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  1. 1/6/12


    Today I was so swamped with computer work I was in my pajamas until after 7PM. I couldn't leave the house, there was so much awesomeness coming in via business phone calls, emails, etc. And oh, by the way, all of you who are in this New You for the New Year Challenge stand to benefit Big Time from today's business discussions with various owners. Awesome stuff coming your way!


    I'll get right to it. I have so much yet to do and it's already late and I'm out of town tomorrow. So many packages to prepare and ship.


    Today's workout was an Overhead Press-Pull-up-Shrug day.


    It went like this:


    Warm-up - Stair stepper for 20 minutes


    Bodyweight squats





    Stretching throughout.


    Again, a good 30 minutes before touching any weights, staying loose, warming up and stretching out.


    Standing Overhead Barbell Press

    45lbs x 12

    45lbs x 15

    45lbs x 15 (first three sets are warm-up with the bar)


    65lbs x 10

    89lbs x 3

    89lbs x 3 (was a little too much for me to get as many reps as I wanted)

    75lbs x 8

    75lbs x 10


    Dumbbell Shrugs

    70's (140lbs) x 25

    75's (150lbs) x 20

    80's (160lbs) x 15

    85's (170lbs) x 12

    90's (180lbs) x 12

    100's (200lbs) x 10


    Wide-Grip Pull-ups




    Narrow-Grip Pull-ups





    Solid workout. Exercises like overhead press and pull-ups are always tough ones for me, much like deadlifts and squats on an upper-body level.


    Had fruit, Vega, bars, and will get some potatoes before the night is over. Had potatoes, tofu and greens before the workout.


    Back to work. So much to do.







    That's the way Robert! Nice Lifting!


    It is really good to hear about all the e-mails, phone calls etc that's flooding in at your door step!


    Keep rockin'

  2. "DC states that if you can bring a muscle to grow two times per week instead of only once, you will grow 104 times per year instead of 52. He's got a point there, myladies"


    I disagree, I think that would lead to overtraining in most people.





  3. Upright rows? Avoid them! With this exercie, the shoulder is internally rotated with the hand pronated and at the top of the movement the humerus is moved forward. In this way, it pinches the tendon of the long head of the biceps and hits the shoulder bursa, squashing it into the acromium of the scapula. This can lead to a lot of problems and most likely will, in the long run.


    i agree with you on the upright rows.


    I second that! Nothing has the tendency to injure my rotator cuff like a set of upright rows will...




  4. Clean bulking favorites, lots of well-spiced tofu and seitan in massive quantities, usually mixed in with black eyed peas, spinach and/or collard greens, onions and brown rice (throw in some hot sauce and it's a winner!), not to mention lots of nuts/seeds and Vega protein powders. Also, lots of high protein/lower carb multi-grain breads (one I get locally has 6g protein per slice and only 7g carbs), put on some peanut butter or organic fruit spreads and it's good. When I get on a kick for my favorite fresh fruits like pears, bananas and grapes, I definitely put down plenty of those as well.


    Not-so-clean bulking favorites would include vegan candies and chips - give me a bag of the Sweet Chili Lime Doritos and a bag of licorice or hard candies and I'm good to go for stuffing myself with crap foods. And, of course, vegan pizzas, my downfall and cause of putting on about 8 lbs. in 7 weeks of not training and eating way too much over the holidays!



    God, now I am really hungry, thanks a lot!

  5. Today:


    Lower Body Power Day





    80kg x 5

    90kg x 5

    90kg x 5


    Hack Squats


    140kg x 10 (30kg improvement)

    160kg x 10 (10kg improvement, 4 rep improvement a well) (I am so happy! My goal by the end of this program is to be doing 190-200kg on the hack squat.


    Leg Extensions


    65kg x 7 (5kg improvement)

    65kg x 9 (2 rep improvement)


    Stiff Legged Deadlifts


    120kg x 6

    140kg x 5 (20kg improvement) (one of the best lifts of the day)

    130kg x 6 (10kg improvemment)


    Leg Curls


    70kg x 10 (10kg improvemnt)

    75kg x 10 (5kg improvement, 2 rep improvement as well) [i stacked it, Woohoo! It wasn't too hard either which was a suprise]


    Standing Calf Raises


    70kg x 8

    75kg x 8 (5kg improvement, 1 rep imprrovement as well)

    75kg x 6 (5kg improvement) I actually did ten reps in total, however it took some time to get the balance to do 6 consecutive reps.


    Leg Press Calf Raises


    170kg x 6 (10kg improvement)

    180kg x 8 (10kg imprvement) so close to 200kg(440lbs) now!


