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  1. The reason is, too many people want too much money... Here you can buy a cheap bicycle for 30 US$. How would someone want to explain me, why another bicycle must cost 1000 US$ because of the quality? It is that thing they call the market. Everybody fools everybody.
  2. To eat is nothing we really would have to learn from a book or a specialist. Most of the times they only confuse us with something they call knowledge. But do they really have? I think they have just a collection of ideas, like we do too, more or less well sorted. And so all we can do is find out. What makes me feel good and what not. I come from nature and so my food should come from nature, that is all I seem to understand. The B12 issue, ok, I take some pills, as they confused me at that point, too. Maybe one day someone finds a reason why I should not do that... Food, besides water and air, is the important thing in your life. You have to enjoy it. How could it be the same old crap as you say? Only if you don´t care. And if you don´t, why do you complain? No reason. Suffer the same old crap until you understand what you really can enjoy. And then do it... no big deal.
  3. I lost about 30 kgs in 6 or 7 months mainly with exercising (I did not do anything before). Sometimes I drank water instead of coke or did not drink one beer or one instead of two and things like that. Nothing complicated or forced. This is a year ago now. Since this time I came to healthier food, fruit, vegetables, and since some weeks I eat vegan. And I like doing some sports about 2hrs every day. A big mix including cardio, weights, bwe, juggling, whatever... even standing on one leg... My weight will go down further, I know that. But I don´t force it.
  4. Youtube does not work for me the last 2 days, but look at this one: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5196964894094121784&q=the+race+walker&pl=true
  5. I went vegan from "normal food" about 5 weeks ago now. I don´t feel any differences... I am just okay, nothing special...
  6. You know, here we don´t cook much, we go to the restaurant (most people do as it is cheaper than cooking, I pay 20-40 Bath for a meal, one us$ should be around 32 Bath) and yes there are some leafy greens inside the food. Some taste good but you don´t have much greens inside a meal. In the markets, to me it looks like they have about 10-15 different kinds of greens, surely not much more. The vegetables I know is carotts, cauliflower, broccoli, chinese leaves and tomato, the rest I don´t know by name, some I never ate knowingly. It looks different in the market than in a meal. I just start to find out what I can buy or have in the garden.
  7. It is not. It is real and much more difficult to understand than chess and more easy to go than checkers.
  8. Most of the greens here I have never seen before and don´t know their names. Some greens are in my food when I go to the "restaurant" (nearly daily). I am going to order a bio-snacky from Germany as I liked to eat alfala and green soja sprouts. And I am thinking about having some in the garden, the seeds I bought already, only I am very lazy... Oh, sometimes I eat salads.
  9. I am a 53 year old german living in Thailand more than 5 years now. Seeing some information in the net about a german physician (afaik he is member here), who was a world-champion 2005 in bodybuilding fitness-class I was inspired to look after more sportsmen (-ladies) who are/eat vegan. As I found some more impressing people who do it, I wanted to try for a week. After this week I did not want to go back and so I eat vegan more than 4 weeks now. Not missing anything but some shopping facilities for this kind of food. On the other hand this will make me eat lots of fruit and vegetables. In Thailand we have "Jay"-food, that seems to be vegan, but people here seem to like strange factory food. So I saw a brochure showing some vegan food exactly looking like a grilled half chicken. What it was made from they could not tell me... ok, I don´t speak Thai. Maybe that was one reason. About sports. 18 months ago I was 126,5 kgs, it is more than twice in pounds, but I don´t know exactly. I felt like dying nearly all the time, could nearly not walk without pain in the back and felt like I had to make a decision wether to die soon or to do some changes in my lifestyle. I was not really sick, only took some bloodpressure medicine already 6 years then. I decided to bring sports into my life, a promise to myself, doing something at least 1h every day for the rest of my life. I started with 2x15 min/day on a hometrainer, this kind on which you are half laying. I added one minute per day until I did 2x30 min/day. Later I wanted more and I do sports now about 2h/day. The every-day-promise I changed a little bit, I have one day per week I don´t do sports (nearly, sometimes I cannot resist)... I am going to learn pullups and pushups, do different BWEs and isometrics, do internet racings with an ergometer-bike and many different things. I like Ross Enamait, he has an interesting approach to high level sports, and so I do have a sledgehammer and fancy stuff. Now I am 96 kgs and just starting the next round of lowing down weight. Just by doing sports and a bit of taking care nutrition. I came here to find out more about sports combined with vegan nutrition. Especially the proteins without cooking beans. Noone eats that here. I have some, but my wife even does not know how to cook them. Did not read anything here until now, but I am going to do this in the next minutes..
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