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  1. Hey folks, So after leaving New Zealand for California and now starting again in Sweden, I'm needing to get back in the gym. I know myself, and I want to get some structure before I get there and forget to follow a plan (I'll usually just do my favourite exercises and neglect certain things if given the chance). Since it's been a while, I'm looking at starting with 3 days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri). I'm looking for some kind of well rounded plan that I can increase my load with over 8 weeks and then I'll look at it again. This is what I'm thinking... Day 1: - Heavy Compound: Deadlifts - Pull Ups - Seated Row - One Arm Dumbell Rows Day 2: - Heavy Compound: Overhead Press (Clean and Press maybe?) - Arnold Press - Front Raises - Side Raises - Rear Raises (maybe superset the raises?) Day 3: - Heavy Compound: Incline Bench/Dumbell Press - Push Ups - Incline Dumbell Flys - Cable Crossovers When I add in a Day 4, that'd be things like front squats etc. Living in Sweden means I don't need a car and bike EVERYWHERE which is awesome (have actually dropped a pant size from that simple change I think!). Does anyone have thoughts on rep ranges? Adding in some HIIT after weights? I was jumping a lot of rope before and doing sprints which I enjoyed. Any advice is HUGELY appreciated
  2. Today's workout: Deadlifts: Slowly closing in on the 315 goal. Any tips on rep ranges I should be hitting to increase my 1RM? I've hit two PB's in the last 2 weeks and I'm feeling like I need a couple of weeks of volume>reps to solidify where I'm at. Any ideas? 5x135lbs 3x205lbs 1x295lbs [PB!] 5x205lbs 12x135lbs Incline DB Press: Going for MAX depth. 10x40lbs 8x45lbs 6x50lbs Cable crossovers/Jump Rope: Did these from low to high; "Wolverine style". I guess my nerd journal wouldn't live up to it's name without some X-Men references... 12x25lbs 10x30lbs 8x35lbs 6x40lbs 12x25lbs Face Pulls: 10x50lbs 8x80lbs 6x100lbs
  3. Workout from yesterday: Clean and Press: 5x95lbs 5x95lbs 5x95lbs 5x95lbs 5x115lbs One Arm DB Rows: 10x65lbs 8x70lbs 6x75lbs Shoulder Press/Front Raises/Side Raises: 10x30lbs/15lbs/17.5lbs 8x35lbs/17.5lbs/20lbs 6x40lbs/20lbs/22.5lbs A little bit of rotator cuff work and jump rope to finish off.
  4. Pretty good workout today - managed to go heavier on a couple of things! Deadlifts: 5x135lbs 4x185lbs 3x225lbs 1x275lbs 1x285lbs (PB!) 3x225lbs 12x135lbs OH Dumbell Press: 10x30lbs 8x35lbs 6x40lbs (PB!) Dumbell Curls: 10x20lbs 8x22.5lbs 6x25lbs 4x30lbs 12x15lbs French Press: 10x30lbs 8x40lbs 6x50lbs Cable Crossovers/Jump Rope: 10,8,6,12 (can't remember weight!) Jump rope between sets.
  5. A shoulder workout to commemorate Dwight Howard's move to the Lakers. This season will be VERY interesting Also, what do you call it when you superset 3 excercises? 'Super-duper' set? 'Tri-set'?... Hmmm. Tri-set #1: Rotate through 3 exercises with small rest at the end of each circuit. DB Shoulder Press: 12x20lbs 10x22.5lbs 8x25lbs 6x30lbs Alternating Front Raises: 12x10lbs 10x12.5lbs 8x15lbs 6x17.5lbs Lateral Raises: 12x15lbs 10x17.5lbs 8x20lbs 6x22.5lbs Tri-set #2: Rotate through 3 exercises with small rest at the end of each circuit. Arnold Press: 12x17.5lbs 10x20lbs 8x22.5lbs 6x25lbs Upright Rows: 12x17.5lbs 10x20lbs 8x22.5lbs 6x25lbs Rear Raises: 12x10lbs 10x12.5lbs 8x15lbs 6x17.5lbs Hanging Leg Raises/Jump Rope: Had a few more minutes before heading back to work... 10 Hanging Leg Raises -> 100 Rope Jumps 3 sets of that.