    Workout songs:






    (Best song out of all the workout songs posted so far. Pink Floyd 4 ever)







    I am thinking of purchasing some 'tri malate creatine' (as you don't get the water retention) and some beta alanine with my next order of Soy Protein in the next couple of days, but first I would like to hear your opinions and expriences with either of, or both of these products menioned.

    I should also mention that I will start taking food pics again as of tomorrow (Saturday) seeing as I just recharged my camea batery up!


    Overall I was extremely happy with my progress today (it's always good to see the numbers go up).


    Tomorrow is a rest day. Stay tuned...

  6. Wow I love what you've done here!

    The science behind it really intrigues me, and I also try to find the best amino combination.

    I was wondering on your (and everyone else's) thoughts on this product, and whether adding it to pea protein to bump up the Aminos would be beneficial, or just pointless?


    By the way I have confirmed with the company that this product is 100% vegan, unflavoured and there's nothing else added, just synthesized aminos derived from plant sources (so not suitable for raw vegans I guess, but it doesn't bother me.)

    I wish I could make my own mixes through True Protein, but the shipping to Australia is insane



    I agree, I wish fitbits and bulknutrients would add that option to their sites.

  7. Nice!


    I noticed you have taken a liking to tricep rope pushdowns; they are one of my favourite ones too (great for that burn).


    I am glad to see you bumped the cals up a bit, oh and those pancakes sound awesome!


    Don't worry about the assisted dips etc, you will be adding weights to a chain in no time (just keep on keepin' because you definately have it in you)


    Great idea of adding a snapshot from MyFitnessPal, I might have to steal that from you


    P.S. I hope you recover from that sinus infection fast, they can really suck!

  8. 01.04.12

    Lower-Body Hypertrophy Day

    The log will look something more like this with notes for each exercise after each lift. Introductions will also probably start including a lot more of "me" in them to keep people entertained and to better utilize my English-based bachelor's degree that's been collecting dust on a shelf since June.


    Quote: "There is never enough peanut butter." - My mom


    Intro: I worked up a little bit later today than I would have liked – whenever I close at Whole Foods, I like to utilize my mornings in a more productive manner than with my eyes closed. However, I’m slowing coming to realize that my erratic sleeping patterns have more than likely been negatively impacting my ability to make gains. If you couple that with my apprehension to eat big, it’s a wonder my numbers have continuously been going up for the last few weeks. So, I took the extra hour and a half of sleepy time and ran with it. Or, well, you get the idea.


    Either way, the extra hour forced me to make a decision: either do both my lower-body hypertrophy and chest/bench hypertrophy exercises and end up rushing through them or go ahead and force myself to turn my 4-day split into a 5-day and maximize my efforts instead of continuing to half-ass them. I opted for the later. No more slamming my bench into my leg-day and therefore burning myself out on one or the other.


    So, today was leg day.


    And leg day it was.


    Work out




    5 minutes


    Barbell Squat (65-70% of max; speed-work)





    Notes: While it feels weird not to do at least five reps, my ability to focus on depth was greatly appreciated. The phrase “ass to grass” was my mantra today.


    Front Squat




    Notes: If my grip strength was better, I know I could be doing at least 110 with these. I also noticed that the second set I was going even lower than I usually do on regular squats. I’m looking into ways to improve my grip so that I can really push some weight with these. They might be my new favorite lift.

    Stiff-Legged Deadlifts





    Notes: I was testing the waters with 75lbs since I haven’t done stiff-legged in months. However, those felt like I was lifting absolutely nothing. Even after bumping up to 85 it felt like I could have been going with 100 but I chose to focus on form. The weight will come in time.


    Seated Calf Raises




    Notes: Like buttah but vegan and stronger.


    Incline Leg Press




    Notes: Even though I wanted 2x12x200, I knew my legs weren’t going to have it and I was going to half-ass the reps. I wanted ankles to ass on these and that’s what I did. Again, the heavier weight will come. I want to earn it.


    Seated Leg Curl







    Notes: These were a struggle today but I knew it’s because of the calf raises and leg presses. These turned more into drop-sets because of that.


    Seated Leg Press



    Notes: Same as above basically.


    Dumbbell Lunges





    Notes: Back in October, I was struggling to do these with 15lb dumbbells. Today, 25lbs felt like nothing. The only reason there were so few reps and sets is because every time I increased the weight, it didn’t feel like it was enough. By the time I got to 25lbs, I had to leave the gym or else I would have been late to work. Next time. Next time.


    Macros: 33/175/180 (Last day for post NYE damage control macros. Big thanks to Daniel Brown (thespartanwarrior) for showing me how only a couple of days of lowered intake can help decrease the bloat/water weight from celebrating. Amazing dude.)




    Great work mate! BTW I couldn't agree more with your mom!

