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  1. Thanks!




    I had another one of those nights. I'm still trying to get myself back on some sort of regular sleeping schedule after the 12-15 hour days for 12 consecutive days creating The 12 Days of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. I laid down for sleep around 130AM and didn't to sleep until after 4AM. I was a little groggy waking up, but then I got down to business.


    Today was pretty cool. We received more prizes for this New You for the New Year Challenge, a bunch of other potential leads, and some good email work this morning. Just as I was preparing to head out, I got an email request to sign books for a bunch of WWE Pro Wrestlers and MMA fighters, so I happily did and shipped them out. For those who know my story, I wanted to be a pro wrestler from age 8-21, so it was quite cool to be able to sign and ship books to a bunch of them today.


    I'm moving in less than 3 weeks and have a lot to do so I decided to see one of my best friends who lives in town where I'm staying at the moment. I was a groomsman in his wedding this past summer and now that The 12 Days are over, I'm taking time to see a few friends before I move 1500 miles away.


    After hanging out with E-Train, I headed to the gym for leg day. I'm still working with Derek's Mass Building style of training using only compound lifts and really enjoying it! It is, however, quite exhausting and I questioned my abilities in the gym as I'm still short on sleep, was a little short on calories from spending the day with my buddy hanging out (though I brought a bag of snacks with me), and still sore. But I wasn't short on passion and drive so I went for it.


    With my pencil and little piece of paper, I tracked my workout which looked like this:


    Warm-up = 15 minutes on the stair stepper


    Bodyweight squats x 30

    Bodyweight squats x 30

    Bodyweight squats x 30


    And lots of stretching to get really loose before squats. Again, taking that intelligent approach, I'm spending a good 30 minutes getting warmed up and stretched, pumped up and focused before touching weights. And I'm someone who's often short on time, trying to maximize the 1440 minutes we have each day. But I also don't want to get hurt and I'm taking a smarter approach.


    My hamstrings were still a bit sore even after all the loosening up and stretching and my low back was so-so but I tested it all out.



    45lbs x 25

    45lbs x 25

    45lbs x 25


    89lbs x 12

    109lbs x 12

    129lbs x 10


    My back had had enough. (if numbers look funny, it is because I use Kilos so a 10 kilo plate is 22 lbs, hence 89, and so forth)


    Box Jumps







    Walking Dumbbell Lunges

    30's in each hand x 32 steps

    30's in each hand x 36 steps

    35's in each hand x 32 steps

    35's in each hand x 42 steps


    I stretched throughout the workout and also rode the stationary bike for 5 minutes at the end to keep the legs loose.


    The workout may not look tough, but for me and my slow and careful return to training, it was fairly tough


    After the workout I had my Vega protein drink of course, and then a whole bunch of food including potatoes, broccoli, tofu, and ezekial bread.


    Midnight now. Still have to shower and work for a while.


    Peace out! Have a great day tomorrow!



    That's some solid working out there Rob! It's good to see you are approaching it in a smart way


    Hope you have a great day also!


    P.S. is ezekiel breaad nice? Is that a name for sprouted bread?

  2. Yesterday:


    Chest & Arms Hypertrophy Day:



    Flat Dumbbell Press (Speed Work) 65-70% normal 3-5 rep max


    20kg's x 3

    20kg's x 5 (2 rep improvement)

    20kg's x 5 (2 rep improvement)

    20kg's x 5 (2 rep improvement)

    20kg's x 5 (2 rep improvement)

    20kg's x 5 (2 rep improvement)


    Incline Dumbbell Press


    22.5kg's x 8

    25kg's x 9 (1 rep improvement)

    25kg's x 8 [it shouldn't have been that hard, must have been because I under-ate that day]



    Hammer Strength Chest Press


    50kg x 13 (1 rep improvement)

    50kg x 13 (1 rep improvement)

    50kg x 13 (1 rep improvement)


    Incline Cable Flys


    45kg x 16 (1 rep improvement)

    45kg x 15


    Cambered Bar Preacher Curls


    30kg x 10 (2 rep improvement)

