits and bulknutrients would add that option to their sites.
  10. You have my support (not that it matters to you), great idea!
  11. Nice! I noticed you have taken a liking to tricep rope pushdowns; they are one of my favourite ones too (great for that burn). I am glad to see you bumped the cals up a bit, oh and those pancakes sound awesome! Don't worry about the assisted dips etc, you will be adding weights to a chain in no time (just keep on keepin' because you definately have it in you) Great idea of adding a snapshot from MyFitnessPal, I might have to steal that from you P.S. I hope you recover from that sinus infection fast, they can really suck!
  12. Please put this guy on the profile page!!! http://www.facebook.com/Vegan.Bodybuilding
  13. Today, 5th January: Upper Body Power Day Bent Over/Pendlay Rows (dropped weight back intentionally because I wanted to improve my form) 65kg x 4 65kg x 5 70kg x 3 Pulldowns: 60kg x 8 (dropped weight back 5kg because I wanted to do 8 reps and not 6) 65kg x 6 (10kg improvement) I did a set of 55kg x 4 straight after the 65kg set, no rest. Rack Chins BW x 6 BW x 6 Flat Dumbbell Presses 30kg's x 4 (now that I look back I had it in me to do 5 reps but I am just a f*cking idiot) 30kg's x 5 (1 rep improvement) 30kg's x 5 (2 rep improvement, also a dramatic improvement in form from last week) Weighted Dips/Dips BW + 10kg x 7 BW + 10kg x 7 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 20kg's x 10 22.5kg's x 8 (2.5kg improvement on each dumbbell; 5kg improvement overall) [spotted only to get them up] 22.5kg's x 8 (2.5kg improvement on each dumbbell; 5kg improvement overall. 1 rep improvement as well) [spotted only to get them up] Cambered Bar Curls 30kg x 9 40kg x 1 FAIL! So I dropped it back to 30kg x 6 30kg x 8 Skull Crushers 20kg x 8 20kg x 10 25kg x 7 (1 rep improvement) [spotted on last 2 reps] Not a bad workout. It was funny, today I saw a curl monkey in the gym he just trained biceps, and you could tell he didn't tran anyhing else (he looked like a dred up leaf). tried so hard not to laugh, as hewas huffing and puffing while having bad form at the same time. He wasn't even using his biceps; instead, he wasswinging with his shoulders while his elbows were bent. It looked like he waas trying to thrust something. It made my day! Sorry, no food photos as I already established why in the above message; my camera battery is dead.
  14. 4 day splits are good workouts! are you going to do an Upper/Lower split? Yeah, setian must be pretty hard on you if you are slightly wheat gluten intolerent like me. Mabye try eating some more lentils and. Also, you could try eating spirulina and that PB2 stuff to get more protein. also, I hear really good things about pea protein (apparently it's really easy to digest and it also has a good amino acid profile/score) I know of a good plant protein powder too called 'Nitrofusion' maade by Arizona labs (or something like that); Derek Tresize swears by it. Oh and one last thing, buy some "Flaxmeal", not flaxseed but packaged flaxmeal in the health-food section of the suermarket. It has like 4g of protein, 1g of fat, and like 1g of carbs per 10g serving. I buy Melrose Organic Golden Flaxmeal, it's great stuff that can go in virtuaally anything: baking recipes, on top of cereal, in shakes and smoothies, on vegan ice-cream etc.
  15. Yeah, uh leg extensions are a funny one for me, it depends on how much walking etc I do the day before the workout. I totally agree with you about how they feel like they are tearing your legs up (however I do them but don't worry too much about the weight as they are more of a shaping exercise for the "teardrop" in your quads rather than an overall mass builder exercise) Thanks by the way! I will update my journal again with my upper body power day workout (from today) soon. Sadly though, there won't be any pics of my eats for about a day (as my battery is flat and I left the charger over at my other house).
  16. Goodbye store bought bread! Great recipe
  17. I like the way you eat man! Good to see another person on here eating big to get big.
  18. Thanks! Yeah, the only one I can find has casein added in it (sucks) Yeah, I used think the same way: support my local store, but then I just got fed up with getting ripped off (it happens with everything over here in Australia as you would know (i.e. clothing, food etc) compared to the states and what not. It wasn't hard for me to decide to buy off the net as I was paying $80 for 1kg of sunwarrior, whereas I pay that forr about 5kg of vanilla soy protein isolate now! Protein sludge is just flaxmeal, protein powder, soy or almond milk and cinnamon. The protein pudding is just: 1 cup of 'soy milky lite' soy milk, 1 cup water water, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of rolled barley or rolled oats, 40g protein powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp cocoa powder all blended in a food processer for about 4 minutes straight. Banana works best, but I am sure you could use a few medjool dates instead to mix it up. If you like it warm, just zap it in the microwave for a minute or two.
  19. ' Dude, these are only a fraction of my meals, I hit between 3500-4500 cal a day.
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