  9. Today, 5th January:



    Upper Body Power Day



    Bent Over/Pendlay Rows (dropped weight back intentionally because I wanted to improve my form)


    65kg x 4

    65kg x 5

    70kg x 3




    60kg x 8 (dropped weight back 5kg because I wanted to do 8 reps and not 6)

    65kg x 6 (10kg improvement) I did a set of 55kg x 4 straight after the 65kg set, no rest.


    Rack Chins


    BW x 6

    BW x 6


    Flat Dumbbell Presses


    30kg's x 4 (now that I look back I had it in me to do 5 reps but I am just a f*cking idiot)

    30kg's x 5 (1 rep improvement)

    30kg's x 5 (2 rep improvement, also a dramatic improvement in form from last week)


    Weighted Dips/Dips


    BW + 10kg x 7

    BW + 10kg x 7


    Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press


    20kg's x 10

    22.5kg's x 8 (2.5kg improvement on each dumbbell; 5kg improvement overall) [spotted only to get them up]

    22.5kg's x 8 (2.5kg improvement on each dumbbell; 5kg improvement overall. 1 rep improvement as well) [spotted only to get them up]


    Cambered Bar Curls


    30kg x 9

    40kg x 1 FAIL! So I dropped it back to 30kg x 6

    30kg x 8


    Skull Crushers


    20kg x 8

    20kg x 10

    25kg x 7 (1 rep improvement) [spotted on last 2 reps]


    Not a bad workout. It was funny, today I saw a curl monkey in the gym he just trained biceps, and you could tell he didn't tran anyhing else (he looked like a dred up leaf). tried so hard not to laugh, as hewas huffing and puffing while having bad form at the same time. He wasn't even using his biceps; instead, he wasswinging with his shoulders while his elbows were bent. It looked like he waas trying to thrust something. It made my day!


    Sorry, no food photos as I already established why in the above message; my camera battery is dead.

  10. So, as I’ve talked about on both my tumblr and on here, I’ve been struggling with the idea of upping my caloric intake for quite some time for several reasons, among with include my Former Fat Kid history and my brief stint in severe under-eating. I put up a relatively personal – for me at least – post on my tumblr a few days ago regarding this subject. After doing so, I had intended to increase my calories to 2,000. And then New Year’s Eve hit.

    And I completely blew everything out of the water and ate roughly around 3,000 calories. While I’m not obsessive about my eating patterns by any means, it definitely drove me crazy for about two hours after waking the next morning. I felt sluggish, weighed down, and all-around shitty – mostly because of the amount and type of food I consumed but also partly because my Former Fat Kid fears crept into my mind for a hot minute.

    Then it hit me. Those kinds of fears don’t coincide with being strong. They don’t work with my goals, my beliefs, or my “preachings.”

    So, since Sunday, I’ve been running “damage” macros (40/175/175) to get the water-weight and bloat down and every day I’ve been thinking more and more about my current program, lifting and nutrition-wise.

    What I’ve surmised from this thinking is the following:


    I need to add some things:


    • I run a 4-day split because I don’t “have time” to hit the gym 5-days a week because of … well, excuses. Because of this, my bench/chest hypertrophy lifts tend to suffer since I don’t put enough rest days in between them and my power day. No more. Today was my first “legs only” day.

    • If I want to see the numbers keep going up in the gym, I need to see the scale going up, too. Which means my macros need to go up. Starting tomorrow calories increase to a flat 2,000 for two weeks and I will not weigh myself again until the 19th and we’ll go from there.

    And I need to subtract some things:

    • I’ve been cooking with a lot of gluten lately and it’s been reeking havoc on my body despite helping me hit my protein numbers. If I’m going to be upping the calories, I can’t feel bloated all the time. So, while it’s been fun making seitan, it looks like that will fall to the way-side in favor of other foods (no fears, though, epic eats will always happen, though, they won’t be as extravagant as the tempeh bacon wrapped chicken seitan).

    • I’m also going to cut back on soy and soy-products. While they’re another good source of protein, I can’t justify my intake when I know how devastating soy can be, and is, for the environment.


    I’m also going to try and be much more in depth with how I feel about my work-outs as well as with the exact things I eat. I usually write all of this down into a notebook but it only has a few pages left and I don’t really find it necessary to buy any more paper now that I have this training journal and my tumblr.

    So, hopefully everyone’s still in on the ride. As always, thanks for reading. Next post will resume our regularly scheduling programming.



    4 day splits are good workouts! are you going to do an Upper/Lower split?


    Yeah, setian must be pretty hard on you if you are slightly wheat gluten intolerent like me.


    Mabye try eating some more lentils and.