    30kg x 8

    30kg x 10 (2 rep improvement)


    Dumbbell Concentration Curls


    9kg's x 12

    10kg's x 12


    Spider Curls bracing upper body against an incline bench


    20kg x 15

    20kg x 16 (1 rep improvement)


    Seated Tricep Extension with cambered bar (Crap, I accidently did skull crushers instead)


    20kg x 10 (2 rep improvement)

    25kg x 8

    25kg x 8


    Cable Pressdowns with a rope attachment


    40kg x 15 (3 rep improvement)

    40kg x 12


    Cable Kickbacks


    8kg's x 15

    9kg's x 15



    Not a bad workout, it was sort of ruched so I didn't have long enough rest periods to go up in weight, as I got bailed up in a conversation.




    Eats from Yesterday:


    5 Grain Porridge with 'Vegan Voodoo'(Protein shake) poured over it, flaxmeal, cinnamon.




    Tofu and Salad Wrap:




    Wholemeal (wholewheat) Penne pasta with a bolognese sauce (yes it is vegan).



    The usual pre bed meal: 3 pb & j sandwiches made with natural PB and 100% fruit jam. I also had a toasted wholemeal English muffin with the same spreads (one half of the muffin didn't make it to the plate as I scoffed it down








    Rest Day


    Eats so far for today:



    Breakfast: Weet-Bix topped with Vegan Voodoo (protein shake), flaxmeal and sugar free syrup



  3. Damn, Nick's got guns! And is it just the photo or do you have very long arms, too? Whatever, dude, you're lookin' solid. Love the Farmer's Tan.


    Baby Herc


    PS: Stop posting such delectable, giant-sized food pics, you're making me frickin hungry.




    Thanks Herc!


    Haha, lol yeah, I thought someone may have spotted that. Yes, I do have long arms 'gorilla arms' however this pic does emphasize my arm length a little a little more than they actually are.


    Haha, yeah I need to get outside some time and so I can get some colour on my skin.


    Last time my Grandma was up her reaction to seeing me after 7 months was "Wow, you don't look scrawny and anemic now, you just look anemic!"


    I will try to make the food photos a little smaller lol!

  4. Quote: “Watch me rise with the things we carry.” – Have Heart


    So, I’m not going to lie, I completely blew my macros last night after setting them up perfectly during the day (super low fat and carbohydrates; tons of protein). And I definitely felt the burn today appetite and bloat/water-weight wise. So, not only did I barely eat anything before hitting gym at 8:00 p.m. after work I also didn’t bother with the scale today. The former’s a bit of an issue but the latter is alright – no sense in causing unnecessary anxiety over something that will even out in the next few days.


    I also plan on doing some damage control macros for the next few days just to get the water-weight and bloat down. I felt sluggish and heavy all day and it probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say I had about 3,000 calories yesterday (and I am serious). But, to be honest, when I had a brief moment of internal self-badgering, it made me realize I've been far too strict about how I eat and while the circumstances were pretty much the worst possible last night, it definitely shed some light on my mindset regarding nutrition.


    So, new philosophy I have a new, even more posi, philosophy: eat plates to move plates.


    Speaking of more positive things: I got paired with Jennifer Nicol for coaching! I’m so pumped about this it’s not even funny.


    Oh. And I’m not going to preface my work out with anything other than this: I like doing a linear 5x5 instead of a static one. Why? Because it puts me into beast mode.


    Work Out:

    Stationary bike

    10 minutes/2.4 miles


    Barbell Squat







    I could have easily hit 1x5x145 but my form would have been shot on that last rep. I'm a stickler for squat form - I do not want an injury and as long as the numbers keep going up, I'm not going to rush it. Plus, I wanted to make sure I had enough steam for my deads.


    Barbell Deadlift








    These last two sets were "testers" because I wanted to see if using the big plates would help me out. Definitely did. I know I can hit 1x5x135 no problem with less sets beforehand. Looking forward to that next week.


    Seated Calf Raise




    I will never understand how/why my calf raises are so insane.


    Incline Leg Press








    I have no idea where this came from but it felt fucking awesome. My legs were shaking so hard on the last two reps. Best feeling.


