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  1. I'm from Russia, from Siberia. In our area we have high mountains, the highest point of 4506 m, Belukha Mountain ( info about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belukha_Mountain ), because of it with childhood, with parents or friends, go hiking. Different types of outdoorsy, on horseback, rafting down the mountain rivers, rises to the top. hiking is a super puper!!!
  2. Hello Robert, The China study . it is about what?
  3. Привет, it is very nice that you can speak russian a little, but recently I speak russian not a lot:) Life is the Novosibirsk isn't special, but weather is very incomprehensible, recently. A 3 last years of my life i spent in China, I'm study there because of it. If you you once will come to china, and look around, if never been healthy (i mean vegan or raw) , you will be healthy immediately! It's my opinion) Chinese food very special and spicy, so if anybody have not forces to become healthy, welcome to china) Fortunately fruits and vegetables not expensive like russia, I'm glad of it)! What did you do when you come to Moscow, enjoy or work?) In China I'm study international economy and trade, all lesson pass in chinese:) You are from Serbia? it is not so far from my motherland) And you are vegan, right?
  4. ''Resurrected gods'', about Leonardo da Vinci life.
  5. that hotties aren't so hot, so where is plus? ''Every day and every day, I'm getting better and better'' Mike Tyson said.
  6. Vege, If you'll give me yours email i surely send it for you, and i can give you some advice in russian translation, when You will have a some problem with it!)
  7. Last winter my friends went to Poland,they a went to Varshava and Gdansk! and they emotions was great. If I have opportunity, I'll immediately gone, couse it is very nice place.
  8. Hello body, someone from Russia or not? If not, it not so awful, I'd glad to met here a new healthy friends! I'm from Novosibirsk, now I'm live and study in China. about sport I do CF 3/1 work rest and also I in raw food style!)
  9. Hello, I'm from Russia and I study in China, my name is Alex. I'm do CF everyday, also I'm in raw food style. http://i54.tinypic.com/2wbz6mr.jpg
  10. Hi everybody, I'm not from Canada, I'm from Russia, I'm raw food men)! and I search friends around the world)
  11. and the mail question, why you want to build the muscle? you must decide yourself. you need power or muscle? if you have any doubt, look on it : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Lee
  12. Hello, I'm sorry, but do you have another link? in china, local governments blocked youtube.
  13. Hi, I think this is more better: 3 day work 1 day rest, again and again!
  14. MillionDollarVeggie Thank you for attention!but I didn't found it. next time I will more watchful!)
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