    Also, you could try eating spirulina and that PB2 stuff to get more protein.


    also, I hear really good things about pea protein (apparently it's really easy to digest and it also has a good amino acid profile/score)



    I know of a good plant protein powder too called 'Nitrofusion' maade by Arizona labs (or something like that); Derek Tresize swears by it.




    Oh and one last thing, buy some "Flaxmeal", not flaxseed but packaged flaxmeal in the health-food section of the suermarket. It has like 4g of protein, 1g of fat, and like 1g of carbs per 10g serving. I buy Melrose Organic Golden Flaxmeal, it's great stuff that can go in virtuaally anything: baking recipes, on top of cereal, in shakes and smoothies, on vegan ice-cream etc.

  11. Epic foods are epic as always! Love it.


    How do you feel about leg extensions in general? I saw you dropped weight on them and, to be honest, I never do them. Something about them always feels wrong to me - they're the one thing lower-body wise that always tear my knees up.


    Even though you were rushed on arms day - way to still get the numbers to go up!




    Yeah, uh leg extensions are a funny one for me, it depends on how much walking etc I do the day before the workout.


    I totally agree with you about how they feel like they are tearing your legs up (however I do them but don't worry too much about the weight as they are more of a shaping exercise for the "teardrop" in your quads rather than an overall mass builder exercise)


    Thanks by the way!


    I will update my journal again with my upper body power day workout (from today) soon.


    Sadly though, there won't be any pics of my eats for about a day (as my battery is flat and I left the charger over at my other house).

  12. I have a present for anyone reading this log before I update about the last two days (and a little re-introduction to how I'll be posting here and my training program). It's called Epic Food Update.



    Seitan chicken breasts wrapped in tempeh bacon with nutritional yeast covered Brussels sprouts, spinach, onions, and peppers.



    Protein ice cream topped with crushed kamut buffs, sunflower seed butter, soy ice cream, rounded out with more sunflower seed butter and blueberries.



    The "money shot."



    Sweet and spicy seitan stew.





    How spicy?


    Serrano, jalapeno, and habanero peppers with sweet and red onions.



    I got a free sample of Field Roast's Smoked Apple Sage sausages. So, I sauteed one with my go-to's: Brussels sprouts, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach.



    Food Voodoo and kamut puffs and a banana.



    Seitan chicken, Brussels sprouts, onions, peppers, spinach, and tofu noodles.




  13. Here is what I ate yesterday:


    Meal 1: (Pre-Workout) 1,107 Calories


    Oatmeal (1 cup dry) w/ brown sugar and raisins

    Hemp protein smoothie (Orange, Banana, Hemp Protein & Vega Smoothie Infusion)


    Meal 2:(Post-Workout) 316 Calories


    Protein shake (1 serving soy protein, Warrior Food (rice) and Amazing Meal)


    Meal 3: 1,014 Calories


    Chicken Style Seitan (10.5 oz)

    Frozen Sir Fry Vegetables

    Chow Mein Style Noodles (100 grams)


    Meal 4: 1,011 Calories


    Hemp protein smoothie (Orange, Banana, Hemp Protein & Vega Smoothie Infusion)

    Almonds (2/3 Cup)


    Meal 5: 1,690 Calories


    4 Tempeh and grilled vegetable tacos

    - 1 can black beans

    - 1 8 oz package tempeh

    - 1 zuchini

    - 1 onion

    - 1 bell pepper

    - 1 avacado

    - 4 tortillas

    - Homemade pico de gallo


    Meal 6: 246 Calories


    Protein Shake (Soy & Rice Protein w/ Almond Milk)



    Total Calories : 5,384

    Total Protein : 359

    Total Carbohydrates : 691

    Total Fat : 145




    Please note it did take me about 3 hours to eat meal number 5.



    I like the way you eat man! Good to see another person on here eating big to get big.

  14. Thanks! Yeah, the only one I can find has casein added in it (sucks)


    Yeah, I used think the same way: support my local store, but then I just got fed up with getting ripped off (it happens with everything over here in Australia as you would know (i.e. clothing, food etc) compared to the states and what not. It wasn't hard for me to decide to buy off the net as I was paying $80 for 1kg of sunwarrior, whereas I pay that forr about 5kg of vanilla soy protein isolate now!


    Protein sludge is just flaxmeal, protein powder, soy or almond milk and cinnamon.


    The protein pudding is just: 1 cup of 'soy milky lite' soy milk, 1 cup water water, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of rolled barley or rolled oats, 40g protein powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp cocoa powder all blended in a food processer for about 4 minutes straight.


    Banana works best, but I am sure you could use a few medjool dates instead to mix it up. If you like it warm, just zap it in the microwave for a minute or two.

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