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  1. Hey, this is just a shout out to Robert Cheeke.


    I recently bought your book "Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness" and it just arrived in the mail today when I got home from school.


    I haven't put it down 'once' since it arrived!


    Thank you for writing the book, it is so insightful and I am now treating this book as my Gospel for training, diet etc.


    I have already read the first 80 pages and probably should get back to my school assignments and what not, but i will definately finish the book in the next couple of days.


    Your book has really opened my mind and has made me eager to train harder and to 'eat more'.


    By the way I found your life story really inspiring and motivating.


    I would just like to say thanks again once more and I wish the best for you in the future.



  2. Hi all,


    I am 16 years old; 17 in 13 days and am currently trying to bulk. Since i am 6' 2" weighing 153 pounds; and still growing (taller). is 3000 calories enough for me? sometimes i even go as low as 2800 calories. I should also mention that I don't gain fat easily at all (Hardgainer). In addition I recently cut all refined sugars out of my diet.


    My current diet looks something like this (when i get to about 3000 calories):





    1 cup of rolled oats (measured uncooked) with a dash of low fat soy milk with some cocoa.


    10 grams of soy protein in water


    A coffee with soy milk


    iron tablet

    macca powder tablet

    multivitamin tablet




    Natural Pb sandwich on rye bread

    a tea of a glass of low fat soy milk

    a piece of sugar free vegan dark chocolate




    1 cup of wild rice(measured cooked)

    1 cup of sweet potatoes

    some tofu (baked) with tamari sauce




    A salad with lettuce, spinach, kale(when available), roma tomatoes, red onion, avocado, chickpeas or lentils, carrot, cucumber and balsamic vinegar of balsamic vinegarette dressing.


    10g of pea protein and 10g of soy protein in some fat free soy milk.




    Baked and steamed Veggies (sweet potato, potato, carrot, zucchini, Broccoli, button squash, pumpkin)

    Some Tofu or 4 beans mix.


    Pre-Bed Snack:


    Protein shake:


    20g soy protein

    Natural Pb

    1/4 cup of berries

    fat free soy milk.




    I also consume a piece of fruit before each meal as well as 2 glasses of water prior to each meal.

  3. So Basically I went to sleep at 11pm on the 25th April weighing 70kg on an empty stomach. I had my protein shake and apple before bed as usual and the next day (Today) I woke up at 11am; after sleeping for 12 hours!!!! yeah 12!!! And I weighed myself this morning to find that I was sitting on 65.5 kg on an empty stomach today.


    I am just asking if this has ever happened to you before and is it normal?


    By the way I trained on the 24th, didn't train yesterday, and am supposed to train today.


    Should I still train today or should I skip it seeing as though I lost this much weight?





  4. So basically, i skipped about 3 meals today; i had breakfast and lunch but they were probably about 7-8 hours apart. i was just wonderring if it is ok for me to eat a lot of food as i have missed so much today?


    It is my off day today by the way.


    For Breakfast I had 1 cup of oats with a dash of skim soy milk sprinkled with cocoa and cinnamon. also 2 pieces of wholemeal(Whole wheat) toast.


    As for lunch I had a salad with 1/2 can of mixed beans(steamed), lettuce, chinese cabbage, tomato, pumpkin (steammed), carrot (steamed) and broccoli all covered with Tamari sauce and cracked pepper.


    I would say that all I have eaten today is approx 800cal (60g being from protein).

  5. Thanks Derek!


    Yeah I have been meaning to get Roberts book. I'm definately gonna buy it tomorrow!


    Ok, I will be sure to cut the cardio out and try to eat more food!






    Oh and for my post above (my routine) I forgot to write down my back exercises:


    Bent over rows: 10 8 6


    Pulldowns: 12 10 8


    Pullups: 8 6 4

  6. Thanks!


    My routine, quite basic mind you consists mostly of compound exercises as i was beginning to lose weight on a split with isolation exercises.


    right now it looks like this:




    Bench: 10 8 6


    Incline Flys: 10 8 6


    Squats: 10 8 6


    Deadlift: 10 10 10


    Shoulder Press: 10 8 6


    Weighted Oblique crunch: 10 10 10


    Weighted leg raises: 10 10 10


    Weighted Crunches: 10 10 10




    30 min cycle





    Bench: 10 8 6


    Incline Flys: 10 8 6


    Squats: 10 8 6


    Deadlift: 10 10 10


    Shoulder Press: 10 8 6


    Weighted Oblique crunch: 10 10 10


    Weighted leg raises: 10 10 10


    Weighted Crunches: 10 10 10





    30 min cycle




    Bench: 10 8 6


    Incline Flys: 10 8 6


    Squats: 10 8 6


    Deadlift: 10 10 10


    Shoulder Press: 10 8 6


    Weighted Oblique crunch: 10 10 10


    Weighted leg raises: 10 10 10


    Weighted Crunches: 10 10 10




    30 min cycle





  7. Hello Everyone!


    My name is Nicholas and I am 16 and live in Australia. On the 1st of Janyary 2011 i became vegetarian (coincidentally my scenario is similar to Robert Cheeke's) as the reason for it was respect on my younger sisters behalf; who was already vegan. Then after being on the vegetarian diet for about 3 months (March 9th I think) I became vegan. I have wanted to join this site for about 2 weeks now and have finally gotten the courage to do so. I am so excited to get to (from my mother and know new people on this forum as well as hopefully recieve some support. My mother fully supports me in being vegan and respects this lifestyle that i have humbly adopted. she herself wants to become vegetarian (not vegan though, as she says she could neve give up milk) My mum is a chef and always makes us vegan dishes for dinner. My sister obviousely supports me as I support her also. However ever since i became vegetarian my dad despised me for it. and when i gave up animal products all together he hasn't really done anything but criticize me for it. He is a butcher, therefore I grew up in a household where i used to eat it for lunch and dinner every day. He makes comments to me when he see's me like: "Nick you look sickly!" or "You need to put more weight on", "Veganism is stupid! You're going to make yourself weak". But the one that hit me more than the others was "You'r never going to put on muscle being vegan!". I didn't believe him so I searched online for vegan bodybuilding and that was when I found this site.


    Every time i think i have gained muscle I get real proud inside and then my dad goes and says to me " Nick, you're getting way too boney, you look disgusting!".


    So I will try to post some pics soon of my physique so I can get some advice on how much i should be eating/training and what not.


    My main goal is to gain muscle mass and get a little more defined to prove my dad wrong and to also be proud of a strong fit body.



    So, hello again to all!

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