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  1. Just following up. I have started taking 5g of creatine before and after my workouts. Sometimes I've been drinking a 0 calorie energy drink (Hi-Ball) which includes B vitamins, guarana, ginseng and caffeine (140mg). The results have been pretty good. I've also started incorporating d-ribose to my pre-workout and post workout routines. However, all of this has led me to the following questions - is the caffeine in the energy drink compromising progress? Caffeine appears to be dehydrating, which isn't good for your muscles during a workout. As a result, is this caffeine intake counterproductive to all of the other supplements I'm taking? Am I just over-thinking it at this point?
  2. Thanks everyone for the very helpful advice. You all seem to share my concerns regarding Cross Fit. For me, motivation isn't the issue - I work out on my own and workout 5-6 times a week. The main thing for me is getting results, and mixing up my routine. I love using dumbbells (easier on my shoulders than a barbell), kettlebells, pullups, sandbags, etc. to create a hybrid between functional and traditional weight training. While this is great, I still need to mix up my routine every 6 weeks - which I never do - I really suck at mixing up my routine. For some reason it seems to take me forever to come up with a new workout routine that I feel leaves me adequately gassed at the end, or that I feel comfortable doing by myself without risking injury (i.e. barbell olympic lifts). So I have been using a trainer (who happens to use Gym Jones as a guide) that has been helping out here and there and providing good recommendations. Based on all of your advice, I'm going to keep educating myself regarding fitness. Any other books, or websites that you guys can recommend would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've been strength training for the past 4-5 years. I like my gym and vary up my routine, but I have been doing more and more research about Crossfit. I like the concept, a lot of functional movements and high intensity exercises. However, I worry about whether these exercises are possibly too intense and could gradually wear down your body. For instance, doing some exercises like deadlifts to muscle failure appears to be dangerous as it becomes very difficult to keep your form. These concerns and research next led me to Gym Jones. Similar concept, but they don't have a "one size fits all" approach, and I don't have to find a box to workout in. Instead, they provide the workout routine and I find the time and location to do it. They also have dozens of customized workouts depending on your fitness goals. This seems to make more sense to me, but it's quite a commitment ($500 commitment for the year) to gain access to Gym Jones workout routines. Is anyone familiar with these two approaches and how they differ? Any thoughts, comments and concerns are appreciated. Also, FYI - I'm starting to really focus on a Spartan race in September, so I would probably adopt one of these two approaches after the race. Right now, I'm all about race training. Thanks for the help. Kenny
  4. Any reason you prefer sun warrior over Vega? I've been using Vega Sport Performance Protein after work outs. Also, I've heard that adding ribose to your supplement routine can be helpful as well.
  5. So it sounds like the B12 Energy Now supplement from Whole Foods may be perfect. It only contains B vitamins in large quantities and a little creatine. Thanks for the advice on the other pre-workout supplements. I will hold off from experimenting with them for now. What is your pre-workout meal routine? I typically eat something that is around 400 calories about an hour before working out. One of my favorites is a PB&J on Ezekiel bread and a banana. Smart strategy?
  6. What does everyone use/recommend for pre-workout supplements? I have two daughters under the age of 3, so sometimes I'm hitting the gym tired (last two nights averaged 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep each night) and need a kick in the ass. In the past I've relied on good old fashion caffeine, or B12 Energy Now packets from Whole Foods. The packets have a ton of B12 and a little creatine. I'm considering adding Optimimum utrition Pre-Workout, Cellucor C4, or Muscle Pharm Assault. All appear to have caffeine and higher dosages of creatine. It's my understanding that creatine, needs to be cycled on and off to avoid your body becoming dependent on outside sources for it. Am I going down a productive path or dangerous path? Comments appreciated.
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