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  1. Chrisjs, yup, the guilt is defo playing on me abit too much right now. I have worked so hard this past few weeks, so felt abit guilty last night. However, I also enjoyed myself Thanks for the reassurance though guys As for coke, yes, I know this is the bigger baddy here x Melly
  2. Hi all, I was on a family do last night, and despite not drinking much anymore (only on celebratory occasions), last night there was a little family celebration and I somehow ended up having a few to drink, despite feeling very very guilty for doing so. Prior to the drink, I had predisposed myself carb-wise to this possible drink, by missing my evening 'snack' and instead just having a protein drink. This does not help, I am aware of the consequences of drinking whilst trying to be healthy and build some muscle, but since it was a total one off I allowed myself a few vodka/cokes. I wonder whether training harder cardio-wise today, plus extra water, would have counteracted the effects of the alcohol+beverage consumption; perhaps not totally, but hopefully 'mostly'? I also wondered whether since I had missed my evening snack, whether the simple sugars and ethanol would have acted like a continuous fuel (and perhaps some was stored, hence the extra cardio today) so that my muscles would have remained 'safe', so to speak? From past experience of simply eating strictly alone (i.e, without exercise), I am very aware of how alcohol can dramatically change the reading on the scales in the morning, due to dehydration, but then what follows shortly after is an increase of a couple of pounds (of fat!). Hopefully I have counteracted this partly because of the big cardio workout today and more water drinking (I drink lots of water anyway, but today even more-so. Any thoughts on this? I know its a slippery slope to indulge, but if I do occasionally indulge, what is the best way of counteracting the effect on my body? Melly
  3. lol, Hear what you are saying I don't like what I see on my butt, so working out what that is (fat, skin, or lack of muscle) is one way of working out a good strategy Melly
  4. http://www.machinehead-software.co.uk/bike/training/body_fat/body_fat_percentage.html My body fat percentage is 22.3% according to the above. (hips: 37 inches; waist: 25 inches; neck: 12 inches; height: 163 cm) Melly
  5. Thanks for the advice you guys @goob, yes the cellulite thing is probably hereditary in my case (my mum has it in the same places as I do). I'm guessing (hoping) more muscle will flatten it against the inner surface so that it will look 'better' (just my own prediction though). I have to politely disagree with the less than 15% body fat though. I look more like the girl with 20% body fat. I tend to store fat in my lower half, meaning my top half looks abit of a mis-match (thus I suppose my pic is not necessarily reflective of fat I store more in other regions); this happened after having having kids (which I suppose makes sense). Is there a more accurate way of measuring body fat? Using a fat caliper? Melly
  6. @greengoddess, green smoothies sound like a very good idea. I did have a kale/celery/apple smoothie today and might keep this up if I can now. I know about the spot training thing, as its one thing I researched abit more (due to the butt disasisfaction); I generally do full body routines, but with emphasis on a certain region for a given day. Goob, I agree and what you say makes alot of sense to me, and I already knew about the figures having calculated them myself over the past few years for BMR etc. The thing that has sent me into this way of thinking, is the body fat calculation; depending on which formulae used, I got something like 21-26% body fat. The thing that reinforced this was cellulite (and flabby skin) . I have a fair bit despite being very slim . Not sure if that will ever go away. Anybody ever seen female body builders with cellulite? I suppose this is a different type of fat storage though, but so bloody annoying nevertheless. Perhaps I am over-compensating for the cellulite, and trading my health in for my increasing desire to get rid of these fatty deposits. Melly
  7. Melly

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    Been working out for about a month now Melly
  8. Thought I'd post a few pics (hope its allowed here). This is me today. Been training for about a month now. Melly Muscles today, after about a month of weights
  9. ...and lack of muscle (yup) Just wanted to add that, since I am sat down for most of the day (other than working out), what foods should I introduce to increase my weight without fat being stored? Complex carbs and protein seem like the way to go, but I suppose I am reluctant to increase my carbs since I find eating anymore bloats me up and just increases the fattiness of my hips. I have read on here people talking about how much fat they have lost and muscle gained in a week, but how does one 'really' know? Melly
  10. Vegimator, yes I have heard much about good old sprouts. I have sprouted my own mung beans before, so will do this again next week. Thanks for the link Goob, I understand what you are saying Trouble is I don't know how to increase my weight without that fear its fat. I have a flabby lower half (maybe its skin doing that?). How would I 'know' that my weight gain was muscle? Are there any hard fast rules other than using a tape measure? Whilst I'm on the subject of flabby lower regions (lol), what are the best exercsies for the glutes, quads, hamstrings? I have been doing alot of lunges and squats. My bottom half is the part of my body I am most eager to change. Willing to educate myself further so any advice on the diet/my workouts I will most definitely have a stab at. I desperately want to be healthy during my weight training journey 4 years ago, after the birth of my 3rd child (and from there going vegan), I was so happy about losing all of the weight (plus), from my 3 pregnancies, that I didn't even think about my muscle tissue. All of a sudden, it has hit home that I didn't do it as efficiently as I would have wanted to. I was raw for a while, which is when my body weight declined to about 104lbs (very low weight for me). Melly