  6. Decided just to do deadlifts today, I freakin' love them and REALLY want to get my 1RM over 300lbs. Best way to do it? Suck it up, do more deadlifts. Quick jump rope warm-up and then straight into it... Deadlifts: 5x135lbs 5x185lbs 5x205lbs 5x225lbs 1x275lbs equal to current PB 1x285lbs - fail... managed to get it off the ground but just couldn't straighten up. I really wanted to get to 285 this week... Decided to do drop sets until I had to get back to work... 12x135lbs 12x135lbs 12x135lbs 12x135lbs 12x135lbs That's definitely more deadlifting than I've done in a single session but it feels good and hopefully I can break through that 285 barrier on my way to 300lbs. Can't wait to get to 6 of those 45lbs plates... TOTAL VOLUME: 12128lbs
  7. Today's workout: Jump Rope/Pushups: 100 jumps -> 10 pushups 5 times for 500/50 total DB Shoulder Press: 10x25lbs 8x30lbs 6x35lbs Front Raises: 10x15lbs 8x17.5lbs 6x20lbs Side Raises: 10x15lbs 8x17.5lbs 6x20lbs Rear Raises: 10x12.5lbs 8x15lbs 6x17.5lbs Barbell Curls: 10x50lbs 10x50lbs 10x50lbs
  8. Forgot to log my Friday workout but today's won't have the same treatment. Chin Ups: 3 sets of 5 Deadlifts: 10x135lbs 8x185lbs 6x205lbs OHP Barbell Press: 5x95lbs 5x95lbs 5x95lbs 5x95lbs 5x95lbs Side Shoulder Raises: 12x15lbs 10x17.5lbs 8x22.5lbs Sprints: Damn those olympic sprinters have crazy physique! All the cardio I do will be focused on sprint training I reckon. Need to get outside and do some actual sprints though - the treadmill here maxes out at 12mph. 10 minutes treadmill 1:30 off 30 seconds @ 12mph
  9. MF is so right - America isn't alone in this. I know that before coming to the US from NZ, the general feeling is that "all Americans are so fat". New Zealand, as a country, likes to be blinded by its false clean green image which should somehow apply to all the food our country consumes. NZ is literally a dairy and meat machine - probably the reason my family suffers from diabetes. It seems I'm in perfect health though... hmmmmm.
  10. No training today Got some more ink yesterday from an awesome vegan tattoo artist in LA. His whole process from start to finish is completely vegan - so stoked. Probably another 3 hours of shading to go on this at least! http://distilleryimage5.s3.amazonaws.com/934ed8a2d9f411e18a2e22000a1e8b88_7.jpg
  11. Yep - one of those Jafas... now living in California. Pretty easy to get vegan food over here! Hope all is well in CHCH! How's the lifting going - what's your next comp?
  12. Kia Ora cuz Good luck with your competition prep. I'm sure Andrea will be sweet as! Can't wait to watch some of these games..,
  13. Pretty quiet in the gym today so it was nice to be able to grunt without judgement! Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups: 3 sets of 5 First set was the best form I've ever had so I was stoked about that. Just need to work on keeping that form across more sets. I feel like I'm making slow and steady progress with these! Incline DB Press: 5x50lbs 5x50lbs 5x50lbs 5x50lbs 5x50lbs Couldn't do with with this kind of good form a few weeks ago. Slow an steady progress again SL Deadlifts: 5x135lbs 5x155lbs 5x175lbs 5x175lbs 5x175lbs Ooooo, my hammy's will be sore tomorrow. One arm OHP: 5x30lbs 5x35lbs 5x40lbs Lat Shoulder Raises: 10x15lbs 10x15lbs 10x15lbs It's the weeeekend! Have a good one y'all.
  14. Thanks bro - slow and steady wins the race for sure! Keep up the awesome work man.
  15. Hope things are all well with you RC! Don't push yourself too hard dude. I'm pretty sure everyone here wants to see you looking after yourself
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