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  1. At the moment i've been aiming for low fat and that's about all really, and having a look at what I ate yesterday it was coming up at 60% carbs, 30% protein and 10%fat almost spot on. So I'll try and keep those levels consistant and see how it works out for me. The high fat low carbs certainly sounds interesting though, what kind of foods could you eat to achieve this though? I'm guessing all kinds of rice, pasta etc would be out the window. Thanks for the replies
  2. Hi guys, My end goal is to bulk up but before I can achieve this I have quite a bit of fat around my belly that needs to be shifting so am cutting my calories down. However I'm unsure as to what percentage of my calories should come from carbs, protein etc... Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated, I can also post up a rough guide to what i'm eating and my exercise routine if it helps. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the link, it will certainly take me a while to get through that lot but judging by the first page alone i'll find what i'm looking for in there.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just joined this forum to help educate myself on the vegan diet and lifestyle and how it affects bodybuilding & Fitness. I am currently a Vegetarian and have been for around a year now and have decided I would like to take it to the next level and adopt a vegan diet. I have a slight advantage over others who take that decision as my girlfriend is already vegan and has been for numerous years. I have been considering this decision for the past few months due to my increasing disgust at society and the way animals are treated. I have removed all animal products now from my diet other than the small supply of Whey protein I have left. My one concern over adopting a vegan diet was/is a replacement for whey after exercise. I am currently attempting to both lose fat and to also bulk up however I am unsure what to replace my current Whey Protein supplement with. I know of Soya protein powders and currently take one before sleep due to it's low BV and the body's ability to absorb and digest the protein over an extended period of time. I do not however know of any fast absorbing soya proteins or anything of this nature to replace whey products after exercise. After some searching on the web I stumbled upon this website and after a brief read of some of the articles it seems like a great source of information, not only from articles but from people who have tried and tested the vegan bodybuilding lifestyle. I look forward to getting to know you all and to learning more about vegan nutrition. VB
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