    Leg Curls




    Macros: Still getting eaten. Something like 12/140/100 so far. (Damage control macros: 40/180/180).


    I'll also put up a post dedicated solely to food n00dz in a bit. Got a lot of catching up to do on the forum with all these new logs!


    Sweet, congrats on the Incline Leg press and the deads!

  5. Today:


    Lower Body Hypertrophy Day


    Squats (Speed Work) 65-70% of normal 3-5 rep max


    70kg x 3

    70kg x 5 (2 rep improvement)

    70kg x 4 (1 rep improvement)

    70kg x 3

    70kg x 4 (1 rep improvement)

    70kg x 5 (2 rep improvement)


    Hack Squats


    140kg x 8 (10kg improvement)

    140kg x 8 (10kg improvement)

    140kg x 10


    Leg Presses


    140kg x 12

    150kg x 15 (10kg improvement)


    Leg Extensions


    45kg x 15

    45kg x 15

    40kg x 16 (dropped the weight back, I shouldn't have. I don't know why I did)


    Romanian Deadlifts


    120kg x 8

    120kg x 8

    120kg x 12 (4 rep improvement, I really felt the burn in the last 2 reps)


    Leg Curls (Lying)


    60kg x 12 (10kg improvement)

    65kg x 12


    Leg Curls (Seated)


    65kg x 15 (10kg improvement)

    60kg x 16 (5kg improvement)


    Standing Calf Raises


    60kg x 10 (2 rep improvement)

    60kg x 10 (1 rep improvement)

    60kg x 10 (2 rep improvement)

    60kg x 10 (2 rep improvement)


    Leg Press Calf Raises


    110kg x 15

    130kg x 15 (10kg improvement)

    130kg x 15



    I think today was a solid workout.


    Had to walk home from town (60 mins up a gradual slope).



    The songs from my workout today (cranking earlier beats from Linkin Park and Jay Z):























    Some eats from today:



    I found some sugar free syrup in Australia finally!!!





    5 Grain Porridge with a protein shake (Vegan Voodoo), and Sugarfree Syrup.





    Protein Pancakes with vanilla soy ice cream and sugarfree syrup (already ate 3 pancakes when I was making them; they didn't make it to the plate )





    Indian Roti bread wrap 'thingy' with baked tofu strips, barbecue sauce and salad



  6. (I hope I can reach 30kg dumbbells, correction: I KNOW I WILL REACH THEM, as long as I stay determined).

    After you are all done, just grab the 30kg DBs and see if you can get a 1 max rep out of them. If you can, then it won't be long before you can do them! If not, then you have some work to do ahead of you. No big whop, cuz you will get there. Still, to know that you can at least do 1 rep, the prospect of doing 8 or 9 are just around the corner (and that would do wonders for your mental esteem - and where the mind goes, the body follows).


    Great advice here. 1RMs are great motivators - especially if you don't think you can nail something but surprise yourself. Usually when this happens, you'll get pumped enough to bang out a few more reps or, at the very least, know that you'll be able to hit your goals sooner than you thought.


    And way to kill this last work-out - your numbers are consistently going up! Plus your enthusiasm and progress on shoulder day is inspiring, mate. Keep it up.




  7. it is probably just the last place that you will notice the changes. mine is the same way. i have lost 105 pounds and still have that layer, and like you said can see my muscles fairly well everywhere else. many times it is just the last place that you will lose it completely from.

    You are probably right... patience isn't my strongest


    Yeah, for some people, it will take a decent amount of time to loose that bit of fat. Think of it this way: How long did it take you to gain the weight around the stomach region (I'm guessing more than a year or so), doesn't it seem logical to give at least the same amount of time to reverse it? You can speed it up though (this isn't healthy, but has worked for many fitness models), switching to a low carb diet. E.g. 80-100g carbs a day, 200-250g protein and around 100g of healthy fats. You also lower your sodium intake to no more than 2300mg a day.


    This is bad for the human body in the long term as we were designed to run on glycogen, however near those last moments where you have that bit of water weight and fat, you can do this.

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