  11. Hi greengoddess, Yes it is quite low, I agree with you, but my lifestyle is extremely sedentary. I am sat down for the main part of the day with studies or other stuff. My only activites are school runs, running around after the kids after school (tea-time/chores etc) and other than that are my workouts. I am running on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes 6 mornings per week, and lifting now for 3 days per week, with brisk walking on weightlifting days (treadmill again), but my day other than this is very 'lazy'; probably not the most accurate term there, but thats how I feel during the day, lol. I'm not skinny despite maintaining a diet of a similar calorific intake for the past 4 years, but I very slim, with flab (clearly body fat from wasted muscle over the past 4 years). The difference now is that I have bumped up my protein intake significantly and am weight training. Any help would be gratefully received! In the past 3 weeks or so, I have chopped and changed my routine a few times. I am going to try the hemp protein powder next week, so am hoping this will decrease the bloating in the evening. I have always drank alot of water, so am okay with this. Its usually in the form of camomile tea (just teabag and water and cam' is caffeine free) or mineral water, as well as the added protein powders (mixed with water). My arms and shoulders are quite lean, and it seems all the fat I have is stored in my butt/hips/thighs. Melly
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    Thankyou Rain Melly xx
  13. Interesting read, thankyou beforewisdom @thendanisays, thanks for the tips and info (no worries about the plug; grab the opportunity I haven't found high protein tofu around my way, but I'll definitely have a look at your link. I am in the UK (Manchester) After going through a tub of soy protein powder this week, going to try hemp or spirulina next week. Might try the hemp first as I have heard of this one more. After taking the soy powder (3x per day) and maintaining the 3 lifting days per week and cardio 6 days per week, on a calorie intake of ~1300 per day, I found I have put 7 ounces on in the past 5 days. Abit miffed at that actually. I have been going to bed feeling pretty bloated (and waking slightly bloated too). Its the 5 meals per day I feel but also the soy protein seem to cause bloat. I feel fatter around the mid-section, which from past scrutinization of my diet over the years means I am putting weight on (not muscle). I altered the diet again today. Now on 1000-1100 calories, and only 2 protein drinks (instead of 3) and 4 'meals' as opposed to 5. The one thing that bothers me is that I don't feel like I am eating enough in terms of macronutrients, and perhaps even my carbs, and yet I with the protein powder, if I eat anymore I put weight on (and I'm sure what that weight is in terms of tissue type!). The other irritation is the bloat and the weight gain. With my stats (see above), and even with a sedentary lifestyle, is it possible to be gaining weight (as fat) if this is all I am consuming, whislt working out? I simply can't cut out anymore food ors I'll starve to death. Rough example menu (todays menu) with workouts: 7.00am: cardio 8.00am: 1/2 cup oats, 250ml soy milk 11am: 2 pieces fruit (apple and pear) 1.30pm: weights (or cardio on a cardio day) 2.30pm: Lunch: 1 scoop soy protein drink (in water), 1 cup brocolli, 1 cup cooked kale, 50g brown rice, 60g kidney beans, garlic, 1/2 teaspoon olive oil 6.00pm: " (as lunch menu) Any advice on what I am doing wrong would greatly help. Or does this plan seem reasonable for me (taking my stats into consideration)? Melly x
  14. Makes sense, thanks I bought some soy protein powder today Quite amazing how much protein I can get for so few calories. I was quite happy about that. Also looked up seiten and saw that I can make it with wheat flour (tedious though I hear!). I left the weights alone today, and instead did a brisk 55 minute walk/run. Quite excited about trying again with some better ways of doing it all, thankyou It might seem a silly question, but I wasn't sure whether I would lose weight (on the scales), since fat weighs less than muscle, and even though I will lose fat, I'll be building muscle. What should I expect in terms of what the scales say? Melly
  15. Hi there, you seem to know alot about this stuff, so I shall just write out how I exercise, what I eat and what my stats are. Maybe you can tell me how best to improve. I am very new to this, and feel like I am making so many mistakes already My stats are weight: 107 - 111 lbs (varies) height: 5.4 waist: 25 inch hips: 37 inch neck: 12 inch forearm: 8 inch wrist: 5.5 inch If I have it right, my body fat is more than I thought I am sat alot of the day studying, and its pretty much something I can't get out of for atleast a couple more years. I also have 3 kids, so I'm not plonked at the desk all day I do a 10 minute run every morning on the treadmill (before I eat anything). Running isn't my forte so I find it difficult. I then do weights late afternoon; 3 sets of 20 of different free weights (I don't have any equipment other than dumbells) and using body weight, for about 45 minutes. I do all of that 6 days per week, and I started 3 weeks ago now. breakfast: 1 cup oats, 1 cup soy milk lunch: 1 cup yellow split pea cooked, 2 cups brocolli, handful of pumpkin seeds snack: humous dip and crudite with handful of seeds, cup of soy milk dinner: 200g tofu, 1/2 cup lentils cooked, veggies, spinach, handful of sunflower seeds snack: cup soy milk With this lot, I am eating a little more than 1200 kcals, and I am feeling fatter! What do you reckon? If I bought a protein powder, would this sort me out? Any advice the workouts I am doing? Sorry for all of the questions here, but I really want to get this right. Melly
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